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Anti-Toxic Update
by berserker at 08-02-2021 02:43 PM

In order for GUNROX to be worth advertising and driving new players in we have to do something about toxicity level in the community. Many new players won't stay when they will see insults right from the start. We have tried different solutions - appointing moderators, giving silences, but some trolls and toxic players simply won't stop. Therefore we have to take more radical measures which proved to be very helpful in our other online game.

New Common Chat

In this update common chat from all locations joined into one, but writing to it is limited and requires special Megaphone ability. On this update all players above level 1 receive 5 of these abilities for free. Also each level-up awards 5 of such items as well. Chance to get megaphone has been added to recycling. Finally, megaphones are sold on cash shop for 1000E per 10 items, but we don't expect people to buy it. It was intentionally added to the shop at such a high price so players would value those items and use them wisely (to call for mega, etc.). Hopefully players would flood less and play more now.

All other messages (in-game, private, clan, lobby) do not require megaphone and can be used just like before.

Trade Channel

You can send message into trade channel once per 15 minutes now. Moderation of trade channel would be strict now. All unrelated messages there would be punished with long silence.

Other Changes

  • Confirmation popup when sending message to the common chat (can be switched on/off in options)

  • Level 1 players cannot send messages into common chat at all

  • Small Ammunition Box reward slightly improved

  • Fixed bug when someone buys your art and you are playing the game, location chat tab was open

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Ammunition Boxes - Better Rewards from Random Battles!
by berserker at 07-23-2021 10:22 AM

We have been thinking for a long time how to give better rewards for battles, but prevent farming while solving the equipment problem. Here is what we have come up with: Ammunition Boxes!

Since current update you will get ammunition boxes instead Enkord Cash, but the value of items would be 4x of Enkord Cash you received before the update.
Roughly half of that items are guaranteed to be usable by your units. Another half of items are guaranteed to be usable at your level, so you can trade that with players of your level or recycle it (no level 1 junk if you are level 50).

Boxes cannot be transfered so it not as lucrative to farm them to give to someone else.

Finally 1000E on new level 1 player is converted into boxes equivalent too to prevent farming of market tickets for recycle. Items from starting boxes bring very little recycle points.
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Rewards for Recycling, Clan Perks Return and more...
by berserker at 06-23-2021 08:54 AM

Today's update has multiple added/increased rewards. We have added new rewards and returned some of the previously removed ones.

New Rewards for Recycling

From now on when you throw away items into recycle bin, you are charging up recycle counter and when fully charged you will receive a random item/ability.

Gambling System Changes

Now Gamble Coins cannot be transfered between players and gambling can be done only via gamble coins, you cannot cannot gamble with Enkord Cash directly. Therefore it requires 1 coin for simple artifacts, but higher amount of coins per spin for high artifacts. You can also buy coins in Cash Shop now with bulk offers providing better deals. Gamble coins are given as rewards to all clan members for Hall of Fame top.

This new system will allow us to give more coins as rewards to players in the future without fear of farming. We plan to give coins for players level-up in the future updates.

Bigger Rewards for Random

Rewards for random waiting increased from 7 E per minute up to 10 E per minute.

Clan Perks Return in Different Form

Clan perks are returned, but they are given only once per week for
clans in the top lists. However, now you can use clan perks in any battle, not only vs other clan.

Number of clan members who will receive perk each week depends on medals/stripes received for place in top. For example: gold medal will bring 1 perk for 10 members of that clan, silver medal will bring perk for 9 members, bronze medal - for 8 members, biggest stripe - for 7 members and so on. (Exce

These perks are given for medals/stripes in these top lists:

Blind Recovery = Outposts Top
Stun Recovery = Prosperity Top (Medals also get Retaliation to 1-3 members) Poison Recovery = Activity Top
Marauder = Tournament Top
Satellite = Agression Top

Retaliation = Agression + Outposts
Teleport = Fame + Outposts
Concentration = Fame + Agression

Additionally you have a small chance to win those perks from recycling even if you are not in a clan, so non-clan players have chance to use those perks too.

Additional Rewards for Mega Battles

Mega battles now bring you significantly more experience than before. Also winners now receive coins.

Level-up Rewards

Now you will receive coins when you level-up as well.

Other Changes

  • New Panel which shows all your abilities and their quantity.

  • SMS delivery updated, those who had problems receiving SMS should try again now

  • Game optimizations - now it should work faster on slow computers

Also this update was only intermediate update. If all goes well in the next update we will solve (at least partially) the problem of not enough equipment to play without money.
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Important Update for Mobile
by berserker at 05-18-2021 07:06 AM

Today we have greatly improved controls for phone version of GUNROX. Hopefully now players on the phone will be able to compete with PC players.

This update adds big green checkbox button which allows to confirm your action in battle without the need to click second time into the same cell.

Additionally it saves selected cells for different units when you switch between them.

Finally, this update allows to set aim even before your turn so on your turn you can just click check button if your plans haven't changed. Hopefully this will help phone players to play faster and not require 1:40 for turn.

Another convenient addition - double tap on weapon/armor would wear the item on your unit.

Clan Changes:

Since people still do a lot of fake fames, we continue to cut rewards for clans. From now on the following clan perks were removed permanently:

  1. Retaliation

  2. Gain Action

  3. Gain Movement

  4. Teleport

  5. Concentration

  6. Satellite

  7. Stun Recovery

  8. Blind Recovery

  9. Poison Recovery

  10. Vampirisom

  11. Marauder

  12. Nobility

We gave changed requirements for remaining perks:
  • Lockout level = aggression top list place

  • Naked Truth = aggression top list place

  • Reshuffle level = outpost top list place

  • Bleeding level = outpost top list place

  • Enclave level = charged top list place

  • Intolerance = charged top list place

  • Armadillo = active if clan's member took 1 or 2 place in last tournament

Outpost bonuses for now remain unchanged.
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Discounts, New Outfit, Money for Random, Auto-balance Fix and More...
by berserker at 05-09-2021 09:49 AM

Today is 13th GUNROX Birthday and we have made an update to celebrate it.

Double experience if 50% off for the next couple of days.
Resets are 30% off for the next couple of days.

Since recent updates helped to reduce number of fake fights we are increasing reward for random waiting from 5E to 7E.

Game balance changes: 40mm weight increased from 5 to 10 because Thumpers and Milkors were overpowered on low to medium levels.

In today's update we have added new outfit:

  • Demon Helmet

  • Demon Armor

  • Arabic Colors T-shirt

  • European Colors T-shirt

  • Bulgarian Colors T-shirt

  • Hungarian Colors T-shirt

  • Austrian Colors T-shirt

The price for all outfit increased so there will be less people with custom outfit and those who purchase it will stand out more among others.

We have added a warning on login screen if you don't have your personal
details attached to account and your account could be protected better.
Also we have made adjustments to Red Zone to make it damage for at least 10% of unit maximum health to prevent long games where someone heals and runs in the Red Zone for a long time.

Since Fame battles have very high percentage of fakes among them, we have disabled all discounts for clans in top fame list permanently.

Finally, we have fixed auto-balance in megas so let us know if it helped or not.
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Biggest Update Since 2013
by berserker at 04-07-2021 08:56 AM

Today we are releasing an update with largest amount of changes since at 2013 or maybe even earlier. Here is the list of changes:

Big Changes:

  • Artifact gambling price reduction up to -20%

  • Complete interface overhaul - too many changes to describe individually, everything became bigger and more readable, should especially help phone version

Smaller Changes:
  • Now your storage has 3 columns instead of 2

  • In the game when you switch units, it will focus screen only if your unit is out of the screen or close to the edge - should make it easier to use your units on the phone

  • Aim mode is enabled by clicking your weapon image instead of separate button

  • Aim mode is canceled now after first shot or if you press Esc

  • When grid is enabled it will also highlight obstacles

  • Added option which hides all chat in battle so it will not distract you

  • Unit selector disappears instantly when you switch units

  • Thrash bin in storage now shows information popup instread of wiping whole inventory

  • Ability to disable clan bonuses when creating new game (should be useful in megas)

  • Clan bonuses are disabled in all random battles now

  • Next wave of anti-fake changes

Phone Version Changes:
  • In phone version now you can drag your target selector for better accuracy - should help against missclicks

  • Lagging sound is fixed for phone and browser version

  • Phone: fixed bug which prevented opening browser windows like charge window

  • iPhone/iPad rotation bug fixed

  • Notch does not cover the game area on iPhones with notch

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed bug where player level 5 can use acid grenade but unable to buy it in shop

  • Fixed: if you quit a game with aim mode on and start a new game, you are unable to move untill you click on aim mode even though it shows it is not enabled

  • Fixed: incorrect agression points color in chat sometimes

  • Fixed various bugs which allowed to see if invisible admins are online or not - report us if you know another way to figure it out

  • Fixed spawn issues that spawn units blocked

  • Fixed bug in web/phone version which shows time in chat incorrectly when daylight savings is on

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Official GUNROX Video Channel
by berserker at 03-29-2021 09:51 AM

We have started a YouTube channel where we will be uploading GUNROX videos

Please Like & Subscribe, maybe if it will be popular, it will help to drive new players into the game :)
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Mobile and web version of GUNROX - play on your phone and in browser.
by berserker at 01-22-2021 12:09 PM

Today we are glad to announce something we have been working on for several months.

Now you can play GUNROX anywhere.

The link above is an alpha of the browser version of GUNROX which should work on phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, Mac, Linux, you name it. Some player told me it even laucnhed in Xbox One browser.

This an alpha version still, so expect bugs to happen. Please post encountered bugs and ask questions here in comments or on forum.

What do you thing about this?
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New Registration System and Touch Support
by berserker at 12-21-2020 08:26 AM

As a necessary step to launch new GUNROX we need to upgrade our infrastructure.

Today we have moved old GUNROX to new account registration system which will be used in new GUNROX too. Old accounts have been transfered, no need to register again.

This upgrade will allow us to do some cool update to old GUNROX in the future so stay tuned for news.

This new version now supports touch screen so it should be easier to play on windows tablets.
Also we have added zoom in game using mouse wheel.
Finally, referral system was removed completely, since it was mainly used for farming.
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New font and unicode support in chat
by berserker at 06-16-2020 11:55 AM

Today we have made another "quality of life" update for GUNROX. The game now has bigger and more readable font which also supports unicode text in chat. Now you can use all European letters with accents, Greek, Cyrillic, etc.
The game also supports exotic text like Thai, Japanese hyeroglyphs, Arabic and Herbew, but does not support right-to-left righting yet.

If anyone wants to translate the game to Arabic or Herbew, you can do it now and send me the translated file and we will try to fix the game to display it properly.

Additionally we have converted the game back to Direct3D from OpenGL, so players who had tech problems during our previous updates should be able to run the game again.

This update is pretty rough around the corners so if you encounter any bugs - please report them here.
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Starting maps unlocked for all players
by berserker at 05-18-2020 03:20 PM

In the latests update we have unlocked Beginners Quarter and Clover Quarter for all players. Hopefully now new players will not have an impression the game is totally empty.

Also the updated version of the game has a new engine which uses OpenGL (instead of DirectX in old one), so some players may need to update their video drivers in order to play. Let us know in the comments if something stopped working or any bugs appeared.

If you are unable to run the game, try to uninstall, then re-download and re-install from the website.

Also we have added Turkish translation to the game. Thanks to Oxie.
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New GUNROX announced!
by berserker at 05-09-2020 06:01 AM


Today is GUNROX 11th birthday and its a good time to announce a new GUNROX. We have been working on it for at least last 6 month and now we have an early screenshot and some information to share with you.

In other news:
Double Experience is 50% off for a limited time. Offer will be valid for a few days.

Also we are starting traditional birthday tournament (no arts, no clan perks). 150 000 E for the first place and 75 000 E for the second place is a good incentive, so you should join too while there is time.
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Season Greetings!
by berserker at 12-23-2018 01:57 PM

Another year have passed for GUNROX and now it's time to greet players with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Developers and moderators wish you and your family joy and happiness these days!

To celebrate Christmas we've are running traditional sale:
- Prices of reset and double experience features are 30% off until New Year!
- Holiday Tournament with bigger prizes was launched.

Thanks for staying with us this long!
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GUNROX is 9 years old now!
by berserker at 05-08-2018 12:28 PM

GUNROX. GUNROX never changes.

We celebrate birthday with discounts and tournament.

Both individual and complete resets are 30% off this year. Offer will be valid for a few days. Thanks to everyone who still playing and have faith in this game.

Also we are starting traditional birthday tournament (no arts, no clan perks). 150 000 E for the first place and 75 000 E for the second place is a good incentive, so you should join too while there is time.
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Season Greetings!
by berserker at 12-24-2016 02:10 PM

Another year have passed for GUNROX and now it's time to greet players with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Developers and moderators wish you and your family joy and happiness these days!

To celebrate Christmas we've are running traditional sale:
- Prices of reset and double experience features are 30% off until New Year!
- Santa's outfit costs 1 EC and lasts 7 days (except light-blue).
- Holiday Tournament with bigger prizes was launched.

Thanks for staying with us this long!
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