GUNROX is a hardcore old-school turn-based PvP game with full loot drop where you can take all of your opponent's equipment after killing him
hardcore old-school turn-based PvP game with full loot drop where 
you can take all of your opponent's equipment after killing him
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News & Announcements

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Network Improvements - Better Reconnects

This update releases completely redesigned network code. This new code allows for a much faster and smoother reconnects "behind the scenes".

Reconnects now happen inivisbly for player - no need to enter the game again after disconnect. This should save you precious time when disconnects happen on your turn. This is especially important when playing phone version on unstable mobile connections.

Let us know if it became better or worse or if there are any connection-related bugs.

Posted 3 months ago

Balance Update for High Levels

This update mainly addresses 120 skill weapons that has been largely unused. This update aims to make unused high level weapons and items more usable and thus making the game more varied and fun.

Today's Changes:

  • Pulsator shelter penetration increased to 50%
  • Pulsator's Grenade Launcher shelter penetration increased to 25%
  • Flacker shelter penetration increased to 100%
  • Punisher shelter penetration increased to 50%
  • Grinder shelter penetration decreased to 75%
  • Laser Sword shelter penetration increased to 50%
  • All premium ammo now give +5% shelter penetration
  • Medikits for 120 skill now have reduced weight down to 14 / 17 / 22
  • Rocket Ammo weight increased to 10 / 12
  • High Level sniper rifles have minimum damage at lowest range decreased: M90 -> 24, Vykhlop -> 20, Gauss Rifle -> 14
  • Dynamite - critical chance increased from 20% to 30%, critical hit power increased from +50% to +100%

Posted 4 months ago

New Server

We have moved to a new more powerful server which is around 20x faster than the old one.

It is located in the Germany now (old one was in the US), therefore connection speed might be slightly different, depending on where in the world you are, however on average this should be faster for everyone.

We have also ported our server software from Windows to Linux which makes our server fees smaller and will future-proof our technology. Everything considered what happened today will allow this game run for another decade or so.


Posted 5 months ago

Improvements for New Players

A streak of recent updates has been aimed at imporving experience of new players trying GUNROX for the first time and today's update adds to it as well.

After those updates new players can start the tutorial right away without registration. Early experience has been improved to find opponents faster.

In today's update we have also redesigned interface to remove unnecesary and confusing (to early players) elements until later:

  • New game panel as been reworked to be more streamlined and has been placed as first tab.
  • Custom games are disabled until level 6 - use random battles
  • List of games is hidden until level 6 - use random battles
  • Overload units have special icon now to determine which unit is blocking game start

Posted 10 months ago

Anonymous Battles

In this update we have added a new option for Random Battles - fighting anonymously!

Before you opt in for random battles, you can enable anonymous mode - in this mode when you will find opponent to fight he/she will not be able to know who you are - your names will be hidden and your outfit will be randomized.

Chat is disabled in anonymous games to prevent anonymous insults. Also games info is anonymized in the list of games.

Posted 1 year ago

New Forum Released

Today we have moved forum to a new platform. Now there should be less problems when logging in as it uses our universal Enkord Account system and the login is the same as login to Enkord webiste to make payments or play web version of the game.

There is a "Name & Portrait" section in Settings now where you can select which team and name you want to display on forums as main. Any player can view other player's profile on forum now and see their list of teams.

Forum update may look like something insignificant, but in fact these new forums are a result of a major internal technical overhaul I have been working on since Winter. These changes will allow us to continue GUNROX support in the future, migrate to new servers, and most importantly - add new features like bots.

Without this update all of that were not possible.

Posted 1 year ago

War in Ukraine, GUNROX Birthday, and Updates

As you have probably knew, we (the team behind GUNROX) is from Ukraine, and thus it is needed to clarify the situation we are in.
While the war with russia is going on for 8 years already, it's been two months since full-scale invasion on 24th of February 2022. Personally, I haven't been moving or running away since that invasion, working on updates for GUNROX. However, the instability of the situation in our country (continuous shelling, missile explosions, etc.) made it risky to deploy updates, because in case when we deploy an unstable update and the internet goes off for a long time due to line being cut, players would be left with broken game for a long time. Fortunately, at the moment the situation is relatively stable in our region (Kyiv) and today we have decided release an update.
On a side note I would like to thank all those players that have been supporting us for these 2 months. Your donations are helping us to pay for servers, continue working on updates and overall support our lives in these troubled times.

Today's Update

This update is a step towards bots and other substantial updates in GUNROX. In order to work on those, a lot of refactoring needs to be done internally and this is what we did. So what's new?


Posted 2 years ago

Location Redesign - Play Mega Anywhere Now!

Donations has been doing nice lately which allowed us to fund another update that should make the game more fun for everyone. Thanks for everyone who donated during the last month, you were funding this update by doing so.

In today's update we have changed the way how location size is working. Instead of all maps having fixed size no matter what, from now on any map can have any size, depending of how many players are in battle. For 2 players (1v1) the size would be the same as it was for Lost Beach. For 10 players mega (5v5) the size would be the same as Junkyard ON ANY LOCATION.

Maximum number of players on all locations except beginner's quarter have been increased to 10. Read More...

Posted 2 years ago

Prestige Levels Added and more Rewards for Level-Up

Since last updates there were increase in donations and as a gratitude for those donations we have decided to make couple of small, but hopefully useful updates.

Today we are introducing new concept:

Prestige Levels

Posted 2 years ago

First Payment Package Added

In order to motivate donations from players who have never donated we have added "First Payment Package" which holds rewards worth 20000 Enkord Cash.

You will receive it if you donate at least for 5000 Enkord Cash and did no donations previously with your game account.

Rewards there are mostly random non-transferable stuff like storage increase, double exp, resets, etc. Therefore there is no point in creating new dummy accounts to get that package. It makes sense to get it for the account you actually use actively.

Posted 2 years ago

New Payment System

Today we have completely redesigned payment system and have added a lot of bonuses and rewards for those who support us.
Charged Money is Merged
Now there is common balance for all players on the same account and you can spend it wherever you see fit. Only earned money (like from randoms, etc) is locked to specific player. Read More...

Posted 2 years ago

Easier Enkord Cash Transfer and Artifact Purchase

We have started to improve payment system and all the stuff related to paymets. In this update we have changed the way people buy artifacts in the market.
From now on when you buy artifact, you no longer need to make another payment. You can use previously charged money to buy the artifacts.
There is two types of Enkord Cash now - charged and non-charged. Charged Enkord Cash is displayed with yellow sign and is strict equivalent of paid money. Enkord Cash earned in the game or received as volume bonus are white and have the same functionality as before. Read More...

Posted 2 years ago

Tech Optimizations

Today's we have uploaded optimized build of the game which is a little bit faster and uses less memory. It should work better now on old laptops and phones.
Next major thing we are working on is new payment system which should allow to trade artifacts without charging money, various volume bonuses, incremental discounts for repeating customers and so on.

Posted 2 years ago

Anti-Toxic Update

In order for GUNROX to be worth advertising and driving new players in we have to do something about toxicity level in the community. Many new players won't stay when they will see insults right from the start. We have tried different solutions - appointing moderators, giving silences, but some trolls and toxic players simply won't stop. Therefore we have to take more radical measures which proved to be very helpful in our other online game.
New Common Chat
In this update common chat from all locations joined into one, but writing to it is limited and requires special Megaphone ability. On this update all players above level 1 receive 5 of these abilities for free. Also each level-up awards 5 of such items as well. Chance to get megaphone has been added to recycling. Finally, megaphones are sold on cash shop for 1000E per 10 items, but we don't expect people to buy it. It was intentionally added to the shop at such a high price so players would value those items and use them wisely (to call for mega, etc.). Hopefully players would flood less and play more now. Read More...

Posted 2 years ago

Ammunition Boxes - Better Rewards from Random Battles!

We have been thinking for a long time how to give better rewards for battles, but prevent farming while solving the equipment problem. Here is what we have come up with: Ammunition Boxes!
Since current update you will get ammunition boxes instead Enkord Cash, but the value of items would be 4x of Enkord Cash you received before the update.
Roughly half of that items are guaranteed to be usable by your units. Another half of items are guaranteed to be usable at your level, so you can trade that with players of your level or recycle it (no level 1 junk if you are level 50).
Boxes cannot be transfered so it not as lucrative to farm them to give to someone else. Read More...

Posted 3 years ago

Rewards for Recycling, Clan Perks Return and more...

Today's update has multiple added/increased rewards. We have added new rewards and returned some of the previously removed ones.
New Rewards for Recycling
From now on when you throw away items into recycle bin, you are charging up recycle counter and when fully charged you will receive a random item/ability. Read More...

Posted 3 years ago

Important Update for Mobile

Today we have greatly improved controls for phone version of GUNROX. Hopefully now players on the phone will be able to compete with PC players.
This update adds big green checkbox button which allows to confirm your action in battle without the need to click second time into the same cell.
Additionally it saves selected cells for different units when you switch between them. Read More...

Posted 3 years ago

Discounts, New Outfit, Money for Random, Auto-balance Fix and More...

Today is 13th GUNROX Birthday and we have made an update to celebrate it.
Double experience if 50% off for the next couple of days.
Resets are 30% off for the next couple of days.
Since recent updates helped to reduce number of fake fights we are increasing reward for random waiting from 5E to 7E. Read More...

Posted 3 years ago

Biggest Update Since 2013

Today we are releasing an update with largest amount of changes since at 2013 or maybe even earlier. Here is the list of changes:
Big Changes:

  • Artifact gambling price reduction up to -20%
  • Complete interface overhaul - too many changes to describe individually, everything became bigger and more readable, should especially help phone version

Posted 3 years ago

Official GUNROX Video Channel

We have started a YouTube channel where we will be uploading GUNROX videos

Please Like & Subscribe, maybe if it will be popular, it will help to drive new players into the game ☺

Posted 3 years ago

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