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Default Easier Enkord Cash Transfer and Artifact Purchase

We have started to improve payment system and all the stuff related to paymets. In this update we have changed the way people buy artifacts in the market.

From now on when you buy artifact, you no longer need to make another payment. You can use previously charged money to buy the artifacts.

There is two types of Enkord Cash now - charged and non-charged. Charged Enkord Cash is displayed with yellow sign and is strict equivalent of paid money. Enkord Cash earned in the game or received as volume bonus are white and have the same functionality as before.

Only charged Enkord Cash (yellow) can be used to purchase artifacts in the market.

Additionally, you can transfer charged Enkord Cash to any player at any time.

When delivered to other player, charged Enkord Cash naturally becomes regular Enkord Cash (white).

Also there is 10% fee applied to all Enkord Cash transfers.

Other changes:
  • Market tickets removed, now it requires 100E fee to place the item. All players received 100E credit per removed market ticket
  • Auction house was removed
  • Fixed bug with trade channel spam when entering and exiting account
  • On phone and tablets second click into selected cell is not treated as action confirmation now to prevent misclicks
  • Fixed item drag problems in the storage
  • Web (phone) version improvements

This update is only first of the series of payment-system related updates.
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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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