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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX
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Default Shuma is out of crontrol

Two points to start.
1.- Looks like Shuma is giving permanent bans without ever having received x2 ban before.
2.- Shuma has begun to ban people without even taking a look into the games to ensure it was a fake fight or it wasn't.

A couple days ago, Shuma banned my account AmyWineHouse for 72 hours and then banned it forever (within hours). AmyWineHouse only had x1 ban, then Shuma banned it (with no clear evidence at all, we'll talk about it later), making it x2 banned, and then sortly after he uses TEST50 and banned AmyWineHouse permanently, making it X3 banneds.

As you can see here (ScreenShot taken by Shuma himself) :

I asked him to tell me what was the reason for the banned and the permanent one, so he told me AmyWineHouse has already x3 ban, and yes, it has x3 because there was a permanent banned. 1 banned at level 15, then Shuma give another one for 72 hours making it X2 banned and then, the perma ban arrives making it X3. If my acc actually has x3 bans, the perma ban would've been the 4th (everyone else who got x2 ban earlier and ifthey get caught once more, they will be banned for 72 hours and then perma ban will arrive when an admi log in or when Shuma opens TEST50, I asked a few friend that GOT x3 banned and were banned permently in the past, all they HAVE a record of x4 banned, not 3).

AND THE WORST OF ALL is that I asked Shuma for a clear proof that I was doing fake (AmyWineHouse has many arts, im not so stupid to do fake with it) and everything Shuma said is "I saw in moder chat". What? So he is banning people by just seeing reports (without evidences or taking a look into the games)? the Option to report fake games within the game is to warn the mods that there is people doing fake, so if they are ONLINE they investigate the game, but looks like Shuma was AFK and when he woke up: “Oh, someone reported AmyWineHouse, I will ban him even if I don't know if it is a false report or it isn't”. I taken a Screenshot of the conversation:

As all of us know, masrar_-_bn has had problems with Shuma too:

masrar_-_bn got his account Drakath perma ban with only 1 BAN, after it he get supermad with game and all and quit.

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Shuma threaten Grom and C2a to ban their shared accounts, while he doesn't threaten toxicity to ban them while all lvl 50 in there are being shared, and the reason is because he got Russian friends there.
I know that either berserker or astor is reading forums daily, we want u to investigate about shuma, or AT LEAST, teach this guy about rules.
Matter of time before u lose many players and cashiers because of shuma meaningless behavior
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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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