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New Server and Fakers Cleanup
To enhance the experience of our loyal fans who are still with us playing this game few days ago we have moved the game to a new and better server. Hopefully
now it will be more responsive and lag less.

That was also a good reason to pay some attention and clean up the game a little. It is unfair that our supporters invest their hard earned money into the game, while all kinds of
fakers gain advantage for free through cheating.

Therefore I have put some time to do a deep investigation and banned over 500 fakers today. I am not talking about just low level clones that can be created again in no time. I am also referring to mature fakers with 30, 40 and 50 level
accounts. There were plenty of them banned as well.

Hopefully it will make the GUNROX world a
litttle bit brighter to all the fair players.

Thanks for staying with us,
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In this free multiplayer online game, you control a squad of soldiers and battle with other players from around the world in turn-based combat.
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GUNROX gameplay video

Last tournament was for levels 25 - 29 on Lost Beach. Winner is TeoDor!

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