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Default Discounts, New Outfit, Money for Random, Auto-balance Fix and More...

Today is 13th GUNROX Birthday and we have made an update to celebrate it.

Double experience if 50% off for the next couple of days.
Resets are 30% off for the next couple of days.

Since recent updates helped to reduce number of fake fights we are increasing reward for random waiting from 5E to 7E.

Game balance changes: 40mm weight increased from 5 to 10 because Thumpers and Milkors were overpowered on low to medium levels.

In today's update we have added new outfit:
  • Demon Helmet
  • Demon Armor
  • Arabic Colors T-shirt
  • European Colors T-shirt
  • Bulgarian Colors T-shirt
  • Hungarian Colors T-shirt
  • Austrian Colors T-shirt
The price for all outfit increased so there will be less people with custom outfit and those who purchase it will stand out more among others.

We have added a warning on login screen if you don't have your personal
details attached to account and your account could be protected better.
Also we have made adjustments to Red Zone to make it damage for at least 10% of unit maximum health to prevent long games where someone heals and runs in the Red Zone for a long time.

Since Fame battles have very high percentage of fakes among them, we have disabled all discounts for clans in top fame list permanently.

Finally, we have fixed auto-balance in megas so let us know if it helped or not.
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