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  GUNROX | summary of tournament hosted on dec 28 2021  
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 Summary of tournament hosted on Dec 28 2021
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Dec 28 2021 07:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 150000E + 0 artifacts of rank 1 for level 0
2nd place prize 75000E + 0 artifacts of rank 1 for level 0
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 46.Chocolate 100.CORONA-2020 156.NightHobo
1.LOYAL 47.comeonbaby 101.CrAzY_FiGhTeR 157.NightKiller
2.ITACHAMP 48.JackSparrow 102.crrr3 158.NoMercy-
103.Cruel 159.Noob-Hunter
Round 6: Round 1: 104.Cubano 160.notadame
3.Yuuka 49.Empty 105.DanceMonkey 161.Oblak
50.opikreff 106.decoconcafred 162.ojogador
Round 5: 51.ParaPara 107.doko 163.onekinghere
4.ToKoK 52.Dasher 108.dollars 164.OPAEAI
5.concafreddeco 53.PIKACHU 109.DontGiveUp 165.PABLO_ESCOBAR
54.KILL 110.Dora 166.paymentdani2
Round 4: 55.-_The_Extensi_ 111.ElepHanT 167.Poneglyphs
6.GiveUP 56.Dididinha 112.EL_CONDOR_PAS 168.QUESO
7.LeoSigma-Sama 57.StoneBanks 113.eRoR 169.Rasen-shuriken
8.BadBoy 58.AQVAxMAN 114.Fap_Fap_Fap 170.REDPLUS
9.artez 59.--JOSE-LUIS-- 115.Faster2019 171.refBEE
10.Kopfbrecher 60.-alejanDriTTo- 116.FATHER 172.refBEEzz
61.-CORONAVIRUS- 117.Felipe 173.reff222
Round 3: 62.-_--6-_-- 118.Fernand0_02 174.ref_igota666-
11.-Mukesh_Ambani 63.2002 119.ffossip 175.RileyReid
12.Raphion 64.AAC_3 120.FireBolt 176.ROKUBI_6
13.GUXGAD 65.Adame 121.FLAMENG0 177.Ropucha
14.dasdasd 66.AdoOomYxD 122.Flex 178.rosol
15.Ectoplasmer 67.Ageless 123.for-reset 179.SantA
16.under 68.Alabasta 124.geno 180.semnome
17.RAYANA 69.ALFA 125.GoldenStar 181.SickOfEveryone
18.RISERVA 70.Android-19 126.HYGlENlX 182.SkinHead
19.Romy 71.aqwsedrftgyh 127.ICHIBI_1 183.sTark_Dark
20.Silenceoff 72.Armageddon 128.IgOlVluP 184.STONE-BR
21.ZZBee 73.ARNIE 129.ilikeyou-Mutaz 185.SuperBunykid
74.Arsenal 130.iloseallfreind 186.Tama
Round 2: 75.ASA-Bnekk 131.InEedUp 187.TerrorGuy
22.Geert-Wilders 76.asdefgasdf 132.IqOption 188.textBox3
23.-Fuleco- 77.asdfg555 133.ISIS 189.ThebesT
24.Try_kill_me 78.asdfzsd 134.I_am_faster_U 190.TheBestiscomin
25.RAZOR 79.Assasin_Creed 135.I_go_lvl_uP 191.TheFlash2019
26.An_Apple 80.axasx 136.Kaciatko 192.Theplayer
27.-KING- 81.Babylon 137.kdkfdjhfhfhdds 193.thisisforyou
28.kousssay 82.BALOU 138.KingOfPirates 194.TORPEDO
29.asdfgsd 83.Bandit 139.La-Maravilla3 195.tree
30.asx2 84.BasilHawkins 140.Logitech 196.troy_amigo
31.creep 85.BEEck 141.LOTINO 197.Trunks
32.mutazzzzzzzzzz 86.BEEfake 142.luck1 198.vamoupar
33.nooo 87.BEEref 143.luck4 199.Vista-Swordman
34.suresure 88.bezq 144.Makemoney 200.vXv_aliGator
35.whyyyyyyyyyyyy 89.BoilingPoint 145.ManiacMinigun 201.whywhywhyyyyyy
36.Yonko 90.Bolsonaro 146.Marcos 202.whyyyy
37._PID_ 91.boraupar2019 147.Mayase 203.Yaboilarsreff8
38.PANE 92.BrilhanteUstra 148.Mongolian 204.You-Are-Weak
39.RedNight 93.cha1 149.More_Faster 205.YousefAlSucker
40.SuperIgotaGod 94.cha3 150.MorpeX 206.Z-ONE
41.STAPHYLOCOCCUS 95.Chcemsa 151.mutaziloveyou 207._SiMuLTaNeoS_
42.K_J_L 96.Clemenc 152.M_R_B
43.-_Acc_ArTs_- 97.CLOBBER 153.N0VA
44.Bdwe 98.Coby-TheBrave 154.N3M3515
45.BoraUpar 99.Comming 155.Naruto-Revenge

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