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 Summary of tournament hosted on Mar 20 2021
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 40 - 50
Round length 24 hours
Started on Mar 20 2021 07:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 40
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 40
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 35.Katanga 78.-Urban- 123.MaceAintDead
1.DONE 36.DeAtH-_-AnGeL 79.-YI-SUN-SHIN- 124.martinS
2.3La2 37.LoveIsGone 80.-YONKO- 125.MrUrbanKillerz
38.fbre 81.-_LA-PANTERA_- 126.Natsu-
Round 6: 39.bushidooo10 82.00_THE_END_00 127.neco
3.-_iraque7_- 40.M-I-L-K-O-R 83.787-407 128.Nike
41.I_am_MoNsTeR 84.Ahmed-HEBRON 129.NinaQueens
Round 5: 42.khiladi786 85.akino 130.Ninho
4.Yousef-HEBRON 43.Beatz 86.Antrax- 131.NODO-T7AYHO
5.STOKER 44.C-H-U-N-G-U-S 87.a_B_Cd 132.ny0x-reff
6.GHOST 45.Eddy-Lean 133.opik
46.mohit 89.bjk1903 134.Pure
Round 4: 47.NickFury 90.BoOoM 135.Razan-HEBRON
7.Megami 48.Swaag 91.BruNNIN 136.retrundo7
8.LUNA 92.cherry-cake 137.SigmaForce
9.A_K_A_carlos Round 1: 93.Covid-19 138.Sinna
10.MUCHACHIN 49.DalwenJah 94.CRICA 139.Snuff
11.COMING 50.SkeRe 95.dani-best 140.SoSoXo
12.osemizator 51.Cherry 96.Darkweed 141.Strawberry
52.GUNROX_FOREVER 97.Derrick-sama 142.streets--boyzz
Round 3: 53.iluzia 98.DrakoN 143.Susanoo
13.war_of_peace 54.K1NG_F1SH 99.EpicWin 144.Sweet
14.xDarKManx 55.dog11 100.faker-man 145.TAMARA
15.YoungWolf 56.yoooo 101.FaZe 146.telo
16.-_-realye-_- 57.Horcrux 102.Firotex 147.Tired
17.DREAM 58.lastwichforyou 103.FNY0X 148.To_De_99
18.Good_---_Luck 59.CharloteLinlin 104.FREE 149.UberEats
19.SSSSSSS- 60.The-Shield 105.Frenetik 150.valeron2010
20.johnybravo 61.Beast 106.Gol-D-Roger 151.Van_der_Alex 62.A_K_A_fery 107.gssrssssssss 152.Vegeta
22.EmPress 63.AuToMaTiiKK 108.Habibu 153.WaleeD_17
23.BlackBeauty 64.beju-mama 109.HAESBAERT 154.Will-_-Try
65.Fame_Freak 110.Hakuna-Matata 155.X_GROM_X
Round 2: 66.binjer2016 111.HARD 156.ZAWARUDO
24.Messi6 67.-ATN- 112.Hunter-Man 157.zsd2
25.z9u9m9a9 68.-D4NG3R- 113.iFood 158._-_HUH_-_
26.Power_Killer 69.-Hights_07- 114.IIlloliverIIll 159._Cry_
27._unleashed_ 70.-Killerz- 115.ImNotAfraid- 160._Gordilho_
28.Yousef-Skafi 71.-l_D4nI_l- 116.Indian----Army 161._I_Hate_u_
29.KRYG 72.-MART- 117.Just_Noob 162._SUPREME_
30.Joker 73.-MountainDew- 118.Kevin_ 163._VaLaK_
31.Shiva 74.-Mr- 119.Kowuzo 164.__-EverlasT-__
32.KH40SM0DE 75.-NEON- 120.lkjhhjk
33.-SsSsSs- 76.-Prikol- 121.llBeLieVeMell
34.xX-WaRILyS-Xx 77.-STI-

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