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 Summary of tournament hosted on Aug 30 2016
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Aug 30 2016 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 6: 29.--Mete-ficha-- 64.BaLLa_0_4_ 101.Mr_Brown
1.General 30.d7ooom 65.baly777 102.N3YM4R-JR
2.Zlatan 31.gribo4ek 66.Basher 103.nameles
32.HoHoHaHa 67.by_blood_- 104.NeVeRmOre
Round 5: 33.Raven 68.concafreddeco 105.NoRM420
3.RobertoCheraCu 69.Cri_Sti_AnO 106.PagucT
4.boshnaq Round 1: 70.decoconcafred 107.Pakkun
34.LifeStyle 71.dhooom2011 108.PEACE-PLEASE
Round 4: 35.UA-boy 72.Dididinha 109.pffomgyeah
5.__--WaRFAcE__- 36.-_-_--_-_--_-_ 73.DriveMyCrazy 110.Pinguin
6.-_-_-BR-_-_- 37.-Death- 74.emil2011 111.popopp
7.-_-TeamKinq-_- 38.PlaKeR-0 75.FuZioN 112.RanK-I-Tank-I
8.-Respect- 39.DoNTRayMe 76.G0MES_ 113.ROKO
40.Smurfs 77.Girls-Of-War 114.saske
Round 3: 41.Godly 78.GLUHARI 115.SKYRIM
9.HelloMyNameIs 42.Countdown 79.GREAT2014 116.spider-man
10.TheDeathView 43.Igor 80.GreatNade 117.starboi999_
11.SUCODEUVA 44.-_-George-_- 81.gunrox-man 118.Stevone
12.leikin 45.cozmina2011 82.hugo_faser 119.TAZMANIA
13.-Im--_--Pro-1- 46.hmidou 83.ImBusy 120.TheLittleBug
14.Big_Daddy 47.IIITOPM 84.Im_Champion 121.TIGGER
15.-Warface- 48.--_B-O--S-S_-- 85.interes 122.toto777
16.__--Dumb--__ 49.-Cabritinhas- 86.JookeR 123.Tournament
50.-G0dSofh3ll- 87.JusticeLeague- 124.Ulitmatekill3r
Round 2: 51.-Gamer-007- 88.KillerMachine 125.Undertail
17.THE-_-ReVnGeR 52.-Win 89.killerrrrrrrrr 126.Unkown
18.Demonz 53.-_-FeLiPe-_- 90.kokosnecum 127.XCHACALX
19.-B-A-T-M-A-N- 54.-_Ale_- 91.koteba 128.Xdade
20.yparaH 55.-_Cute-Girls-_ 92.larisa 129.XX-ANAS-XX
21.angelo2 56.-_iranian_- 93.LOSE 130.XxSkeletonxX
22.BELIVE 57.-_NOOB_- 94.LOVE_ 131.Xxx-DF-xxX
23.ImNaKeD777 58.-_The_Extensi_ 95.martin 132.xxXgeroiXxx
24.king-nuke99 59.-_ZikA_Pro_- 96.Matematik 133.YouCantSeeMe
25.cYa-nerDD 60.ALI_A-D 97.mojtaba_iran 134.Zabady
26.77-MeXiCaNo-92 61.Armed 98.Mok-Ya-Mok-XD 135._-I_HuNTeR_I-_
27.GAMBLE 62.Atack-Full 99.monster2015 136._snorroo1709_
28.My_Lovers_Brot 63.Autenthic 100.MonsterEnergy

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