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  GUNROX | summary of tournament hosted on sep 22 2015  
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 Summary of tournament hosted on Sep 22 2015
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Sep 22 2015 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 32.Bird-Man 72.bilpet 114.PENELANDIA
1.DEAD 33.Muslim-forover 73.can-beat-me 115.PIKAxu
2.Vision 34.WORLD-CUP 74.chale 116.Potato
35.-VacaFazMuuuh 75.ColdPlay- 117.Pretorian
Round 6: 36.Business-Man 76.Comfy-man 118.PsYcHo-MJ
3.2Fun 37.Ema_87 77.D0NT-G1V3-SH1T 119.R-1-LV
38.immortal 78.daniela 120.RolandoGamer
Round 5: 39.kokosnecum 79.DARK7 121.rostom2
4.WhyUmadBro 40.Sempiternal 80.DestinyGirl 122.Russian_Pro
5.Nike 41.The-PpqLWs 81.Destrok 123.sadas
42.XXXcarlosXXX11 82.elvencedol 124.SFIR--
Round 4: 83.EsK-lOnEs 125.ShooTeR
6.Renger01 Round 1: 84.Finish 126.SilentKiller_
7.Viper 43.Axel- 85.GOD-JOFER 127.sincara
8.ABU_ZAIDD 44.mikenator 86.GODS 128.Soldado2009
9.InTeReSTiNG 45.TheUndertaker 87.gordito 129.Solder
10.Hello_Tiger 46.Allame 88.Gunroxhacker 130.Spies_2010
47.JAMIR 89.Hiron-Man 131.STEEL
Round 3: 48.colincha 90.I-LovE-CrIsscE 132.telo
11.-Trinity- 49.SomssGuerrers 91.ice_lion 133.the_rising
12.-BMW- 50.-iDEsTRoy_U- 92.Im-_-Crissce 134.toto777
13.by_blood_- 51.amilia2011 93.Im_Champion 135.TvojTatko
14.XxWarL0rdsxX 52.mohannedmax 94.jkok 136.Tyga
15.MonkeyDsabo 53.ToTeN 95.kiillerforever 137.Unstoppable_
16.ghalb2015 54.---F1ShEr--- 96.LarsMaster52 138.Vampyre
17._-REAPER-_ 55.-B-O-S-S- 97.LL-11--22--LL 139.VoB0LoK95
18.-DeJaVu- 56.-R3F3R- 98.Loco 140.Vodka_
19.Quake 57.-Sphynxz- 99.LUFFY 141.vXv_aliGator
20.starboi999_ 58.-SsSsSs- 100.lvl- 142.X-e-O-n
21.Vervain 59.-Trident- 101.M4l4K4S 143.YOU_NOOB_M
60.-xXskrilexX- 102.MaconhaSZ 144.Zetrero
Round 2: 61.-Zebilola- 103.Magazine_Luiza 145.Zombie
22.LiveLikeJay 62.-_-0nlin3-_- 104.Manuelsterson 146.zzzzzzzz
23.Reizon 63.-_-SmILe-_-_- 105.master_noob 147._-astecas-_
24.beastmode 64.-_iranian_- 106.miaomiao 148._-Gostoso-_
25.Desativado 65.1------------1 107.Minions 149._-Hades-_
26.theoneandonly 66.5Fun 108.mojtaba_iran 150._-IMPURE-_
27.neco 67.AHLY 109.monster2015 151._MENTos_
28.Malek 68.Alliance_ 110.NotEpic 152.____iPhone____
29.Hercule 69.Angkor-Guard 111.O___JUSTICEIRO 153.________
30.Time-Of-Dead 70.Back 112.P4N1C0
31.LonelyRanger 71.bilikpet 113.PauNoSeuLanche

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