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 Summary of tournament hosted on Mar 19 2015
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Mar 19 2015 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 30.Comand-Revover 68.drunkplayer 108.PINK_MERCY
1.Z0MBIA 31.Escobar 69.Estou-Brasil 109.qwer123
2.ABU_ZAIDD 32.Matematik 70.estoycabron 110.Raed
33.SNOOP-DOG 71.EU-TO-AKII 111.RefeeRDestroY
Round 6: 34.tree_killer 72.FeZiNho_PaTaTy 112.semeon
3.-Trinity- 35.XII_SpiDer_IIX 73.forrest-gump 113.sleman-1
74.funny-all-time 114.slexy_snider90
Round 5: Round 1: 75.Glitch 115.Solder
4.opik 36.capasdeser 76.GUNROXER2014 116.super-francais
5.truman 37.Loco 77.HardLikeRock 117.Tank
38.ak4tsuki 78.Hercule 118.Ta_bom--------
Round 4: 39.-_-Im_1Back-_- 79.hexplosed 119.The-PpqLWs
6.WORLD-CUP 40.---lindas--- 80.hsbigvi 120.The-_-Flash
7.Ema_87 41.--FAIL-- 81.i-no-lov_baned 121.thebest1ksa
8.MysTerious 42.-As_Mendigatas 82.IamCupcake 122.theBoSS2012
9.-RegulaR-ShoW- 43.-Biel- 83.i_love_you 123.TheEpicDeath
44.-Holow_Ichigo- 84.JefersonBR---- 124.The_Monster
Round 3: 45.-Il_-MIB-_lI- 85.Just-Lukis 125.toxicity1
10.Warrior 46.-Pretimho_- 86.kar007 126.tyroleutopgun
11.-BMW- 47.-Sillent-Hill- 87.kilman2011 127.Unstoppable_
12.SUCK 48.-Te-Amo-Gaby- 88.Level51 128.Vici
13.CASTRESE99 49.-UrUkAgInA- 89.lI-C4PIT4IN-Il 129.ViKiNgX
14.Brasleazil 50.-Warlock-Vip- 90.lolMeBestPlay 130.WarriorsBoys
15.ROCAMPE 51.-_ZaNMaRcOS_- 91.lolMeGoODPlay 131.wins
16.Avira 52.0o_INOCENTE_o0 92.lool 132.W_w_O_o_W_w
17.MIELKA 53.Ak-karai 93.Madridista 133.xX-Protein-Xx
54.aL_DooN 94.Malek 134.xxtitanesxx
Round 2: 55.angelo2 95.Manterrorist 135.xXxBOSSxXx
18.Fake-_ 56.Arjan 96.Manuelsterson 136.XxXCamPerXxX
19.Vervain 57.ArtMacedonian_ 97.MarcoReus 137.Y_BaCk_Y
20.Tevez 58.beast_mode 98.mgnon 138._Bulldog_
21.-Crash-_ 59.big_return 99.mohmed 139._Do0oN_
22.I_HeTe_All_KID 60.bjkhjjkhj 100.MrHorse 140._GaMeR_
23.What 61.CRESH 101.Mthrs-Fkrs 141._my-love-you_
24.lIXxMorTexXIl 62.Cri_Sti_AnO 102.N3W-MILKOR 142._NOOB_KILLER_
25._Cut_My_Finger 63.DeathAngle 103.neco 143._Terrible_
26.War-Face 64.death_wish 104.Nino_Lumia 144._ThE_pRo_
27.inutwo 65.DEPREDADOR-_- 105.No_M-e-R-c-Y- 145._Z1K4_M3M0_
28.0o0oLONDAo0o0 66.DesTroYRefeeR 106.PauNoSeuLanche
29.-Machetee- 67.DestroyRfer_- 107.PENELANDIA

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