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 Summary of tournament hosted on May 27 2014
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on May 27 2014 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 28.The_WINER 64.-Diamond- 102.liNewFullil
1.Unluck 29.xHARDMINDx 65.-Fuzzy- 103.LitLeBaToR
2.Ema87 30.LIOTRU_CATANIA 66.-I-Perfect-I- 104.losgallos-123
31.W8PASSAT 67.-MaN- 105.Mars
Round 6: 32.HiperShelter 68.-Time_Zer0-Win 106.meraj
3.Madara-Ochiha 33.DragonRayk 69.-_P0K3R_FAC3_- 107.Micha3l_PL
34.CriticalThinK 70.-_paulo_- 108.Michals1
Round 5: 35.marcos1 71.-_SebaS_- 109.Milkor
4.TinchoX 36.joepjekoppenol 72.444444441231 110.MiNiGuN
5.gunrox2000 37.-JuninBr- 73.Akatsuki- 111.NINJA123
6.Juuh- 38.-_-tU_PaPa-_- 74.BABO 112.Panas2011
39._foddao_ 75.basl 113.Piink_panzzy
Round 4: 40.-Im-JaN- 76.bshnaq3 114.Poseidon
7.HeyHeysolversM 41.alkaabi2010 77.bugsbunnie 115.Pranasas
8.BadStayl 42.Minerva 78.Ced_Money_2013 116.REI_DAS_ARMAS
9.Manuela 43.reyirving 79.chiki_2012_15 117.SirSnelys
10.Lichtenstein 44.VuNN3xT 80.CityCobra 118.Skrillex
11.Toxic-Acid 45.___WWEEDD___ 81.DanceCrewBoom 119.SmashAndGrab
82.DawnOfDead 120.sonia2012
Round 3: Round 1: 83.DDnoobDD 121.sony2012
12.MyLove 46.ABU_ZAID 84.DemonOfTheNigh 122.Spurs20
13.ElPlomero 47.yousef_sssss 85.enois555 123.Stupid-Luckers
14.WinterSoldier 48.-Kethelyn- 86.fredconcadeco 124.TaJIaHT
15.HS-TheCreW-HS 49.WoooW 87.fredyycruger 125.TAPUZINA
16.plaker 50.J-A-M 88.girl----bOSS-- 126.Ted_Bundy
17.trumans 51.zJohnMonster 89.Grim-Reaper 127.victory
18.Oakley 52.el_mas_lindo 90.gunroxking___ 128.XORNUG--------
19.abusskafis 53.holly_fighter 91.hashem 129.xxxkingxxx
20.Winter 54.-_-IkILlErI-_- 92.i-kill-u 130.you_clan_wins
21.Jake95 55.12300000 93.iGeeengaR 131.zMetallica-
22._JustClick_ 56.i-_-the_winner 94.IronMaiden- 132._-Cr8_Fame-
23.-InCreatIve- 57.lulu 95.I_L0ve_You 133._MERCY_
58.DubsTepzzzzz 96.Jiggle-booty 134._youtube_
Round 2: 59.karli 97.JordyLeeyt 135.______oZ______
24.Bathory 60.Power-Rangers 98.KiSmEn
25.Powerless 61.--Force-- 99.klo6kA3
26.Fuzileiro 62.-Bo0M- 100.Knife
27.Bardock 63.-DarkNess 101.Lazy

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