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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jul 23 2013
Location Lost Beach
Levels 20 - 24
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jul 23 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: Round 2: 54.---_FENIX_--- 87.KaoS
1.TheEmperor 24.arts 55.-Mr- 88.karakartal4
2.-_J0L3C_- 25.---L0V3---Y0U 56.MeRitez0o0o 89.kaTAJ
26.epaminondas 57.-_CupCake_- 90.KingOf1x1games
Round 6: 27.Goodbye 58.Fire_Boy 91.leeg
3.Actress 28.Zdark 59.Tallz 92.Lets__G0
29._KaBooM_ 60.Van_der_Alex 93.Longlife
Round 5: 30.-Gamer_-over- 61.FireWoman 94.maichi
4.LoveIsGone 31.ofik 62.-FuNk-S2 95.mana
5._-Ygor-_ 32.GarDeVoAr 63.ice_zero 96.Mario
6.REVOLUCION 33.-----___----- 64.The-KiLLER 97.MasterYi
34.--Icarus--- 65.zz-m-zz 98.Menina_Maluka
Round 4: 35.-Islam- 66.-Ares- 99.MIRES
7.-Poderosa-- 36._CaBaReH_ 67.-LiLiTh- 100.QUIT
8.SagopaKajmer 37.chiefpredator 68.-SexyGirl- 101.REDZONE
9.Slavery 38.Gaspar_ 69.-SuperColt- 102.shadowwing
10.KRYG 39.MrClown 70.-ViRuS-
11.Google2012 40.zora8 71.-_LIBERTADOR_- 104.StAlKe_
12.--Banned-- 41.Hate 72.-_turmix_- 105.tankemajor
42.Black_Power 73.AGUIA_FENIXXXX 106.Techno245
Round 3: 43.mohamed11 74.AKA_STEZZ 107.tobi
13.-lom- 44.Palladin 75.A_Duy2012 108.Ultimate_Man
14.-I_am_Crazy- 45.SSSSSSS- 76.BOIN 109.Vegeta
15.Who_am_i 46._VeRy_CrAyZy- 77.Coldplay2 110.Xx_KINGS_xX
16.To-Fast-4-YoU 78.ComeonFasT 111.ZIPU
17.Oliver_Twist Round 1: 79.da-legado 112._BLADE_
18.-Taquaril- 47.MmM536 80.DESEL 113._HEADHUNTERS_
19.Aragon 48.VenoN_X 81.Destruction 114._I_Plants_I_
20._-iraque7-_ 49.iMarsh 82.Fabio-Uchiha 115._lds_
21.GoBLin-Leader 50.LaithooN-JO 83.Girl_OF_Killer 116.__CaPTaiNn__
22.THUG-LIFE 51.---Darkness--- 84.GReaT_MaSTeR
23.Professional 52.igota666-
53.Marlowe 86.jafar

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