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  GUNROX | summary of tournament hosted on apr 28 2013  
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 Summary of tournament hosted on Apr 28 2013
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Apr 28 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 38.Elissa 84.__Snoopy__ 132.GodFire1
1.BnyMan 39.vnxlo 85.-Super_Fred- 133.Godly_One
2.ThaJokah 40._EXORSISTA_ 86.-_LINK_- 134.gotohell
41.MeninoDeShorts 87.INDIA 135.Grinskow
Round 6: 42.Hang 88.MicroFon 136.holly_fighter
3.Sonia 43.Bad_Game 89.DeadFrontier 137.Iam-Not-So-Bad
4.Manuela 44.Imperator2012 90.xX-Zika-Xx 138.im-the-hell
45.----F4ST3---- 91.Titanium 139.indo
5.Red_rush 47.SUCKA 93.--duck-face-- 141.kronox
6.Weak_Soldier 48.IRENKAxD 94.AchmedJR 142.lamejor_depana
7.Nasargiel 49.CHAMALEON 95.---W--- 143.Lia-Bergotelly
50.U-O-M 96.--Force-- 144.lukczik
Round 4: 51.CR4ZYW33D2 97.-BATMAN- 145.MARCELA
8._AzE_pRo_ 52.-im-bhea-12-16 98.-Im-JaN- 146.MATIIIIIII
9.smile 53.anders3 99.-MASTODON- 147.MATRIX
10.44Nal-HmAndAm4 54.Candyman 100.-naif- 148.MeGa_DiSaArMeD
11.Mr_Aggressive 55.DioSTeAmAMucho 101.-Pica_Pau- 149.Muuuuu
12.Bananada 56.I_Love_gunrox 102.-_-LADRONE-_- 150.newzatan
13.Shadow-Woman 57.ok-kiero-joder 103.-_-So_Foda-_- 151.Niko_Kpo
14.miniman_7 58.Raditz 104.-_CupCake_- 152.Premidiation
59.reyirving 105.-_Gunroxak_- 153.Rock-Malboa
Round 3: 60.the-died-man 106.-_Lukito_- 154.Roland-Bakker
15.-LiLiTh- 61.Xros 107.-_Naruto_- 155.Ronaldo
16.-Lets__Go- 62.XTHERMINATORX 108.157555 156.SaDiStIc
17.PLZ_NO_4GOT_ME 63._-Hunter-_ 109.Alfa-Team 157.ShinichiKD
18.-_Loka_- 110.AnoniM 158.SS-Force
19.Pac-Man Round 1: 111.Arcanjo 159.Sstaticgirl
20.Panas2011 64.BlackSheep 112.arts 160.Stux
21.-rhian- 65.WWE_RULES 113.BeHappy 161.Syoss
22.-----___----- 66.KickButtowiski 114.bigking 162.tankemajor
23._Reaper_ 67.-adus22- 115.Black-_-Dewil 163.Teddy-Bear
24.SUPERNATURALL 68.METAL-MANIAK 116.BreakNews 164.TheDukes
25.-_-c2a-_- 69.chinchulancha 117.ByTheWay 165.Vida_Loca
26._SAW_ 70.Gunroxpro2012 118.b_i_c_o_7_6_2 166.Warmor_Persia
27.Opk_Mr 71.Slavery 119.Chapolin-Color 167.x-_MaSSiVe_-X
28.Mietek-Zul 72.BEE_Krauser 120.Chuck 168.Xx-Killer-xX
73.THE-SPIDER 121.Condenados 169.xx-m-xx
Round 2: 74.Indian----Army 122.Conquistadores 170.X_FODA_X
29.Sarasin 75.BEE-TrashTalk 123.da-legado 171._-iraque-_
30.BRYANCUETO 76.MemorY 124.darkzeus 172._-The-_-End-_
31.iGeeengaR 77.delfi 125.deAdlyAngels26 173._-_NIKE_-_
32.TTourNamenTT 78.malocado2012 126.Erzulie 174._3V1L_FAC3_
33.Mega-Bite 79.El-Triste 127.fAithless 175._Call_Of_Duty_
34.Hitch 80.KeepaLive 128.fatoomy 176._JustClick_
35.hoggabaz 81.BEIRA-MAR 129.FIRSTKNIGHT
36.Kuervonegro 82.Marlowe 130.FortzzaRomania
37.-Sick- 83.Reacher 131.God-Build

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