GUNROX is a hardcore old-school turn-based PvP game with full loot drop where you can take all of your opponent's equipment after killing him
hardcore old-school turn-based PvP game with full loot drop where 
you can take all of your opponent's equipment after killing him
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Gunrox 1 needs attention



While players wait for news of GUNROX's new successor game, GUNROX itself is languishing without updates. 

More attention needs to be paid to it, or there will be no players for GUNROX 2.

But before we talk about new ideas for the game, we need to deal with its current problems.

GUNROX is a game unlike any other, there is no other like it and that is why there are still people in the WORLD who play it.We have an average of 40 regular players nowadays, who like the game and play even though they know that there is no hope of significant updates or an eventual GUNROX 2.

And, with each passing year, the game becomes more expensive for everyone and in all ways, be it the wars that are affecting the lives of many players, or the inflation of money to buy cash.

Even though the game is expensive, the updates we received to implement our game experience are: more expensive Christmas clothes with reduced duration, end of year promotion (full reset, perks and skills), increase the value of skins with duration 100 days.

We understand that wars have significantly affected life in Ukraine, perhaps GUNROX is the only source of income for its creator, perhaps not. But we are aware that the war has affected server performance at times.

This forum thread will not be about begging for CASH SHOP values ​​to be reduced or for Enkord Cash to be reduced, but your need will be addressed.But here are some ideas that can be done to implement the game:

-End 10% transfer fee: it doesn't make any sense to pay tax on this game.

-End the ban on trading on the same IP: no one can stand receiving the famous "help trade" message anymore.

-Change the randomization system of weapons received when opening a box: it makes no sense to give 90% of weapons that the player does not use in their units. We are no longer in 2009, when the Trade chat had at least 100 players buying or selling items... It is necessary to change in some way to highlight the usefulness of these item boxes, even if it is by changing the percentage of 60% usable items and 40% unusable.

-Hire new moderators for banning/silencing: the game cannot become a deepweb where players do and say whatever they want.

-End fake fighting: fakes have dominated the game in recent years and this makes the game boring for players who don't cheat. One way to do this is to ban games on other maps that have players of very different levels (25+50 vs 50, for example), with the exception of FAME and MEGA. If a moderator catches any attempt at Fake Fame or Fake Mega, the email ban (all accounts) will be punished for 7/14/30 days. In this case, the rule of 3 bans = permanent ban cannot be maintained, as permanent bans must be used more restricted to more serious infractions (also aiming to maintain the players and not expel them).


-Map choice system in MEGAS: the game shows two or three generated maps before starting the match. Players vote and the game starts with the one with the most votes. This functionality contributes to a better game experience, because lately all megas are aborted due to bad maps (when we manage to abort them).

-Limitation of Artifacts per player in MEGAS: being able to release from 0 to Unlimited. If the player has more than the maximum amount, it will not be possible to start the game and his name will be highlighted to the other players in the room.

-Permission or prohibition of perks in MEGAS: in addition to the prohibition of Clan Perks, the possibility of allowing or not allowing the use of perks such as Reta or Blind Recovery must be given. You can limit it to 1 per player, or 3 per player, or just Satellite + another perk.

-Create a clothing inventory system, meaning that players who spent 8k E on a t-shirt keep it forever. This way, I guarantee that many will dream of having a wardrobe full of Skins and being able to change the clothes of their units according to their emotions. It would be possible to reduce the value of skins with reduced duration, so that it makes some sense to spend Enkord Cash on skins (The current price of 9kE for a t-shirt that lasts 100 days doesn't make any sense). Decreasing the value and putting in a permanent customization system will make many players spend money on skins. The current system does not work.

-Daily, weekly and monthly reward system + creation of another type of Enkord Cash that is non-transferable and limited to an email account: in order for new players to be attracted, it is necessary to have a way for them to play without having to spend money. Imagine the player receiving 1000E every day he plays 2 games (for example), this will attract him to play every day to get E for free. Or, after 7 days, he receives another amount of E just for playing 7 days in a row, for example 3000E. Finally, after 30 consecutive days playing, he receives 1 monthly support box (30K E in items and skills), 1 support key and 1 full reset, easily putting in the subject's mind that he must play 30 days in a row, to have a good reward.

-Change the XP system according to the player's level: this is a necessity for new players. The player's journey from level 1 to 50 should be made easier, making his eyes shine when he realizes that he won't spend 1 month to go up from level 20 to 21 playing Random against bot. One idea is to maintain the current amount of experience received from level 40 to 50, and increase the level bonuses according to your progression, for example: level 1-15 = +900% bonus XP without Double; 16-30 = +700%; 31-40 = +450%; 41-50 = +300% (as is the current XP bonus).

-Increase the maximum level to 60: it would be good to have an update for old players, who dream of the day that their account will leave level 50 prestige 5. It wouldn't take much for this to attract many players back, just the concession 1 more perk (since we don't have skill 120+ weapons, there's no reason to grant +5skill to the unit's skills). This way, we could have countless new builds, letting players' curiosity flow according to the new possibilities in their builds. Once again attracting players to GUNROX.

Remembering that this topic is just intended to bring some ideas from a player who has GUNROX as his favorite and only game in the world.

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