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When you fill the experience meter, you get a point to spend on a perk (two points at specific levels). Perks are literally the "game breakers" of GUNROX, bestowing increased stats and new abilities tied to certain weapons or items. These perks range from the modest Increased Hitpoints to some very powerful perks like (but hard to obtain) Ultimate Survivor. Also, a few weapon classes are only available through Perks!

Here are some basic perks:
Increased Hitpoints - Buy your unit a little more time by increasing their maximum hitpoints.
Regeneration - Why should you rely on medikits when you can recover hitpoints turn after turn with this perk?
Strong Back - Carry more (and more powerful) stuff by increasing your weight limit. This perk is also the prerequisite for many other perks!
Damage Resistance - Taking a lot of damage is so 1970's. Take less damage per attack with this perk!
Dr. Explosive - This allows you to use Grenade and Rocket Launchers.
Dr. Minigun - This perk enables the use of Machine Guns.

More perks will be available as you level up and progress through the game.

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