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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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Default Rewards for Recycling, Clan Perks Return and more...

Today's update has multiple added/increased rewards. We have added new rewards and returned some of the previously removed ones.

New Rewards for Recycling

From now on when you throw away items into recycle bin, you are charging up recycle counter and when fully charged you will receive a random item/ability.

Gambling System Changes

Now Gamble Coins cannot be transfered between players and gambling can be done only via gamble coins, you cannot cannot gamble with Enkord Cash directly. Therefore it requires 1 coin for simple artifacts, but higher amount of coins per spin for high artifacts. You can also buy coins in Cash Shop now with bulk offers providing better deals. Gamble coins are given as rewards to all clan members for Hall of Fame top.

This new system will allow us to give more coins as rewards to players in the future without fear of farming. We plan to give coins for players level-up in the future updates.

Bigger Rewards for Random

Rewards for random waiting increased from 7 E per minute up to 10 E per minute.

Clan Perks Return in Different Form

Clan perks are returned, but they are given only once per week for
clans in the top lists. However, now you can use clan perks in any battle, not only vs other clan.

Number of clan members who will receive perk each week depends on medals/stripes received for place in top. For example: gold medal will bring 1 perk for 10 members of that clan, silver medal will bring perk for 9 members, bronze medal - for 8 members, biggest stripe - for 7 members and so on. (Exce

These perks are given for medals/stripes in these top lists:

Blind Recovery = Outposts Top
Stun Recovery = Prosperity Top (Medals also get Retaliation to 1-3 members) Poison Recovery = Activity Top
Marauder = Tournament Top
Satellite = Agression Top

Retaliation = Agression + Outposts
Teleport = Fame + Outposts
Concentration = Fame + Agression

Additionally you have a small chance to win those perks from recycling even if you are not in a clan, so non-clan players have chance to use those perks too.

Additional Rewards for Mega Battles

Mega battles now bring you significantly more experience than before. Also winners now receive coins.

Level-up Rewards

Now you will receive coins when you level-up as well.

Other Changes
  • New Panel which shows all your abilities and their quantity.
  • SMS delivery updated, those who had problems receiving SMS should try again now
  • Game optimizations - now it should work faster on slow computers

Also this update was only intermediate update. If all goes well in the next update we will solve (at least partially) the problem of not enough equipment to play without money.
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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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