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 Summary of tournament hosted on Sep 14 2020
Location Ice Valley
Levels 40 - 50
Round length 24 hours
Started on Sep 14 2020 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 40
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 40
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 51.ImNotAfraid- 108.m7mad 169.Antilope
1.-AlFredoSM 109.kayssara 170.AuToMaTiiKK
2.LoveIsGone Round 2: 110.MIGOS 171.a_B_Cd
52.xGoldeNx 111.HS_Exoticx 172.BCEMXAHA
Round 7: 53.9h9u9a9s9o9 112.EpicWin 173.Ben-Turner
3.DREAM 54.Joker 113.Good_---_Luck 174.bernazinho
4.SuperSereenGod 55.Megami 114.equisde
56.Kevin_ 115.YoungWolf 176.BlackShot
Round 6: 57.-mazik- 116._Cry_ 177.Bumaye
5.StaY-There 58.telo 117.Mr_Arne_ 178.CachorroXx
6.Arayashiki 59.EHABAO 118.SkeRe 179.CAKE
7.KhalidIXIA 60.-SsSsSs- 119.SOUND 180.CharlyChaplin
61.BaltazaR 120.THARU 181.chumbinhooo
Round 5: 62.BABY--GUN 121.Consloe 182.chumbo
8.Perfeeitinha 63.-D4NG3R- 122.me_another 183.CRICA
9.mohit 64.Noobuny 123.ROJO_CAPO 184.dani-best
10.Neferpitou 65._Gordilho_ 124.ACZINO 185.Danish
11.Salman_AlOdah 66.CERVECITA 125.SSSSSSS- 186.DuaneIsBack
12.-ATN- 67.Cherry 126.WITCHBLADE 187.encrenqueiros
13.LS-GUNROXER1 68.Kappy 127.Knights 188.Frenetik
69.-SwEeT-HeBrOn- 128.ZAWARUDO 189.fuler
Round 4: 70.martinS 129.xX-WaRILyS-Xx 190.Fuul--_--Acida
14.cherry-cake 71.Konai 130.GLOBAL 191.Gol-D-Roger
15.WorldLess 131.K1NG_F1SH 192.Heliosphere
16.Juggernaut 73.SWERVE 132.Just_Pro 193.I-Hate-Ariel
17.---S-F-I-R--- 74.Susanoo 133.Mangekyou 194.iFood
18.Swaag 75.opik 134.DeAtH-_-AnGeL 195.Inuyasha
19.Horcrux 76._-_HUH_-_ 135.-l_D4nI_l- 196.ITADAKIMASU
20.MinoTaur 77.OosTrepazsoO 136.gssrssssssss 197.joketa
21.Fernand0 78.-XELIOS- 137.HARD 198.KanuTAHKyk
22.CharloteLinlin 79.Tired 138.xXDestRoyerXx 199.Lc-Cavalcanti
23.Derrick-sama 80.beju-mama 139.Dead_Space-BR 200.Lets_Go
24.99999999999999 81.-Mr- 140.Katanga 201.LUCIENNE
25.BoOoM 82.BlackBeauty 141.-BLENDED-WITH- 202.Messi-O_O
83.To_De_99 142.Global_--_Luck 203.mito
Round 3: 84.UberEats 143.yoooo 204.MrUrbanKillerz
26.Meyer_ 85.lkjhhjk 144.neco 205.Ninho
27.johnybravo 145.STARS-_-ACTORS 206.NODO-T7AYHO
28.leshik 87.ny0x-reff 146.TANK_ACCOUNT 207.NoHa
29.Yousef-HEBRON 88.GodHandCrusher 147.Hakuna-Matata 208.Protokill186
30.__666__ 89.SwEeT_BaDnS 148.xirichari 209.Pure
31.Toxic-Acid 90.-0nlin3- 149.Yousef-Skafi 210.retrundo7
32.MUCHACHIN 91.DONE 150.--jack--2020 211.SigmaForce
33.-STI- 92.Vinnie 151.-Ares- 212.SOCIO_SUR
34.PAISANOS_LOKO 93.adrlghagrva 152.-BCEMXAHA- 213.Solomon-Grund
35.-NEON- 94.faker-man 153.-iTzMarijuana 214.Sora
36.SAY_ARNE 95.GUNROX_FOREVER 154.-Jedi_Form_VII 215.SuperNinha
37.-_LA-PANTERA_- 96.khiladi786 155.-Ken- 216.Tamojunto
38.Scar-Red 97.L-O-R-D 156.-Killerz- 217.TheTakeOver
39.Messi10 98.LUNA 157.-lom- 218.THE_UNBORN
40.Korn 99.Mosskito 158.-Nervous-- 219.UnKnOwm
41.Shiva 100.Snuff 159.-Prikol- 220.war_of_peace
42.Indian----Army 101.streets--boyzz 160.-TOKIO- 221.xica
43.FNY0X 102.Zathy 161.-_The_BesT_- 222.xXxqbldpxXx
44.lastwichforyou 162.0000002 223.x_Helokit_x
45.Dimac Round 1: 163.00_THE_END_00 224.Yuna
46.Messi6 103.Legend69 164.1010gabi 225.z9u9m9a9
47.WaleeD_17 104.Ccarayhua 165.akino 226._CICPC_
48.Beast 105._JM_ 166.Alpha_Bro 227._o_ReToRnO_
49.Sheena 106._RCA_ 167.amgd 228._SUPREME_
50.Ny0x 107.nobika 168.anderson

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