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 Summary of tournament hosted on Feb 14 2019
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Feb 14 2019 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 6: 23.acc9 52.Ahooraa-Mazdaa 83.MEN1
1.General 24.man1 53.alan 84.MEN3
2.-TitaN- 25.man10 54.BANN 85.MEN5
26.Melo 55.BiG-Hero 86.mmmmm
Round 5: 27.Orlando 56.BlackDiamond 87.mmmmm2014
3.zizurik 28.xxxhuncho 57.Cheesy 88.Morris
4.JEREMIAS-17-5 29.0001 58.Coniinho-Rca 89.muntidas
30.JuiceWrld 59.Coninho-Rca 90.NewMA
Round 4: 31.LordFeedemus 60.Cubano 91.olaris
5.-_-Crazy-_- 32.MadKing 61.DR4G0N_L4DY 92.Oluna
6.-Pucca 33.MadLass 62.Dtona 93.OPK_Terror
7.Imperishable 34.Thalia 63.EKKO 94.Ostenta
8.ShadowHunter7 35._-Soldier-_ 64.general1 95.P-Diddy
65.Girls-Of-War 96.Peaky
Round 3: Round 1: 66.H-N-D 97.Pico
9.acc11 36.Mastkona 67.Hooligans 98.PurPle_HaZe
10.Ester 37.Tournament 68.Hunter 99.Red-Rump
11.man3 38.Lufi 69.InDespensible 100.retag
12.MEN2 39.--SMOKE-- 70.Kill 101.RicFLAIR
13.MEN4 40.-CAVERAO- 71.KingDiamond 102.Saphhire
14.acc12 41.-HellFire- 72.LeKiisuVonMeow 103.SecretBuild
15.bamdidi 42.-ICE- 73.Logana 104.Stranger
16.HighLander 43.-New_nickname- 74.LUCASMORATO 105.Taninho
44.-Synks 75.MadLad 106.thebos
Round 2: 45.-_---_--__--_- 76.man2 107.THIAGUINHO
17.Tranfser 46.-_-osama-_- 77.man4 108.True
18.Leyenda 47.acc10 78.man6 109.VALENVERGUEN
19.Try_ 48.acc13 79.man8 110.XaneX
20.acc1 49.acc2 80.man9 111.XD-XB-LoL-LMAO
21.acc6 50.acc7 81.MarconneGay
22.acc8 51.adonias 82.Maverick

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Gamble Error
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Charged and Didn't Receive Enk...
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