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 Summary of tournament hosted on Mar 13 2018
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Mar 13 2018 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 6: 30._C-R-7_R-M_ 66.bahubali 104.MarcusVinicius
1.General 31._ISCO_ 67.baroNe 105.mistake
2.Floki 32.DELiR 68.batchata 106.Naataaleeh
33.ZIKA2011 107.nayla
Round 5: 34.champion2017 70.BEST-SCENE 108.noob-always
3.5-star 35.LeoWinters 71.BigShaq 109.OneHitOneDie
4.IIIIIIIIIIIII 36.LEEO 72.Bound 110.Pajeet
37.JacquEsme 73.buldbuld 111.pankha
Round 4: 38.---_------_--- 74.Business-Man 112.pedro123
5.amrud 39.general1 75.chatpata 113.PINK_MERCY
6.Silienced-Nr2 40.rivaille 76.Chucknorris- 114.polar_bear
7.i-will-do-it 77.DARK_BOYS-Neco 115.PREDATORR
8.JehannaArongo Round 1: 78.dfsdfgsdfgsdfg 116.Rafael-
41.GRB-080319B 79.Dream_Healer 117.RaulFns
Round 3: 42.mama-meu 80.DrunkMan 118.Royal
9.-XAN- 43.Homie 81.EgZxWkZ 119.silmherqa
10.vickygandu 44.V-I-P 120.SlobberKnocker
11.ULTRA-INSTINCT 45.------AUX----- 83.gabbar-vskalia 121.SMALLVILLE2017
12.nepcuk 46.--NINJA-- 84.Gapirotozorde 122.snoop_dogg
13.6Mr-Pickles6 47.-EFES- 85.Ghitler_i_cio 123.Sp0NgEbO0B
14.Stranger 48.-Honda_CB600F- 86.Godly 124.SwEet-Is-Pro
15._xX_dP--Hoo0On 49.-L_Modric-RM- 87.GokuSon 125.THE-HELL
16._-MR_Bean-_ 50.-_DISNEY_-2017 88.govind-gandya 126.thebest1ksa
51.-_MiyaGi_- 89.Guard 127.TheMainly
Round 2: 52.123_Granadeiro 90.GuGu-Megaaaa 128.ThereIsNoMercy
17.EazyE 53.2008-2019 91.Hack 129.totla
18.-Silencer- 54.7-star 92.hell-is-kill 130.troll-warlord
19.-Av_An- 55.ab-to-khul-ja 93.Hells_Warrior 131.Xx_astros_xX
20.ace-number17 56.alan 94.i-needgotoilet 132.Your-Self
21.annya 57.aleja-sexy 95.Inmortal 133.Your_nightmare 58.AmoRePaZ 96.jirenvsgoku 134.ZzZzzZz
23.ice_lion 59.Anoitecer 97.JuNiNhO 135._0_Orange_0_
24.Marcelo_RM 60.arkivos 98.kavad-door 136._RIDERS_
25.MyiaGi 61.arroz 99.last-man-todie 137._She-Devil_
26.poster-boys 62.Asensio 100.LevTolstoi
27.TeLeNeStI 63.Avdalean_Noric 101.LOUNA
28.time-2-gear-up 64.B33fearsome 102.LUCE
29._Batman_Pula_ 65.Backham23 103.Manajj

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How can i get back an old acco...
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Hola , solo queria dejar este ...
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