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 Summary of tournament hosted on Dec 27 2017
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Dec 27 2017 09:00:00:000PM
1st place prize 150000E + 0 artifacts of rank 1 for level 0
2nd place prize 75000E + 0 artifacts of rank 1 for level 0
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 69.Akito-_-Gr 148.Blow 229.NightKiller
1.Bazinga 70.daniela 149.BONES 230.nordina
2.RA2D_and_TARI9 71.Drag-MyTo-Hell 150.BONITO 231.oaksd
72.Fili 151.buldbuld 232.oioioioioioioi
Round 7: 73.last-man-todie 152.CaboRivaille 233.okouchi
3.FairyTale 74.Nisekoi 153.Casper 234.Olha---Bobo_l_
75.pankha 154.Caterine 235.onlyG--
Round 6: 76.S0NY 155.CHINA 236.Originals
4.Homie 77.THE-HELL 156.Chucknorris- 237.parzinho---
5.Sp0NgEbO0B 78.WanT 157.Clash---Gunrox 238.Phantom
79.Wihdate 158.clipes 239.PLaYBoYS-
Round 5: 80.XYZ_1 159.Code_Geass 240.Play_For_Real
6.Sannin 81.Zetrero 160.concafreddeco 241.Psychic
7.HaveABreak 82._-Destiny-_ 161.DalwenJeah 242.PUPPET
8.Ro_ManD 83._InterVenTion_ 162.deadrox 243.putito--jeje
9.vickygandu 163.decoconcafred 244.QQER
Round 1: 164.Demon--------- 245.r-carlos
Round 4: 84.TheMainly 165.de_Ge 246.RainMaker_
10.xxxxxxxxoooooo 85.-_KRAK3RZ_- 166.Dididinha 247.ref_igota666-
11.SpaceCake 86.Noob_Girl 167.DigitalDrugs 248.Rei-Supremo
12.chatpata 87.Heiken 168.Dilsin 249.Rgwer
14.WickedGame 89.Rafael- 170.El_shaarawuy 251.rivaille
15.super_pistol 90.LeoWinters 171.EncyclopediA 252.ROBOCOPE_SP_13
16.time-2-gear-up 91.123123123 172.FAMINTA 253.Royal
17.Potato 92.Glasess 254.RS_FORC
93.ToUrNeY_TaKeR 174.Fears 255.S-G-LL-RR-J-
Round 3: 94.XX__0_0_XX- 175.Fevereiro 256.Sabenao
18.-_JVC_- 95.lok-lok2 176.FIRST-KNIGT 257.sad_statue
19.chumbo-2 96.Stun_-_Boy 177.FiveFive 258.sai_dai
20.ab-to-khul-ja 97.Psychinzy 178.gabbar-vskalia 259.Sai_dessa_meu
21.kabtn_zedan 98.-FIEL- 179.Gasparzinho--- 260.SANTACLAUS
22.GaMe__0vER 99.CHOCOLA 180.getS------- 261.sfbsbd
23.process-done 100.LEEO 181.GhostSoldiers 262.sharpie4
24.SaKura_Ypsuit 101.totla 182.gimnasio_roman 263.SHUTUP
25.langiru 102.shad 183.Girls-Of-War 264.Sleman
26.ace-number17 103.lok-lok3 184.GODFATHER 265.SniperShots
27.kavad-door 104.6Mr-Pickles6 185.GODS 266.SOBRENATURAL_X
28.-_NoMore_- 105.SuicideSquad 186.HD12 267.Sua-Explorador
29.SMASHINGSKULLS 106.troll-warlord 187.Hiro_Mashima 268.Sucodefruta
30.jHEVZhi 107.amrud 188.Holiwood 269.TheDestructive
31.shaddy_dizm 189.Hungria 270.theoneandonly
32.MisaoImposivel 109.Usman 190.Hungria- 271.ThereIsNoMercy
33.attacker 110.TASNEEEM 191.HXK3 272.They-are-pros_
34.OverIS-Big 111.----RCS---- 192.i-needgotoilet 273.tvist
35.P2daLaVolan 112.--3l4CK-- 193.ice_lion 274.Unluck-always
36.hell-is-kill 113.--BRASIL-- 194.ID_IE_IN_IN 275.Urso
37.Slasher 114.--Richoset-- 195.igota6666- 276.VC-BEBEU-S-POD
115.-Alone- 196.iKSA 277.vejurkas
Round 2: 116.-duos- 197.IlikeArt 278.VERTIGEM
38.KOS_AMO 117.-Feelguk- 198.IRON_Man 279.Vietnam_Pro
39.SMALLVILLE2017 118.-Honda_CB600F- 199.Ja-Volto-E 280.VilelaKaique
40.JustForTrade 119.-iTzMarijuana2 200.JacquEsme 281.vlw_Por_nd
41.noob-always 120.-SUPER-HOMEM- 201.Jader_Renan_BR 282.W-weO-onlyG--
42.-Silencer- 121.-YPSUIT-ROX- 202.jamber 283.webkit
43.-SET- 122.1234512345 203.Janeiro 284.WhatsApp------
44.annya 123.1995 204.JH_Heller 285.Ws3_to_BuSS
45.charmacmaan 124.2008-2019 205.JuanDi_1408 286.XtremeCrew
46.RACIONAIS_MX 125.47SOUL 206.Khaleesi 287.XX-ANAS-XX
47.Hells_Warrior 126.5-star 207.kiillerforever 288.XXT-----------
48.Inmortal 127.ABU_ZAIDD 208.KIKSTYO 289.xxtitanesxx
49.mistake 128.ACTIONSTAR 209.KIMERA 290.X_GOLIAS_XD_TH
50.i-will-do-it 129.aloaloa 210.Kirara-------- 291.Yana_Toboso
51.poster-boys 130.alt4 211.Kuroko_Tetsuya 292.YellowLedbette
52.7-star 131.AmoRePaZ 212.Latvian2 293.yFAKE
53.govind-gandya 132.Android-18 213.lBl4ck 294.YoGui
54.jirenvsgoku 133.Android-19 214.Legend69 295.ypsuit2013
55.BOSS 134.AssasinCreedIV 215.LEI-DO-RETORNO 296.Yubel---------
56.WORLD-CUP 135.Assassin 216.lklklk 297.yyyyyyyyyyyyy
57.-_Marcos_- 136.AUTOMATIC 217.lll---NB---lll 298.ZEDEDROX
58.-C2A-ATACKS- 137.A_HORIBLE_DEAD 218.lllll----lllll 299.ZzZzzZz
59.H-N-D 138.BABY--NOOB 219.Luiza 300.Z_2aKo5_z
60.zakmen 139.BABY_COOL 220.MarcusVinicius 301._DESTRUIDOR_
61.BoomPack 140.bahubali 221.Masashi 302._duos_
62.Business-Man 222.millonarios 303._HeLL-RaIsEr_
63.DOTA2 142.Becker 223.miss_univers_ 304._SAKURA_DX
64.misko 143.Bhuzzi 224.Monkey-D-Luffy 305._TIO_WIILL_
65.DARK_BOYS-Neco 144.BigZobor 225.Moskan
66.V-I-P 145.BIOLOGIA 226.Mystic_Falls
67.YukiNagato 146.Black-Hole-Sun 227.My_BaCk_AgAiN
68.polar_bear 147.Bleach2014 228.Naataaleeh


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For What?
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