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 Summary of tournament hosted on Oct 23 2017
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Oct 23 2017 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 47.X-CLE 104.-NO_FAKE- 163.LUCE
1.KOS_AMO 48.Ro_ManD 105.-Sorry- 164.M3ZBHOM
2.PABLO_ESCOBAR 49.Castiell 106.-_MiyaGi_- 165.maldito-casher
50.-L_Modric-RM- 107.-_SELECT_- 166.Marcelo_RM
Round 7: 51.-Av_An- 108.-_TEDDY_- 167.Me_Nuub
3.chumbo-2 52.TeLeNeStI 109.16082000 168.Monkey-D-Luffy
53._Batman_Pula_ 110.47SOUL 169.MonyDreamer
Round 6: 54._C-R-7_R-M_ 111.86-ProToTyp-86 170.Moskan
4.UNKNOWN 55._ISCO_ 112.Ageless 171.MyiaGi
5.rivaille 56.NightKiller 113.AL-CATEL 172.Naataaleeh
57.igota6666- 114.Angel-Of-Death 173.Newbie
Round 5: 58.GooGlee 115.AprendiZ 174.noisbr
6.8BALL-POOL 59.Hungria- 116.Arts_Player 175.Nokia
7.ArcticMonkeys 60.Pure-Power 117.Asensio 176.nordina
8.3a3a3a3 61._She-Devil_ 118.Assassin 177.Nyx_
9.WISE 62.Nicolle 119.atena- 178.Overhall
63.Weed 120.Avdalean_Noric 179.Palestine
Round 4: 64.--DUBZinho-- 121.axeler8 180.PALESTINE-
10.Pryzga 65.AUTOMATIC 122.Backham23 181.pedro123
11.Quasar 66.HXK3 123.BadGirl 182.pffomgyeah
12.EPONA 67.PROMETHEUS73 124.balantayse 183.PoleStar
13.Donky 68.kabtn_zedan 125.Blade 184.PRINCE-DREAMS
14.Spyware 69.NedStark 126.Blow 185.PUPPET
15.-_JVC_- 70.-GodismyFather 127.BobMarley 186.RainMaker_
16.Bieber 71.inutwo 128.CaboRivaille 187.Rapist
17.ThereIsNoMercy 72.Legend69 129.CristalGems 188.REALIDAD
73.Meyer 130.Dariukas 189.Remembers_
Round 3: 74.NUMBER39UTOPIA 131.DARK_BOYS-Neco 190.RoronoaZoroo
18.-Trinity- 75.Royal 132.Deutchland 191.sandra
19.-_KRAK3RZ_- 133.Easy-Hide 192.SENTIDOS
20.Aleman Round 1: 134.Elez 193.SHUTUP
21.The_Ripper 76.1VIP 135.fiesco1 194.STEEL
22.killer2018 77.truman 136.FiveFive 195.SWAGYOLO
23.Ema_87 78.HaveABreak 137.Foxy 196.Taste
24.TASNEEEM 79.Mind 138.Frizer 197.TheDestructive
25.--3l4CK-- 80.Sp0NgEbO0B 139.FyAhBwOy 198.TheReturn
26.BigZobor 81.GaMe__0vER 140.Ghitler 199.THE_END-
27.Nisekoi 82.kolba 141.Ghitler_i_cio 200.Tomka
28.lBl4ck 83.---------- 142.gimnasio_roman 201.TrafalgarLaw
29.Hello_BOY 84.-Polegar- 143.GOD-JOFER 202.tvist
30.decoconcafred 85.ABU_ZAIDD 144.GokuSon 203.Usman
31.RA2D_and_TARI9 86.Instinct 145.Hay_Ghidra 204.VilelaKaique
32.Dilsin 87.concafreddeco 146.HELLOFCELL 205.VoB0LoK95
33.-Honda_CB600F- 88.HighLander 147.HEROFORKILL 206.Wihdate
34.NUMBER15PUPPET 89.Tangalanga 148.Heron 207.XtremeCrew
35.Pai-Chumbo 90.Dididinha 149.Hoopi 208.xX-Source-Xx
36.Vietnam_Pro 91.-C2A-ATACKS- 150.IlikeArt 209.XXKILLERXX
92.LaurisMorzinho 151.INSANE 210.xxtitanesxx
Round 2: 93.21112312313 152.IRON_Man 211.zedthomas
37.Stun_-_Boy 94.Marskman 153.Jacare 212._0_Orange_0_
38.seryn 95.tankers 154.Justice 213._BatMan_
39.AmoRePaZ 96.-YouTube- 155.Khaleesi 214._HeadHunter_
40.-King-HEBRON- 97.Business-Man 156.L-oo0oo-k 215._HeLL-RaIsEr_
41.-_The_Extensi_ 98.Jinx 157.lalala 216._Legendary_ST_
42.-_Taquaril_- 99.WORLD-CUP 158.LevTolstoi 217._RIDERS_
43.Skin-O-Meter 100.-ADA- 159.lexik
44.Reliquia 101.-Ayres 160.lida
45.NUMBER06ATLANT 102.-Dangerous- 161.lolitsmeagain
46.CrackToxic 103.-EFES- 162.looooool2014

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