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 Summary of tournament hosted on May 12 2017
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on May 12 2017 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 150000E + 0 artifacts of rank 1 for level 0
2nd place prize 75000E + 0 artifacts of rank 1 for level 0
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 56.InteligentFool 120.Becker 186.Olha---Bobo_l_
1.TheUndertaker 57.Yamaha-MT16 121.BEEboomb 187.onlyG--
2.Hagrid 58.-xXskrilexX- 122.BIOLOGIA 188.Osidis
59.aTube--- 123.Black-Hole-Sun 189.Oustore
Round 6: 60.baruc018 124.body555 190.parzinho---
3.Unknow 61.divina 125.BruNinhAAAA 191.pedro123
62.Easy-Hide 126.Casper 192.PLaYBoYS-
Round 5: 63.Falsas-corais 127.Caterine 193.Play_For_Real
4.Psychinzy 64.GirlKennenBr 128.Clash---Gunrox 194.Psychic
5.T0mka 65.pacato 129.Cobras-corais 195.Pure-Power
6.BaarBuDoo 66.PENELANDIA 130.Code_Geass 196.r-carlos
67.Slasher 131.concafreddeco 197.Rei-Supremo
Round 4: 68.Winchester_ 132.CyberCaliPhate 198.Rgwer
7.Malek 69.Xx_astros_xX 133.D-Gray_man 199.ROCAMPE
8.Nisekoi 70._D-D_ 134.DangerIsback 200.rosa_venenosa
9.RAZOR 135.daniela 201.sandra
10.-Dangerous- Round 1: 136.Daowd-Is-Back 202.sdsdfsdfsdf
11.HalaMadrid 71.Inferno 137.Dariukas 203.SemRumo
12._--_-_- 72.decoconcafred 138.Demon--------- 204.SenhorDoAnel
13.Business-Man 73.-Trinity- 139.DerrickJohnson 205.serberker
14.MaxAir 74.-_SELECT_- 140.de_Ge 206.Slade-Wilson
15.Lamp 75.saske 141.Dididinha 207.Somber
76.Special_World 208.Store
Round 3: 77.---VINICIUS--- 143.ENKORD-Girlx 209.Sua-Explorador
16.3-DoomBringers 78.-GotProblem- 144.eslam-elgamal1 210.TaataGirL
17.Infantry 79.Xenomorph 145.FAMINTA 211.Ta_bom--------
18.Ro_ManD 80.-Sorry- 146.Fevereiro 212.The-Bad-Boys
19.Fissure 81.red_xxxx 147.FIRST-KNIGT 213.TheDeathView
20.KaRiM-GaMeR 82.The-ReAL_BROs 148.FullRoX 214.TheNickIfTime
21.DOTA2 83.WORLD-CUP 149.funny-all-time 215.ThereIsNoMercy
22.Tomka 84.arkivos 150.Gasparzinho--- 216.TIGGER
23.WeedSmoker 85.the_two_killer 151.Godly 217.TimeForKings
24.Muslim-forover 86.-COLOMBIA2017 152.GodMod 218.uauauuauua
25.ABU_ZAIDD 87.FAKEnoob 153.H-N-D 219.Unluck-always
26.golden_knife 88.Havana 154.Hack 220.VampireDiaries
27.DEATHRIDER1 89.nipe 155.HARD-Fighter-1 221.vbdfgsdfghd
28.RISE-OF-NIGHT 90.Will-_-Try 156.Harry_Potter_ 222.VC-BEBEU-S-POD
29.Taste 91.__-IPPO-__ 157.Hiro_Mashima 223.VERTIGEM
30.NightKiller 92.AUTOMATIC 158.HISTORY 224.Vietnam_Pro
93.pasta 159.igota6666- 225.vlw_Por_nd
Round 2: 94.truman 160.ImNaKeD777 226.W-weO-onlyG--
31.Assassin 95.MonyDreamer 161.I_Love_Pizza-- 227.webkit
32.Ema_87 96.getS------- 162.Ja-Volto-E 228.WhatsApp------
33.Elez 97.----RCS---- 163.Janeiro 229.Ws3_to_BuSS
34.HXK3 98.--TridenT-- 164.KIMERA 230.X-Soto-Sm-X
35.TheDestructive 99.-Biel- 165.Kirara-------- 231.XCHACALX
36.FairyTale 100.-Im--_--Pro-1- 166.kohhamo 232.XX-ANAS-XX
37.-__nameles__- 101.-katana- 167.Lampardo 233.xXSotoSmXx
38.died 102.-Machetee- 168.lklklk 234.XXT-----------
39.RA2D_and_TARI9 103.-Outpost 169.lll---NB---lll 235.xXxG0ldxXx
40.anderson-sett 104.-Pokemon- 170.lllll----lllll 236.Yana_Toboso
41.SpaceMan 105.-Snorroo17- 171.Lobisomem 237.YoGui
42.-ClassicB- 106.-SoniC- 172.Luiza 238.Yubel---------
43.GOLD_COBRA 107.-Win 173.Lunatic 239.yyyyyyyyyyyyy
44.Documento 108.-_-acidente-_- 174.manoel 240._-Destiny-_
45.pelo 109.-_-Paulo 175.Masashi 241._COLOMBIA2017_
46.clipes 110.4TeCH 176.masculino 242._Epur_Si_Move_
47.navegador 111.abbnbbdnnrnnei 177.Mc_Lon 243._HeadHunter_
48.Deutchland 112.alt4 178.MonkeyDLuffy 244._HeLL-RaIsEr_
49.RQ170 113.An_Apple 179.MrSmith 245._jack_
50.miss_univers_ 114.arranhado 180.Mystic_Falls 246._MC-PRETINHO_
51.1VIP 115.AssasinCreedIV 181.Night-light 247._Snorroo17_
52.GlocKill 116.ATMA 182.NooBFAKE
53.can-beat-me 117.axeler8 183.NoRM420
54.Nyx_ 118.BAD- 184.oioioioioioioi
55.-Katii 119.BadGirl 185.okouchi

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