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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jun 18 2016
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jun 18 2016 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 54.Black-Hole-Sun 116.ahmed 180.Luiza
1.SPEClAL 55.Clash--------- 117.AlissonIsNoob 181.magelan55
2.TIGGER 56.Code_Geass 118.AlqaeDirection 182.Masashi
57.Demon--------- 119.Avalanche 183.Mystic_Falls
Round 6: 58.-B-A-T-M-A-N- 120.Barman 184.NICKIMINAJ
3.--P0STER-- 59.RafaMonster 121.baroNe 185.NotEpic
4.de_Ge 60.Basher 122.batchata 186.oioioioioioioi
61.Bc_Ultimate 123.biiiiii 187.okouchi
Round 5: 62.FuZioN 124.Bleach2014 188.Olha---Bobo_l_
5.PeaceAndLove 63.Winchester_ 125.BornToDie 189.onlyG--
6.-VacaFazMuuuh 64.Salamantra 126.CamtasiaStudio 190.Oustore
7.CoOkIeS 65.-_-TeamKinq-_- 127.Casper 191.parzinho---
8.ATMA 66._-_walnut_-_ 128.Caterine 192.PLaYBoYS-
9.-_iranian_- 67.noisbr 129.CD-ENKORD 193.Play_For_Real
10.Ambienta 68.FFFFFF555 130.coringa-- 194.Potato
69.hushahush 131.d7d7aa3 195.Protokill_
Round 4: 70.Klaidonis 132.d7d7_ksa 196.Pti4ka
11.NeVeRmOre 71.LinkemEBuona 133.d7ooom 197.r-carlos
12.__--Dumb--__ 72.Ta_bom-------- 134.Damon 198.RanK-I-Tank-I
13.-ordnajelA- 73._ThE_pRo_ 135.Dani998_4_Ever 199.Rei-Supremo
14.Lamborghinii 136.DeathWhinsper 200.Relax_man
15.-Win Round 1: 137.Destrok 201.rey-wolf17
16.rivaille 74.Cethic 138.dfafafasf 202.Rgwer
17.BLACK_JACK 75.Selvagem 139.dhooom2011 203.S-G-LL-RR-J-
18.DanPaine 76.goodluky 140.Download-CoC 204.sai_dai
19.GAMBLE 77.LiveLikeJay 141.Dragon-Negro 205.Sai_dessa_meu
78.iUri 142.Drakee 206.Sawlord1993
Round 3: 79.T0BBY 143.Drako 207.SemRumo
20.-leke-leke- 80.Athena 144.DriveMyCrazy 208.SenhorDoAnel
21.WaleeD_17 81.Infern 145.dsvds 209.sfbsbd
22.SUPER-VEEGUETA 82.My_Lovers_Brot 146.EdWin-RiVeRa 210.Silienced-Nr2
23.-_-AnDerSon-_- 83.KingJames- 147.EfsaneePRINCE 211.SOhSeiQFoiASIM
24.CooperFamily 84.--Ca-p-c-o-Om- 148.ElReyki86 212.SPEEDRACER
25.Clash---Gunrox 85.body555 149.EromEmDeef 213.Stop_This
26.SUCK 86.joker2015 150.FAMINTA 214.Sua-Explorador
27.mojtaba_iran 87.__Toxic__ 151.fasdfsdf 215.SuPeR_LoBa_Maa
28.Tomka 88.Sinna 152.Fevereiro 216.Taafim
29.AnonImouS 89.TUUNHYI 153.FIRST-KNIGT 217.Takahashi
30.VOYAGER 90.RTS_ 154.Gasparzinho--- 218.TitaNique
31.Kraven 91.HalaMadrid 155.getS------- 219.uauauuauua
32.Dr-Octopus 92.killerrrrrrrrr 156.grave_digger 220.Urso
33._-REAPER-_ 93.YELLA 157.gribo4ek 221.Vai-Toma
34.Mozilla 94.-Bugs-Bunny- 158.GUNROXER2014 222.VC-BEBEU-S-POD
35.Levi 95.-L0q- 159.HD------------ 223.VERTIGEM
36.alt4 96.Andrius321 160.HelloMyNameIs 224.Vila-TCP
37.Amantida 97.Gocciole 161.Hiro_Mashima 225.vlw_Por_nd
98.----RCS---- 162.holauqehace 226.W-weO-onlyG--
Round 2: 99.---smile--- 163.II_-tochka-_II 227.webkit
38.Psychinzy 100.--Friv-- 164.II_Corrup_II 228.WhatsApp------
39.DASH 101.-ADRYAN- 165.Ja-Volto-E 229.XXT-----------
40.Snnop 102.-Cristianxito 166.Janeiro 230.Yana_Toboso
41.-Outpost 103.-Danielita 167.Jihad-Xpress 231.YellowLedbette
42.NYCD 104.-G0dSofh3ll- 168.JiMmY_NeUtRoN 232.YoGui
43.Valentiin 105.-GodismyFather 169.JustHeart 233.Young_Money
44.-_ATES_- 106.-GunzIsBack- 170.kati 234.Yubel---------
45.ghalb2015 107.-McCatra- 171.KIMERA 235.yyyyyyyyyyyyy
46.Countdown 108.-Polegar- 172.Kirara-------- 236.Zabady
47.GooGlee 109.-SKIDROW 173.KORINA 237.Zlatan
48.-TrustNobody- 110.-Trinity- 174.Lamp 238._Beer_
49.I-win-u 111.-VERDAD- 175.lklklk 239._SELECT_
50.Elez 112.-Xx__-TR-__xX- 176.lll---NB---lll
51.-Gamer-007- 113.-_-_--_-_--_-_ 177.lllll----lllll
52.MAGNATAA 114.01_-LJ-_01 178.Lobisomem
53.BIOLOGIA 115.1------------1 179.LOSE


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Cash Shop

Toxicity Fake Fame!
by Facundo at 10:16 PM
King555 Faker !
by RedMonster at 02:48 PM
Why BAn me in FAME???
by TheRing at 08-16-2017 09:09 PM
Cash Problem.
by BaltazaR at 08-16-2017 08:49 AM
Taquaril 2 Fake Fame!!
by --_DUB_-- at 08-15-2017 12:37 AM
Is the server up?
by -Rogue- at 08-09-2017 03:19 AM
-SwEeT-HeBrOn- noob faker
by The-ReAL_BROs at 08-08-2017 05:53 PM
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