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 Summary of tournament hosted on Aug 1 2015
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Aug 1 2015 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 82.-Philips- 129.LALALALA
1.IDONTCARE 38.-Safadao- 83.-swag- 130.LarsMaster52
2.Komaroff 39.rApId 84.-Trinity- 131.lebledart
40.Donkey 85.-VacaFazMuuuh 132.Leo_L
Round 6: 41.hanks 86.-Xx__-TR-__xX- 133.lIXxMorTexXIl
3.Vodka4life 42.XWarriorsBoysX 87.-_-LORD-_- 134.Loco
43.TheGamingPub 88.-_-PauLInha0lO 135.lool
Round 5: 44.Xx_FURIOZOS_xX 89.-_-PERU-_- 136.LUKYER
4.gvhvgyvb 45.AM4_20NIA 90.-_BratZ_- 137.M3ZBHOM
5.-R3V0LUCI0N- 46.BeeProFull 91.-_DUTCH_- 138.Manuelsterson
47.PinkyGunzZ 92.-_iranian_- 139.Muslim-forover
Round 4: 48.DanPaine 93.-_ThePlayer_- 140.neco
6.Countdown 49.Pure-Power 94.656565665 141.NoRM420
7.-R3V0LUTI0N- 50.jimaras 95.Alien66 142.PANIC
8.______-_- 51.eldorado 96.amilia2011 143.Pipoca
9.iranian 52.Fenix 97.Athenas 144.Play_For_Real
10.-Chaves- 53.lllilillililli 98.Avira 145.Ringer
11.Karinne 54.l_C_C 99.axeler8 146.Sarokh
12._-AnDr3A-_ 55.my_noob 100.bilikpet 147.sasan
13.Hiron-Man 56.PauNoSeuLanche 101.bilikpeterSVK 148.SayGoodBye
14.mojtaba_iran 57.Perdi 102.bilipet 149.Sereen18
103.bilpet 150.sincara
Round 3: Round 1: 104.Bringer 151.Smolk
15.Rude 58.SuicideSeason- 105.buterflayred 152.SomssGuerrers
16.SeeItAllBefore 59.____iPhone____ 106.Cangaceiro-- 153.ssssssssssssss
17.Unkown 60.Ulitmatekill3r 107.Casper 154.super-francais
18.LOSE 61.DARK7 108.compinche 155.the_rising
19.EsK-lOnEs 62.Dinger 109.cozmina2011 156.Time-Of-Dead
20.Silienced-Nr2 63.deathtime2 110.DONT-TRY 157.Toth
21.-McCatra- 64.Peace_And_Love 111.dumbass 158.tyroleutopgun
22.ISIS 65.yInDoNesiaa 112.emil2011 159.vXv_aliGator
23.semeon 66.TropaDeElite__ 113.fanaticoo 160.xXMALDICIONXx
24.Master-Card 67.Isa-DeTona 114.Fisher 161.xXxXxhosamXxXx
25.-_NEW_NECK_- 68.P4N1C0 115.fodeuse 162.Xx_astros_xX 69.ROCAMPE 116.forrest-gump 163.xX_Mystc_Xx
27.ooYE1S0Noo 70.Drogado 117.GameOfThrones- 164.YouDontSay
28.asdasdasdasd2 71.D-Delindo 118.guffi 165.Zetrero
72.----zkijzo---- 119.HeartOfCourage 166.zzzzzzzz
Round 2: 73.-11114 120.hell-will-kill 167.Z_SWAMPY_Z
29.Chiellini 74.-Alone- 121.iCuinn 168._-Capitan-_
30.-SantaCruz- 75.-Biel- 122.iLove 169._-MR_Bean-_
31.pocollo 76.-Diamondz- 123.ImNaKeD777 170._keeplive
32.xDarknesDx 77.-Feelguk- 124.InTeReSTiNG 171._Makakinho
33.Diamond 78.-la-pantera- 125.irvins 172._MEGA_
34.Stalin2015 79.-Mateus_TERROR 126.John_Rambo 173.___c5___
35.NewBorn 80.-New_Boys- 127.king-nuked-ilo
36.Oxcide 81.-NoCry 128.koussay

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