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 Summary of tournament hosted on Aug 17 2014
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Aug 17 2014 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 36.SHoT-Boom-Dead 80.-Rafael 126.megafox
1.SmashAndGrab 37.Juuh 81.-_-DRuNKS-_- 127.MELHORCLANTOXI
2.Manuela 38.Lstyz 82.AbCacBacb 128.Mighty_Muslim
39.X-xKilLeRx-X 83.ak47---------- 129.MisakiYoko
Round 6: 40.-__Vdablio__- 84.amgd 130.MRFALLOUTFAN
3.Weak_Soldier 41.xav_russ 85.amged 131.MUHANNAD-KSA
42.-Time_Zer0-Win 86.Banned 132.MyLove
Round 5: 43.Chingy 87.Bardock 133.newboys2013
4.GamaRay 44.Dark-Lord 88.BaTTeRy_ArMoR 134.NVYK
5.-Urban- 45.DioSTeAmAMucho 89.bjk1903 135.PAU_Gelado
6.kill0wat 46.LinkinPark 90.BlackShot 136.plaker
47.Lmfao 91.Bulgaria 137.Powerless
Round 4: 48.mc_eltin 92.CHARITY 138.Pr0_BuLLeT
7.WinterSoldier 49.Spetnaz- 93.Chemophobia 139.RAYA
8.-Made4Fame- 50.trumans 94.DanceCrewBoom 140.ReturnOfKinG
9.gorkiBazZz 51.X-Sexy-Girl-X 95.died5 141.Revoliution
10.WORM 96.DRAGON_MODE_NL 142.reyirving
11.AgGeLiKi Round 1: 97.duha 143.SirSnelys
52.T-I-T____H 98.El_asesinador 144.SofiaValentina
Round 3: 53._I_Need_Clan_ 99.Ema87 145.sonia2012
12.MaganyosHarcos 54.d7oom_the_king 100.enois555 146.Spidy_boy
13.Victor 55.ManiaBR 101.F3ar50m3_T1g3r 147.Spurs20
14.-genival- 56.--Assassins-- 102.fAithless 148.THENEWFALLOUT
15.0o-DuMal-o0 57.-slon- 103.FeeLTheDie 149.TinchoX
16.MyFamilyGunrox 58.Kuroyukihime 104.FK_UP-NICKA 150.Titansjhj
17.-D4NG3R- 59.KingToxic 105.frankenstein 151.variant-3bis
18.Titanium 60.---NoFear--- 106.iGamer 152.vidavaleria
19.hoggabaz 61.-_P0K3R_F4C3_- 107.Illusion 153.vitors2
20.__Terere__1 62.WET-BACKS 108.iLoveRuSh 154.WeedMan_II
21.-P0WER_KIllER- 63.fredconcadeco 109.indo 155.Will
22.Latvian-- 64.Grim-Reaper 110.Intensity 156.X-Kartos-X
23.the_swmapy 65.Oblivion 111.IWillSurvive 157.XTHERMINATORX
66.the-world 112.I_Gunrox_Lover 158.xx_boys_xx
Round 2: 67.-_paulo_- 113.J-A-M 159.ZEROGOOD
24.Haborym 68.Danish 114.Just4fun2014 160.zezoi
25.zumba 69.iTunes 115.karli 161._Heineken
26.ZomBieMan 70.---PB--- 116.KbeR_AL_3rB 162._I_LoL_
27.NoMoreHeros 71.--Akatzuk1-- 117.KILLERMASHINE 163._PiNGoOo_
28.SKAP 72.--DaNgErS-- 118.KodummuSitDown 164._SAW_
29.Jubs- 73.-AvengerS- 119.Kratos_- 165._stolen_
30.REff-pega 74.-Bo0M- 120.LehPatric 166._THE_TANK_
31.gjghjg 75.-DeathKinG- 121.Lestplay 167._Tournament_
32.-_Nike_- 76.-I-LIN_CON-I- 122.LINING
33.yousef_sssssss 77.-iPr0J3ct- 123.Madara-Ochiha
34.The-Avenger 78.-LaZeR- 124.Mad_TurK
35.-Arcanjo- 79.-N-I-N-J-A- 125.Malti

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