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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jul 11 2014
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jul 11 2014 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 55.Blind 118.Canserbero 183.Mr_Yi
1.Hippo 56.Haborym 119.Captain_Crazy 184.nabed20142014
2.ArtMacedonian_ 57.hamada555 120.Cilocybe 185.opaas
58.Illusion 121.Claymore 186.opppss
Round 6: 59.The-_-BesT 122.Cri_Sti_AnO 187.OuSaMaBenLadeN
3.-_Sniper-Kid_- 123.d7ooom 188.PaDaLeCkI
4.-__Vdablio__- Round 1: 124.DaBoom 189.PewDiePie
60.Xx_astros_xX 125.DaRk-LoRd-2 190.Possuidooooooo
Round 5: 61.PADILHA 126.Death_Maker 191.Pure_Drips
5._-RiOT-_ 62.koussay2013 127.dhooom2011 192.qwer123
6.StrategicGod 63.Oblivion 128.DutchBag 193.RaZoR_Fire
7.Bastards 64.DarkAngel 129.EviL_HoMeleSS 194.reff_S01
8.-_iranian_- 65.-BroFist- 130.F0D4-S3 195.Rgwer
66.Killer_Mystery 131.FARINHA 196.Samurai-X
Round 4: 67.Bilico12 132.fe9l_502 197.sara
9.zy0s 68.KILLERMASHINE 133.Fica_Di_Boa 198.sattam1
10.Torneio 69.X-xKilLeRx-X 134.FireMan 199.Sausainis
11.kareem 70.___c5___2013 135.ForceHawk 200.SchoolOfDeath
12.tobiUchiha_xD 71.zezoi 136.Foxy 201.Scootalove
13.vidavaleria 72.Y---O---L---O 137.funny-all-time 202.SHELTER-GUY-X3 73.troleur 138.gangsta2014 203.Silent_Killer
15.hamada2012 74.BEN-10 139.gunrox2002 204.Skroutz
75.---Silenced--- 140.gunrox2012 205.SPONGE_BOB
Round 3: 76.--hbsmaninho-- 141.Gustavinho 206.SPY-32
16.zumba 77.--Oxie-- 142.HajimeNoIppo 207.SSyazanSS
17.xCAKE 78.--_EZLN_-- 143.HARD-CORE 208.SuckMyPokebals
18.-Im_Bad- 79.-5_Z3r0- 144.Hasekura 209.Taafim
19.the_two_killer 80.-Colt-Fution- 145.Heron 210.The-Killer1
20.JK-XD 81.-genival- 146.ImmortalHD 211.thebest1ksa
21.Dr_lucas 82.-GhosTLy- 147.Im_Your_Leader 212.THENEWFALLOUT
22.-Soy_LeyenDa- 83.-God_of_war-_- 148.IronMan2014 213.thiagopaceiro
23.EASY 84.-ScaRy- 149.IZABEL 214.Thirsty
24.-I-LIN_CON-I- 85.-YPSUIT-TNT- 150.i_am_the_kille 215.toxciti
25.BllackSkooll 86.-_-_alsari_-_- 151.jaysonmyfeet2 216.truman
26.iranian 87.-_0zR33vR33P_- 152.JoHn_CeNa 217.Tu-Amante
27.3baay 88.-_AHHA_- 153.JUST-Me 218.Valesca
28.SCHTRICH 89.-_BaSRaWiI_- 154.Just4fun2014 219.variant-rpg7v
29.Big-B0Os 90.-_Demons_- 155.Kage 220.Vueeei_OFF
91.-_Underworld_- 156.Kakashii 221.WWWWWWW
Round 2: 92.0Oo0OHHH0o0o0o 157.kati 222.XD-C2A-XD
30.ENKORD-BOYSXX 93.0o_INOCENTE_o0 158.KawaShina 223.XD-GROM-XD
31.Lag_Seeing 94.0_0toxicity0_0 159.kayck 224.XMikasakermanX
32.lucky-_-killer 95.1-Shot-_-_-_-_ 160.Kiirito 225.Xo-BO00IOLA
33.ElVaticano-_- 96.7-_gemzo_-7 161.LaBoom 226.xXxXxhosamXxXx
34.-_P0K3R_F4C3_- 97.aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 162.LeandroPaceiro 227.Xx_BAD_xX
35._-Saracin-_ 98.AeiOu 163.Legandry_Rc 228.Xx_Dark_xX
37.-KiNG_BaSRaWI- 100.Alexandria 165.lollvllol 230.X_mastr_-_bn_X
38._-ENKORD-_ 101.AlFredoSM 166.Los_PaDaLeCkI 231.X__Olympus__X
39.P4N1C0 102.Alien66 167.Love_Melyssa-A 232.Y0SHIMIR0
40.AnonimuS 103.alpha_boy15 168.Manterrorist 233.Yagami
41.MaganyosHarcos 104.alt4 169.marcooo4 234.Zero1111
42.Revoliution 105.angelica 170.Matematik 235.zika_do_bagui
43.Hollyray-orig 106.aNNND- 171.Mc_Bkn_Dmenor 236._-final-fhigt_
44.HardLikeRock 107.Armed 172.mc_dalesteee 237._DISGAEA_
45.gunroxteam 108.asiuhdaskd 173.Mc_Danado 238._Do0oN_
46.mati-_PL_- 109.AZ31T3 174.Mc_Kauan 239._Jah_
47.SHELT0N 110.b00yah 175.Mc_MaCoNhA 240._NiiCE-PLAY
48.Victor 111.baruc 241._NOOB_KILLER_
49._stolen_ 112.Beta-Force 177.MinoKoala 242._Winchestter
50.VilchisSF 113.bgl_doido 178.MiraiNikki- 243.__omg__
51.Fotball 114.BielBoiolaum 179.Mo-Briza-Mano
52.--BiG_BaNg-- 115.BIOLOGIA 180.Morreu_Palhaco
53.-_-mr_g_m-_-_- 116.BlackHorizont 181.Mrs_Aka
54.-_-Onlin3--_ 117.Calma_Ai 182.Mr_0


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by dylan at 04-24-2017 07:33 AM
I charged and didnt came the c...
by OBNOXIOUS at 04-21-2017 09:06 AM
Banned permanently
by plerolero157 at 04-16-2017 06:52 AM
Fake Fame
by MIRES at 04-07-2017 03:43 AM
Tips for all the players
by MAKcU at 04-11-2017 11:44 PM
I did not receive my cash
by -HercuLeZ- at 03-28-2017 09:43 AM
FAKE has a problem
by The-King at 04-05-2017 03:12 PM
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