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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jul 1 2014
Location Lost Beach
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jul 1 2014 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 6: 29.TallzBro 64.BadStayl 101.Miner
1.-D4NG3R- 30.-_-tU_PaPa-_- 65.baires_killers 102.MisakiYoko
2.-Fuzzy- 31.jim2000pao13 66.BRAlNWASHER 103.nabed
32.-_doquemano-_- 67.bshnaq3 104.NINJA-1-2-3
Round 5: 33.BlackMammba 68.Candyman 105.OldPlayer
3.gunrox2000 34.iTunes 69.Caramuru- 106.Orianna
4.SwedishMafia 35.thanosthebest 70.CarpeDiem 107.Palmeando
71.Celebration 108.plaker
Round 4: Round 1: 72.chanelteans 109.SirSnelys
5.OnlyPlayFake 36.ak47---------- 73.d7oom_the_king 110.Spurs20
6.-Time_Zer0-Win 37.-HitMan- 74.DanceCrewBoom 111.SuGaR__Love-
7.lucifer2 38._The_WINNER_ 75.Devastador 112.SWeeT_GiRL
8.Coyoacan 39.nic2015 76.died5 113.Synx
40.The_WINER 77.Ema87 114.TAPUZINA
Round 3: 41.El_asesinador 78.fredconcadeco 115.Titansjhj
9.Spetnaz- 42.Chuck 79.fredyycruger 116.trumans
10.Big-Z 43.Poseidon 80.furiadetitanes 117.valdas7
11.Gordilho 44.---Future--- 81.girl----bOSS-- 118.victory
12.MyLove 45.---PB--- 82.Grim-Reaper 119.W8PASSAT
13.-DarkBoy- 46.--Akatzuk1-- 83.gull 120.Will
14.Blood-Ravens 47.-AvengerS- 84.hashem 121.XxX-80_80-XxX
15.jaysonmyfeet 48.-Bo0M- 85.ImagineDragons 122.Xx_TheLord_xX
16.MarcosPaulo 49.-InCreatIve- 86.JENYFER_T_AMO 123.Xx__-TR-__xX
17.loukacik 50.-Kethelyn- 87.KbeR_AL_3rB 124.yousef_sssssss
18.ManiaBR 51.-Solo_Anime- 88.Latvian-- 125._-DARK_LORDS-_
52.-Urban- 89.Lazy 126._ARKANSAS_
Round 2: 53.-_Dark_Pepsy_- 90.Legendary 127._G_Y_M_
19.JYNX 54.-_You-And-Me_- 91.LEMONADA 128._I_LoL_
20.__Terere__1 55.00-Boss-00 92.Level4 129._I_Need_Clan_
21.HeyHeysolversM 56.100000000 93.Lichtenstein 130._PANICO_
22._-Hunter-_ 57.1010gabi 94.LIOTRU_CATANIA 131._R_H_C_P_
23.Reloaded 58.12300000 95.l_P01S0N_l 132._SAW_
24.Weak_Soldier 59.abody77 96.Malti 133._Tournament_
25.amged 60.Alonso 97.MaxioN 134.__DiFeReNtEs__
26.Manuela 61.Aphrodite 98.MdeGirafa
27.hoggabaz 62.AQSD 99.Micha3l_PL
28.gjghjg 63.BABY--GUN 100.Mighty_Muslim

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