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 Summary of tournament hosted on Feb 1 2014
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Feb 1 2014 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 25._-ShooTer-_ 58.-Vai_Chorar- 93.nawaf10
1.Manuela 26.TAX0 59.-__-mega-__- 94.NINJA123
2.Fala-Mais-Alto 27.Izhevsk 60.0-_mostafa_-0 95.oggy
28.-_Cristian0o_- 61.0680602878 96.OuSsAma2
Round 6: 29.Buiji 62.ABCDEFGHIJKLMN 97.O_O-LOL-O_O
3.trumans 30.-GameKinq- 63.antiTerrorism 98.Panas2011
31.ReturnOfKinG 64.Aristoteles 99.Pearl_HarbOr
Round 5: 32.Blood-Ravens 65.BEE-TrashTalk 100.Pollo
4.NightSpider 33.igotasnit888- 66.Blayck 101.REI_DAS_ARMAS
5.Vida_Loca 34.luciferoff 67.bloodvampire 102.reyirving
35.Bulgaria 68.b_i_c_o_7_6_2 103.SignaL
Round 4: 36.Soy_lueco 69.Chemophobia 104.Skrillex
6.3BEPb 37.TinchoX 70.chiki_2012_15 105.Stupid-Luckers
7.KH40SM0DE 38.Xecutioner2012 71.d7ome 106.SwedishMafia
8.---NoFear--- 39._-Hunter-_ 72.dead777 107.SWeeT_GiRL
9.-_-GoodDanm-_- 73.Devastador 108.tank_master
10.meraj Round 1: 74.DOZIK 109.TricolorSP
40.Juuh 75.Esteghlal 110.VITIMA
Round 3: 41.Costarricenses 76.Force_Black 111.voltei
11.Kardashian 42.Michals1 77.GAVIOES-RSJ 112.W8PASSAT
12.Ema87 43.-_paulo_- 78.Girl99 113.waleeed
13.Mykewazouwski2 44.c4nnoner 79.GL0ck-J3 114.woooooooooooow
14.Bad-Player 45.HIPER-VEGUETA 80.gnom 115.xHalloweeNN-
15.Force_cortes 46.kaser 81.Il_seep_lI 116.X_Olympus_X
16.Madara-Ochiha 47.--_The_BesT_-- 82.IRENKAxD 117.zmax 48.Lokinhas2 83.J-A-M 118._-The-_-End-_
18.Ichibi 49.iGeeengaR 84.Kill_Man 119._Iron_Man_
19.ItsMyLife 50.Takata 85.King_Ahmad 120._lindinha_
51.THE-KILLER2013 86.Kurama-Biju 121._maluco34_
Round 2: 52.Kubeees 87.Leader_Sandro 122._MERCY_
20.-ReAPeR- 53.Golem 88.LehPatric 123._SAW_
21.TheEasyCompany 54.Archives 89.LETSdance- 124._Tournament_
22.Sanbi 55.--Akatzuk1-- 90.maksimsk1
23.DaYz 56.--MiniJegue-- 91.miniman_7
24.bshnaq3 57.-DarkNess 92.MRFALLOUTFAN

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