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 Summary of tournament hosted on Nov 2 2013
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Nov 2 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 28.BEANERS 64.matt1997 102.hoggabaz
1.Manuela 29.Happy 65.CHARITY 103.Karen
2.-_-B33Nice-_- 30.Powerless 66.liNewFullil 104.KbeR_AL_3rB
31.DuckKnight 67.---DE1DARA---- 105.kbuto
Round 6: 32.DuaneIsBack 68.--grom-- 106.KILLER-FRIENDS
3.LuckyOne 33.TUOBABBO 69.--PLaYBoYs-- 107.LoONeY_TuNes
34.IM-TOO-SWELLY 70.--Yakuza-- 108.Macklemore
Round 5: 35.asterix 71.--YODAIME-- 109.NightSpider
4.SigmaForce 36.Pranasas 72.-HackeR- 110.Optnus
5.-LOVE- 37.LEMONADA 73.-I-KICK-U-AS- 111.pacMAN
38.Miniture 74.-ll-Grillo-ll- 112.parkourkillu22
Round 4: 39.-lamborghini- 75.-naif- 113.Phyton--
6.-Concluido- 40.BombFunk 76.-PALADINO- 114.POWER-RINNEGAN
7.X_MAD4FAKA_X_X 41.Costarricenses 77.-Stormy- 115.reyirving
8.xx_menu_xx 42.-_Cristian0o_- 78.-THE_-_END-_- 116.Sergio-3k
9.Raditz 43.EspiritoS 79.-_Gunroxak_-
10.maleante 44.I_DeaD_YoU_ 80.-__qwaszx__- 118.SoEasyForMe
45.MAESTRO-1 81.AnimeID 119.ThaJokah
Round 3: 46.maskiLLloy 82.AnjosDaNoitE 120.till_colaps-_-
11.IP-MAN 47.TodinhoO 83.arklys 121.Time2BeaTMe
12.Reacher 48._I_Need_Clan_ 84.bad-man123 122.TinchoX
13.BaDaReen1 85.BeeStyle 123.uuuu2011
14.GamaRay Round 1: 86.BEIRA-MAR 124.V3RGiiiL
15.bloodvampire 49.qwaszx12012 87.BIG-GUN_BR 125.valxelsing
16.WANTED 50.-LMAO- 88.Bl4ck_Skills 126.vgame
17.-DeathKinG- 51.FeedMeMore 89.BlestBoys 127.Violeta
18._ARSENAL_2013 52._Play_ 90.BomFuuNk 128.volt
19.home 53.kelvinkn09 91.bshnaq3 129.War-Man2011
20.Kabal_ 54.ROGUE_MASTER 92.Buitres 130.Weak_Soldier 55.LOLwwwww 93.Demon157 131.xCHOWS
22.PLAGUE 56.trumans 94.Destroyer3000 132.Xx_Dani_xX
57.mohammad_mgahd 95.DoZapSiHoZa 133.Xx_SnaK_iCe_xX
Round 2: 58.-Arg_Society- 96.EuMato_OnoObs 134._3V1L_FAC3_
23.died3 59._NEW_SPD_TITO_ 97.Faculito 135._Final_Gender_
24.Heeart 60.3INeekK-ChSeR- 98.FIRSTKNIGHT 136._Iron_Man_
25.Merveilleux 61.Aristoteles 99.gabiextreme 137._THE_TANK_
26.SWeeT_GiRL 62.wolfpack2013 100.G_LEVI_G 138.___WWEEDD___
27.--GladiatoR-- 63._-Fairy_Tail-_ 101.HARDY

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