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 Summary of tournament hosted on Oct 4 2013
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Oct 4 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 64.Ta-Bom 136.BIOLOGIA 210.Nice-Man
1.H4ckStaR 65.Vai-Toma 137.Bivik 211.Ninja-Im--Boss
2.fredconcadeco 66.Wallykw 138.brasilcopa 212.njbn
67._-So_Foda-_ 139.bruno 213.OldSnake
Round 6: 68._bneed_of_king 140.buterflayred 214.Osama_4EVER
3.3INeekK-ChSeR- 141.Cannabis 215.Outlook
4.TinaSoft Round 1: 142.Carasin 216.P402--_--RX_xX
69.Demon157 143.carinho 217.PauloOmatador
Round 5: 70.t-a-n-k 144.CASHER-xD 218.PES-
5.Freestyler 71.Dididinha 145.Cgreat 219.Piradiinha-_-
6._Play_ 72.YOMISMOO 146.CHE_RECA 220.Planta_Raiz
7.UZUM4K1-N4RUT0 73.Reff_19 147.Costarricenses 221.pocahontas
74.Plies 148.d7ooom 222.Princesa
Round 4: 75.Angelica 149.Dahme2011 223.Pro-Style
8.The-_-Ghost- 76.Piradinha 150.Dayercosita 224.qwaszx12012
9.Voldem0rt 77.------bruna--- 151.DaYz 225.r-_-k-_-o
10.died 78.---DE1DARA---- 152.dhooom2011 226.red_capeta
11.LuckyStrike 79.--Akatzuk1-- 153.drao1 227.Rgwer
12.DoTeX 80.--G-- 154.Elite 228.robin555
13.NightSpider 81.--KIRITO-- 155.el_mas_lindo 229.sai_dai
14.arklys 82.--Oxie-- 156.Ema87 230.sattam1
83.--S-E-T-T-- 157.EUsoBooM 231.sebas1030
Round 3: 84.-0MONSTER0- 158.FAMINTA 232.Select_nick_
15.lokomania 85.-5_Z3r0- 159.Fernanda 233.sem_neura
16.Magas567 86.-ABoO 160.Fire-lord 234.SeupoCpula
17.IP-MAN 87.-AP- 161.Flasher 235.sheshtos
18.concafreddeco 88.-Arg_Society- 162.FOI_FOI 236.Skroutz
19._-ThUnDeR-_ 89.-EASY-WIN- 163.ghghfghfgh 237.Skull_Crusher
20.3D---9 90.-Grediizin_ 164.Gliceu_Fofo 238.Solano
22.fe9l_502 92.-Guren- 166.God_Bless_Us 240.spider
23.THEREAPER 93.-I-LIN_CON-I- 167.gogogo555 241.stormz
24.T_I_M_B_U 94.-ILoveUBhe-10- 168.Golem 242.sugarlove
25.ihglsgdh 95.-IMinent- 169.Griegos 243.Surubeixon
26.HEBRON_SANTAR_ 96.-Im_The-DeViL- 170.Guilt 244.SWeeT_GiRL
27._ARSENAL_2013 97.-JhoOoP- 171.gvyilgugjhgj 245.T3RR0R
28.BloodGirl 98.-LoaDinG- 172.hasaan9 246.TA-DOIDA-E
29.king-of-kings- 99.-LOVE- 173.Hill-0n-Whells 247.TeenageAngst
30.NECTURNO 100.-Machetee- 174.I-Am-Cool 248.te_amo_muito
101.-NeVeRSaYByE- 175.iaguihh 249.The_Dream
Round 2: 102.-Ninja- 176.ImNaKeD777 250.the_one555
31.Sinister_Girl 103.-REF- 177.instite_blue 251.the_tournament
32.Madara-Ochiha 104.-Safadinho- 178.IRAQUE72012 252.the_two_killer
33.024corkcuhc 105.-Shelter 179.irmaodosobre 253.TitaNique
34.Merveilleux 106.-SHIZUNE- 180.i_am_the_kille 254.Titansjhj
35.El-Clan-Uchiha 107.-Sra-Offer- 181.Kasoka_Revolta 255.Tomada
36.-Urban- 108.-THE_-_END-_- 182.kauana 256.Took
37.Micheleeeeeeee 109.-YPSUIT-TNT- 183.l-l-Nacho-l-l 257.Tutaina
38.ta_ligado 110.-_-sett7-_- 184.Legandry_Rc 258.uauauuauua
39.loco_mania 111.-_-_9dade_-_- 185.leo_moura 259.Vem_logo------
40.-TheDarkKnight 112.-_Hevy_Metal_- 186.letsgoone 260.Walking-Dead
41.AsKov 113.-_Mezmerize_- 187.lll---NB---lll 261.Xx-Arenas-xX
42.THE-KILLER2013 114.-_The_Extensi_ 188.lllll----lllll 262.xXJustDanceXx
43.Xx_astros_xX 115.-__qwaszx__- 189.LoKo_No_GraL 263.XxMEXICOxX
44.Reyxxeolo 116.111fathi222 190.loly 264.XXT-----------
45._abu_skafi_ 117.3m_sub 191.Lonely_Day 265.xx_menu_xx
46.kareem 118.abu--skafi 192.Looto 266.XX_paulo_XX
47.trekker 119.abu_-_-_skafi 193.LuckyOne 267.YESTERDAY
48.Mr_Fake 120.adsdsassadadsd 194.Lucy 268.YOMISMO
49.Finisterra13 121.alt4 195.luis1232011 269.YouAreSandwich
50.-taqua- 122.Amazing-Armin 196.MakeMeHurtYou 270.Yuki
51.-_-Nice-art--_ 123.amzz_w7dh 197.maoroam 271._-FairyTail-_
52.1i1i1i1i1i1ii1 124.andrezim 198.mastar-_-_bn 272._CaRaMeLo_
53.Big_Noob 125.ANDROID_MUTANT 199.mateuszwajche 273._JBC_
54.Bofinhas 126.Anti-SH1T 200.megamente 274._Lord_King_
55.Chata--------- 127.Antihrist 201.MeGaZuNE 275._new_player_
56.decoconcafred 128.An_Apple 202.MiAmor 276._O-GaMeR-O_
57.good2013 129.aozaazz5 203.MIMMO 277._Pichola_
58.Greeks 130.AshtrayHeart 204.Mister_Boca 278._REX_
59.Hyuga 131.AtomicS 205.MrSmith 279._SilentKiller_
60.Minerva 132.bahacan 206.MrTropical 280._Vem_Que_Tem_
61.NoRM420 133.Balhaar 207.mr_the_magic
62.roock2 134.Bardock 208.Mystery
63.SexySQN 135.BEEcolony 209.n02-01


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Problem when i create the clan
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