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 Summary of tournament hosted on Aug 4 2013
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Aug 4 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 45.duy_map2012 98.-Samy- 153.JUNINHOOUW
1.Weak_Soldier 46.ReturnOfKinG 99.-Stormy- 154.Keep-you-going
2.hoggabaz 47.TargetedNoob 100.-xX_Fr33Z_Xx- 155.khkhwfhs
48.casamento_loll 101.-_-Bad-Girls-- 156.Killer-Man
Round 6: 49.goodplay 102.-_kiler_-3-1 157.King_Ahmad
3.444444441231 50.AglessIsBack 103.-__-mega-__- 158.Kiss-Ur-Ass
4.TRUE_LOVE 51.demon777 104.157555 159.KodummuSitDown
52.--MiniJegue-- 105.A-K-A_Numbers 160.Legendary
Round 5: 53.-Pica_Pau- 106.ado130 161.lostbeach
5.i_gunrockslol 54.--AVIRA-- 107.aguapanela 162.lovefatoom
6.W_T_F 55.Again 108.Akali 163.LUZAK2011pl
7.EaSyCaFe 56.alkaabi2010 109.AndiLaou 164.M-Q-M-3
57.ARMAGEDON 110.aozaazz2012 165.Manuela
Round 4: 111.ARMIN-AP 166.MaStEr
8.Fillabong 59.C_O_B_R_A_S 112.artX 167.morfeo2012
9.abu_skafi 60.dead777 113.Bananada
10.KissMyAzz 61.Gon- 114.BeHappy 169.newboys2013
11.MaBoom 62.Hero4Kill 115.Butterfly 170.P4F-Play-4-Fun
12.-TheQc245- 63.I_Gunrox_Lover 116.campeao_2013 171.Panicats
13.xX-Zika-Xx 64.jacaroa 117.carapina 172.parkourhaha
14.military2012 65.Katze 118.chiki_2012_15 173.parkourkillu22
66.P_A_K 119.CHILE 174.PersianGolf
Round 3: 67.the_terror 120.crazyspacer 175.PLAGUE
15._SAW_ 68._3V1L_FAC3_ 121.D3L3T3_l_ 176.Real_Madrid_H_
16.AsianRule 122.D4NG3R0US 177.Roland-Bakker
17.BaltazaR Round 1: 123.Deathcorp 178.Safadinha
18.Vida_Loca 69.-Nightmare-17 124.EL-HECHIZERO_1 179.Sharutis
19.---SeXxo--- 70.IamNo0Ob 125.El-Triste 180.ToXiC-BoY
20.AtOmecBety 71.basl 126.Elissa 181.TRANSFORMERS1
21.-_-Toxicity-_- 72.THE_-DEAD-_WAY 127.ElPlomero 182.TricolorSP
22.XXCADEXX11 73.Mana1 128.Erzulie 183.Triple_Shooter
23.hasone2011 74.GAVIOES-RSJ 129.Esteghlal 184.Try-To-Cry
24.ENKORD-GIRLSXX 75.xx-m-xx 130.EuMato_OnoObs 185.TuanHeRo
25.-Neelix- 76.Iam-Not-So-Bad 131.F4C3_0FF 186.Unfeigned
26.HANNIBAL 77.-_-c2a-_- 132.Fastcomeon 187.uuuu2011
27.Snorroo17 78.Aziz 133.FD-God 188.V3RGiiiL
28.hell-was-back 79.CloseD 134.feel 189.Vier-Vrienden
29.soso 80.AnimeID 135.FeeLTheDie 190.vnxlo
81.Gloton 136.FresHMeaT 191.VuNN3xT
Round 2: 82.-Krc- 137.GamaRay 192.woooooooooooow
30.T_T-7zeen-T_T 83.khiladi786 138.GaMe_0vEr 193.X-YouWillDie-X
31.Lover-POW 84.-_LOOK_AT_ME_- 139.Gaston 194._-GUNROX-_
32.TheLatvian 85.l-YaKuZa-l 140.Godly_One 195._-Muito-_
33._NooB_ 86.WWE_RULES 141.good_player 196._-Question-_
34.100000000 87.---NoFear--- 142.gorkiBazZz 197._-The_End-_
35.--So_Foda-- 88.--BlaNk-- 143.haruhi 198._-_V1D4_-_
36.Time2BeaTMe 89.-3YoN_3RaGyA- 144.Hater- 199._-_WoOoW-_-
37.grom2012 90.-Bom_Garoto- 145.helokit 200._ARKANSAS_
38.MuTaNo 91.-Burzhuy- 146.holly_fighter 201._G_Y_M_
39.lukczik 92.-Concluido- 147.iGeeengaR 202._Heineken
40.TheOlympians 93.-DarkNess 148.infernus 203._I_LoL_
41.J-A-M 94.-Hights_07- 149.IrMa_MeTrAlHa_ 204._JustClick_
42.andhrimnir 95.-ImTh3GoodOne- 150.IWillSurvive 205.___________1
43.9GAG 96.-M-A-T-A-N-O-B 151.Jake095
44._Tournament_ 97.-mYsouLMaTe- 152.Jonatas

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