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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jul 2 2013
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jul 2 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 70.CRAZYYYYYYYYYY 150.-_-Chulo-_- 232.l-YaKuZa-l
1.H4ckStaR 71.T-Rex 151.-_-gat-_- 233.lB-O-lL_lD
2.sugarlove 72.CASHER-xD 152.-_-Legion-_- 234.loco_mania
73.-Bom_Garoto- 153.-_-_9dade_-_- 235.LoKo_No_GraL
Round 7: 74.Ameba 154.-_CORINGA_- 236.losnotalokos
3.EaSyCaFe 75.BOMBA_NiKuse 155.-_LOOK_AT_ME_- 237.Lovely_Deads
76.ColdShot 156.-_Mezmerize_- 238.Lucatuk
Round 6: 77.Costarricenses 157.-_multikill-_ 239.MacBook
4._-Cr8_Fame- 78.Ema87 158.-_SpartacuS_- 240.maman
5.F4C3_0FF 79.goodplay 159.-_The_Extensi_ 241.Margret
6.-FailStyle- 80.Haborym 160.-_WarrioRGuY_- 242.matheus9
81.home 161.0Oo0OHHH0o0o0o 243.MERA-YEMASTYLE
Round 5: 82.kabtn_zedan 162.0_0toxicity0_0 244.Miuka
7.-Nightmare-17 83.letsgoone 163.3m_sub 245.MOHETA
8.-3YoN_3RaGyA- 84.LOLwwwww 164.444444441231 246.M_A_C_H_E_T_E
9.____________ 85.MmM536 165.A-M-A- 247.new_land
10.Palestine 86.o_Oa 166.A-Noa-De-Pope 248.NO0B
11.angelo2 87.POWER-RINNEGAN 167.Akatsuki_666 249.NoRM420
88.reem 168.alexis_17 250.os-tentados
Round 4: 89.SEKABOB 169.amged 251.P4F-Play-4-Fun
12.-_Sniper-Kid_- 90.SwordOFDamage 170.amzz_w7dh 252.Piradiinha-_-
13._Musicas_ 91.waelmessi 171.AndreiaBusato 253.PoiSoNouS
14.AQVAxMAN 92.wagner98 172.ArtMacedonian_ 254.Promo_Player
15.John_Rambo 93.W_T_F 173.AshtrayHeart 255.qwaszx12012
16.lokomania 94._-Fairy_Tail-_ 174.Avenger-Pro 256.qwer123
17.woooooooooooow 175.Baby_Whatever 257.Rato_velho
18.Lauch_Grenader Round 1: 176.Banned 258.raul346
19.Nuke 95.c4nnoner 177.Bee_A_Killer 259.REDZONE
20.--mutchara-- 96.SECRET2011 178.BEE_shooter 260.reis5
21.Michals1 97.Looto 179.BetaX 261.ronald0
98.inigo_martinez 180.Bivik 262.sadas
Round 3: 99._-PeerVerzo-_ 181.Bleach_SZ 263.sadssdasdds
22.-OutSiiDE 100.DYLAN_FOR_EVER 182.BloodGirl 264.Salchi
23.drao1 101.Spin_And_GO 183.buterflayred 265.Sama
24.XxX-80_80-XxX 102.Dead_Space-BR 184.C1V1K 266.sap_trap
25.Obscure-Terror 103.TRUE_LOVE 185.carinho 267.sara
26.jacaroa 104.GameSpy_Troll 186.Cgreat 268.sem_neura
27.-W0RlD-WAR-Z- 105.Snorroo17 187.charlo245 269.Serega30RUS
28.Silienced-Nr2 106.dead777 188.chrisgame1 270.Sergent_Major
29.-_King_- 107.-2SoD_2LRAFDYN 189.Clan-Leader 271.Sharas01
30.soso 108.ENKORD-GIRLSXX 190.Conquerors 272.silentwarrior
31.J-A-M 109._LoverLive_ 191.Cri_Sti_AnO 273.SkyCrowns
32._C_R_F_ 110.BA_DUM_TSS--_ 192.Croatian-boy 274.Slipknot
33.-TheBoss- 111.carlosh 193.Dabura 275.Solano
34.CHARITY 112.Korth 194.daddiadrian 276.spider
35._Darksyder_ 113.--UlTrA_3CP-- 195.Dani998_4_Ever 277.SRBIJAJocke
36.spctrum1 114.chapoguzman1 196.Devastador 278.Stupid-Luckers
37.Safadinha 115.X-YouWillDie-X 197.DraGon_BaLLL_Z 279.S_O_A_D
38.instite_blue 116.--Mad_Man-- 198.dsadsadsa2013 280.t-a-n-k
39.-GROM-POLSKA- 117.mikro 199.ElReyki_4_Ever 281.The-A-Squad
40.xxxkingxxx 118.trumans 200.ENRIPRIQUEZ 282.thedark2012
41.BMMB2011 119.megamente 201.Evolution 283.The_Legends
42.-R3V0LUTI0N- 120.__-Lukinhas-__ 202.Exodia 284.the_tournament
43.matheus_volto 121.ta_ligado 203.FailStyle2 285.TinchoX
122.te_amo_muito 204.FD-God 286.ToXiC-BoY
Round 2: 123.Bosta 205.feafw 287.vagner1995
44.-_-FunKyou-_- 124.------AUX----- 206.Force_BR 288.variant-rpg7v
45.-KingOFDeath- 125.------bruna--- 207.FORGET 289.vini2013
46.The_Avengers 126.---DE1DARA---- 208.FresHMeaT 290.VuaCa_HoaSo_1
47.-ADOLF- 127.---_------_--- 209.gogogo555 291.V_FOR_VENDETTA
48.hell-was-back 128.--B33Senin-- 210.Green_Ranger 292.Walking-Dead
49.good2013 129.--Childs-- 211.gvyilgugjhgj 293.Wallykw
50.adsdsassadadsd 130.--Fenix-- 212.harddeadguita2 294.WhaTYouThinks
51.Referencia 131.--GladiatoR-- 213.Hazard 295.wholoveGianni
52.Optnus 132.--m-o_o-n-- 214.Heron 296.YouAreSandwich
53.Gun-Shop 133.--SWAT---TEAM- 215.hima000 297.Zetrero
54.Hollyray-orig 134.-Apolo- 216.I-full-fake-I 298.Zodiak
55.-white-Knight- 135.-CrazyMonkey- 217.iEpicFabz 299._-Anne-_
56._-_R3D_-_ 136.-Desert- 218.IIEGAS 300._-_V1D4_-_
57.sheshtos 137.-Elite 219.IIIIIIIIIIIII 301._CaRaMeLo_
58.Antihrist 138.-Gamer-Girl- 220.ImNaKeD777 302._jOsHuA_
59.SeupoCpula 139.-grom-666- 221.IRAQUE72012 303._K-U-A-T_
60.Took 140.-KAMIKACI- 222.irvin 304._LiLiTH_
61.military2012_ 141.-LTU-_-ubagas- 223.iSwiix 305._NooB_
62.Rukia 142.-No0bSt1cK- 224.i_am_the_kille 306._Pichola_
63.AsKov 143.-PeRtUrBaDiTa- 225.Jake095 307._Soy_De_Elite_
64.PES- 144.-RUN- 226.Jordan 308._Tournament_
65.Cruzeiro 145.-s-h-a-r-a-s- 227.juancunha2011 309.__CILOCIBINO__
66.the_one555 146.-Sra-Offer- 228.kaja 310.___WWEEDD___
67.Xx_astros_xX 147.-Urban- 229.KiiCKzZ-GamezZ 311._____________j
68.m_g_4 148.-YPSUIT-TNT- 230.Kiss-Ur-Ass
69.need 149.-Yucaa 231.Konoha


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Zombie Outbreak

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Superstar Bodyguard

Gang Wars

Bomb that Chicken!

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Santa VS Elves

Xmas Wars
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I charged and didnt came the c...
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Banned permanently
by plerolero157 at 04-16-2017 06:52 AM
Fake Fame
by MIRES at 04-07-2017 03:43 AM
Tips for all the players
by MAKcU at 04-11-2017 11:44 PM
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