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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jun 20 2013
Location Lost Beach
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jun 20 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 26.khiladi786 60.-LaZeR- 96.Lets__G0
1.King-KSA 27.newzatan 61.-M-A-T-A-N-O-B 97.lsctospirosedo
2.GTA4 28.BlestBoys 62.-Pica_Pau- 98.M4A1-CRYSTAL
29.CD_Ghost_CD 63.-ViRuS- 99.Manuela
Round 6: 30.DeadFrontier 64.-_-Toxicity-_- 100.military2012
3.SSSSSSS- 31.IHaveLuck 65.-_CupCake_- 101.miniman_7
32.RAYA 66.-_LIBERTADOR_- 102.Narnija
Round 5: 33.Warmor_Persia 67.555l 103.NeverSayMeNooB
4.9GAG 34.-FuNk-S2 68.abdnlah 104.nois_e_foda
5.--Icarus--- 35.-L3G3NDARY- 69.adryan 105.P4R4D1S3
36.-WOTKINS- 70.andhrimnir 106.Panas2011
Round 4: 37.-_-f-b-i-_- 71.AndiLaou 107.Phyton--
6.Professional 38.Alejandro555 72.aOMe_13angmak 108.pittbull
7.Sonia 39.EL-HECHIZERO_1 73.aozaazz2012 109.PLZ_NO_4GOT_ME
8.NalbiXLaw 40.furiadetitanes 74.AQSD 110.posiblle
9.MrDoofensmirtz 41.KRYG 75.basl 111.Pr0_BuLLeT
42.LockeD 76.BaTTeRy_ArMoR 112.reyirving
Round 3: 43.To-Fast-4-YoU 77.BesT_TseB 113.Roland-Bakker
10.soso2012 78.Beta-Force 114.SandTrap_
11.---C--- Round 1: 79.chinchulancha 115.SummonedSkull
12._BACARDY_ 44.JUNINHOOUW 80.duy_map2012 116.tank_master
13.Legendary 45._I_Hate_u_ 81.El-Triste 117.Thats-So-Raven
14.-_kiler_-3-1 46.variant-tx 82.Fabio-Uchiha 118.TodinhoO
15.Xx_KINGS_xX 47.-_J0L3C_- 83.GUDESA 119.TuanHeRo
16.PureTactics 48.xXDominikXx 84.haruhi 120.Valdinhoooooow
17.-_-ULTRAS-_- 49.aguapanela 85.helokit 121.variant-3bis
18.HANNIBAL 50.xX-Zika-Xx 86.helpmehelpu 122.VuNN3xT
51.Again 87.holland 123.ZIPU
Round 2: 52.lnw-lloUnonn 88.holly_fighter 124._-N0IsY-B0y-_
19.MasterYi 53.Rock-Malboa 89.iGeeengaR 125._Endou_Mamoru_
20.-----___----- 54.___MeC___ 90.Karpatia2 126._G_Y_M_
21.X_GROM_X 55.0maromar 91.kepasaAmigo 127.__CICPC__XD__
22.GoBLin-Leader 56.millene 92.khkhwfhs 128.___________1
23.-TheQc245- 57.Rock_And_Roll 93.Killer-Man
24.Bad_Game 58.---_Aphrodite_ 94.l1l1l10o00o0oo
25.1ST_ 59.-DeaThBarrOn- 95.Leader_Sandro

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