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 Summary of tournament hosted on Mar 26 2013
Location Lost Beach
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Mar 26 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 10
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 10
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 55.DESERTER 118.AnjosDaNoitE 183.loveguonrox
1.Krejzolka2 56.Goltara 119.Aristoteles 184.LuckyOne
2._-RiOT-_ 57.IIEGAS 120.Avenger-Pro 185.Madara-Ochiha
58.joepjekoppenol 121.A_HORIBLE_DEAD 186.maman
Round 6: 59.lietuvis 122.backyardigans 187.Marvelous_Mike
3.Referencia 60.MOHETA 123.Bad_Game 188.MIMMO
61.PSIHOPAT 124.BAD_GIRLS 189.MrSmith
Round 5: 62.Rock-Malboa 125.Bardock
4.Manuela 63.ToXiC-BoY 126.Belgian_army 191.MyLittlePonys
5.----MuTcHa--- 64.Ulitmatekill3r 127.bereta6665 192.my_last_chance
6.Dark----- 193.Nasargiel
Round 1: 129.big_notorious 194.nawaf-----ksa
Round 4: 65.BEFriendS 130.Bomber_girl 195.poludurok
7.Time_To_Kill 66.-_The_Extensi_ 131.Bosta 196.pritt
8.Waszak 67.MATIIIIIII 132.BUNGiE 197.Quiksilver
9.khkhwfhs 68.sara-cin 133.Busemeyer 198.RAYYAN10
10._Bulldog_ 69.-BOurman- 134.buterflayred 199.RAYYAN9
11.SneakySniper 70._JustClick_ 135.carasin 200.RealMad
12.As_Empreguetes 71.ThE-JoKeR 136.CHARITY 201.redtube123
13.9GAG 72.Bibi 137.Colt 202.reyirving
14.Dididinha 73.iGeeengaR 138.concafreddeco 203.Rock_And_Roll
74.-white-Knight- 139.Cueto--------- 204.ronald0
Round 3: 75.loquendo 140.Dabura 205.saci_perere
15.-Lets__Go- 76.-_-PauLInha0lO 141.DANGER_itsback 206.SArAcInS
16.-Ready-To-Kill 77.demon777 142.Dani998_4_Ever 207.Sawlord1993
17.2B_or_not2B 78.fifi_baby 143.Death_Maker 208.ScotlandYard
18.d7ooom 79.YESTERDAY 144.decoconcafred 209.seryn
19.---W--- 80.matheus19 145.delfi 210.sheshtos
20.-lp0w3r-glrlI4 81.---Nikolas--- 146.Devastador 211.ShinichiKD
21.NeverSayEver 82.---ToXXiTy--- 147.Dr_MaCoNhA 212.SimoHayha
22.RAPTORS 83.--adryel-- 148.DUMANDE 213.Skateboarding
23.escadinha 84.--black-- 149.Elissa 214.slavca
24.-DeathKinG- 85.--m-o_o-n-- 150.ENRIKE 215.Someting
25.ApenasumshoW1 86.--Perfekit-- 151.Exodia 216.spctrum1
26.LINDINHA 87.--PicaPau-- 152.F-E-A-R 217.specnaz_squad
27.U-O-M 88.--QuArTz__ 153.fasfasf 218.spider
89.--rhian-- 154.FD-God 219.sync-master-01
Round 2: 90.--_--lIllIIIll 155.Fenix 220.te_amo_muito
28.Sonia 91.-Anac- 156.FORGET 221.The_Avengers
29.VENGADORES 92.-Blue-JayS- 157.fredconcadeco 222.The_End0
30.Fumanchero 93.-evgen- 158.Funny_World 223.Tomas_Epic
31.__Snoopy__ 94.-HHH- 159.Gangnam_style- 224.voltei
32.EL_KILER 95.-KingOFDeath- 160.Ghost_CD 225.Walking-Dead
33.lllIlllllIllll 96.-LOVE- 161.gvyilgugjhgj 226.Warmor_Persia
34.Stux 97.-Machetee- 162.H4ckStaR 227.Weak_Soldier
35.Eclipse 98.-MiCrOsOfT- 163.HI_ll-O-o-ll 228.Who_am_i
36.NinjaCat 99.-o0olI-lI0o0l4 164.Hola 229.xxlEXAxx
37.wagner98 100.-rhian- 165.hronchik 230.xXxnOObxXx
38.Black-_-Dewil 101.-RVOLUTiON- 166.hsbigvi 231.X_HELLOKIT_X
39.CLAN 102.-Sra-Offer- 167.Ilovejazzmusic 232.YAYA-toure
40.BEIRA-MAR 103.-THOR-2013 168.IM_BACK 233.youaaa
41.-_-FunKyou-_- 104.-_-gat-_- 169.im_ferry_good 234.Yugi
42.PewDiePie 105.-_-HIzTUTKu-_- 170.Indian----Army 235.ZAX_
43.GhostRider 106.-_-Legion-_- 171.Ini_Ini 236.ZIPU
44.-CluB- 107.-_-ULTRAS-_- 172.I_LOVE_ARTS 237._-Cr8_Fame-
45.Bi3lP1c4DeM3l 108.-_CupCake_- 173.JJ_winner 238._-FairyTail-_
46.VIKING 109.-_G_O_O_D_- 174.Karen 239._-Pain_Killa-_
47.Iam-Not-So-Bad 110.-_LIBERTADOR_- 175.Keeplivelegend 240._-Zombieland-_
48._sexy_boy_ 111.-_urukiorra_- 176.kiko-e-chaves 241._-_IIIIIIII_-_
49.BlacK_4_EveR 112.-__So_Foda__- 177.KIKSTYO 242._Cat_
50._Iron_Man_ 113.1ST_ 178.kil123used 243._JBC_
51.---FuSiOn--- 114.1_m4l_R3CU3RD0 179.ksa-nawaf-2013 244._Predador_05
52.-_ThE--GrEaT_- 115.444444441231 180.Legendry_RC
53.Chicago-Bull 116.A-M-A- 181.Lmfao
54.chrisgame1 117.AnimeID 182.loco_mania


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Cash Shop

Toxicity Fake Fame!
by Facundo at 10:16 PM
King555 Faker !
by RedMonster at 02:48 PM
Why BAn me in FAME???
by TheRing at 08-16-2017 09:09 PM
Cash Problem.
by BaltazaR at 08-16-2017 08:49 AM
Taquaril 2 Fake Fame!!
by --_DUB_-- at 08-15-2017 12:37 AM
Is the server up?
by -Rogue- at 08-09-2017 03:19 AM
-SwEeT-HeBrOn- noob faker
by The-ReAL_BROs at 08-08-2017 05:53 PM
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