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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jan 26 2013
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jan 26 2013 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 49.-4EvErGuNrOx- 108.-MaN- 169.Lover-POW
1.XXxxDANGERxxXX 50.-SUPER-VEGU3TA 109.-Rafael 170.loverboy
2.R4SPUTI4 51.R0LOMASTER 110.-SORTE- 171.master123
52.Chapolin-Color 111.-StackHeavy- 172.mastermas
Round 7: 53.BAGABUNDO 112.-Taquaril- 173.Mima
3.xCHOWS 54.RagnarokWar-Go 113.-_I_LOVE_YOU_- 174.mohamed11
55.biloba 114.1010gabi 175.mrak13_Biwp
Round 6: 56.SoEasyForMe 115.9I_TynO_HyBaC 176.muerto
4.Bad-Man 57.kaliclo 116.Alejandro555 177.MuTaNo
5.Jill 58.SPAC3_BR 117.alisk6 178.nawaf10
59.___Toxicity___ 118.anders3 179.Nawal_Zoghbi
Round 5: 60.Buitres 119.AQSD 180.New-_-Player
6.hoggabaz 61.-United- 120.Atena 181.OleKristian919
7.Time2BeaTMe 62.FRANACHO 121.AtOmecBety 182.P4R4D1S3
8.Xx-Killer-xX 63.GAVIOES-RSJ 122.basl 183.Pearl_HarbOr
9.Kiss_You 64.kopassus 123.BEEstrong 184.Qm0ney
65.LUZAK2011pl 124.BersX 185.RAYA
Round 4: 66.MaxioN 125.BreakNews 186.Real_Madrid_H_
10.Grim-Reaper 67.MortalKombat 126.Candyman 187.rolando
11._-Ygor-_ 68.OverDose 127.carapina 188.Ronaldo
12.zero0 69.roggieliu 128.Chuck 189.SaDiStIc
13._-El-mejor-_ 70.Sarasin 129.dadditallz 190.SandTrap_
14.IronMan 71._Final_Gender_ 130.daniel12345 191.SirNeverStop
15.Krasic 72._Heineken 131.DeadFrontier 192.skfkj
16.darkzeus 132.Ded_Mazay
17.Imperator2012 Round 1: 133.Design 194.Sstaticgirl
73.Bosi 134.Dog_From_Hell 195.StornShedal
Round 3: 74.Ice_Men 135.Donuts 196.SUPER-VEGUETA
18.MatoO_osNoobS2 75.EuMato_OnoObs 136.EL-HECHIZERO_1 197.tftfbcgrdxhthg
19.ZombieRock 76.aleks21 137.ElPlomero 198.TheDeadKendes
20.Kimim_BEN 77.Dark_Ograda 138.Epic_Tomas-_- 199.TheOlympians
21.MIRES 78.whatdafaq_mox 139.Esteghlal 200.Thiaguinhos2
22.-ABU-_-GHAZAWI 79.Girl99 140.FireWoman 201.TimeToDie
23.B33_CheatToWin 80.killervreck2 141.Geshtapo 202.To-Fast-4-YoU
24._Yagami_ 81.Katanovka 142.girl----bOSS-- 203.TodinhoO
25.Humanoid 82.nobika 143.gotohell 204.Toxic_Monster
26.s_t_a_s_i_k 83.Manderemos 144.Grinskow 205.TRANSFORMERS1
27.THE-SPIDER 84.Premidiation 145.Hanzou 206.TRESHIK-2
28._-_LuKiNhAs_-_ 85.WHY-- 146.Ice_Boy 207.tropa-de-xoque
29.agua-viva 86.Colorado 147.IIOPOX 208.vieru97
30.Bernardo 87.REALBONiTO 148.In-Your_face 209.Virus
31.b_i_c_o_7_6_2 88.Sh0tFromDark 149.Italo 210.WARFACE
32.-ViRuS- 89.The_Predator 150.IWillSurvive 211.X-Kartos-X
33.hopla4 90.Ichigo_San 151.JOHN-MEGA 212.x-_MaSSiVe_-X
91._Call_Of_Duty_ 152.JustForKill 213.XDooM
Round 2: 92.bloodvampire 153.KbeR_AL_3rB 214.XHurleyX
34.-I_am_Crazy- 93.lincolnnunes 154.Kersytojas-_- 215.Xros
35.KaoS 94.chiki_2012_15 155.KILLER-FRIENDS 216.Xx_Samurai_xX
36.0O0000O0O00O00 95.BrianMolko 156.KiLLFsT 217.X_GROM_X
37.SwAT-Fight 96.Xecutioner2012 157.king-of-kings 218.zub91
38.El_Daniel98xD 97.----F4ST3---- 158.king-_-return 219._-AgEnT-_
39.La_Loquita46-2 98.--BlaNk-- 159.king3 220._-CriticaI-_
40.faixa_de_gasa9 99.--Lenovo-- 160.kingofkings 221._-Hunter-_
41.WhiteHorse 100.--_GUNROX_-- 161.King_Ahmad 222._-The_End-_
42.the-last-man 101.-ACM1PT- 162.lamejor_depana 223._-Wolf_Man-_
43.El_sr-elephat 102.-Ares- 163.Leader_Sandro 224._-_WaNNLy_-_
44.SheldonCooper 103.-coninho- 164.LeonelMessi 225._9I_PRO_
45.Vida_Loca 104.-E-m-I_l_y- 165.LETSdance- 226._Black_
46.-AngeeL- 105.-Igotask8 166.Lia-Bergotelly 227._Fire_Man_
47.Orchidea 106.-iPr0J3ct- 167.LolLol 228._Y_E_A_H_
48.Slavery 107.-lom- 168.Love---Style

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