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 Summary of tournament hosted on Dec 10 2012
Location Clover Quarter
Levels 10 - 14
Round length 24 hours
Started on Dec 10 2012 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: Round 1: 164.ColdPlay 252.PSIHOPAT
1.H4ckStaR 77.The_Avengers 165.concafreddeco 253.R0LOMASTER
2._-RiOT-_ 78.00OO0OO0OO0O0O 166.Cueto--------- 254.RaibowSix
79.cristiano555 167.DangerouSGirl 255.RAPTORS
Round 6: 80.-PinkKiller- 168.DANGER_itsback 256.RealMad
3.Jill 81.AHMEDY90 169.decoconcafred 257.red_LISBOA
4.9GAG 82.x-_MaSSiVe_-X 170.DesTroYRefeeR 258.RED_VIKING2
83.agua-viva 171.DestroyRfer_- 259.RefeeRDestroY
Round 5: 84.-_Naruto_- 172.dew13407 260.reyirving
5.dctgblfhfcs 85.--royal-- 173.dfdfdf 261.RHCP
6.Raizon 86.Design 174.Dididinha 262.robin555
7.-Respect- 87.GodFire1 175.dodoman 263.Romas
8.-Taquaril- 88.ady_XXX 176.DoTeX 264.ronald0
9.Mr_Perfect_ 89.jony_2012 177.ElSombrio 265.ruizlaprata
90.Raffy_2012 178.Erzulie 266.RUYY
Round 4: 91.carapina 179.facebook_2012 267.SaLy
10.--Lara_Gata-- 92.Krasic 180.FailStyle2 268.SandTrap_
11.colt-ak47 93.-----xXx----- 181.FAKER 269.Saya
12.Nice 94.---Nikolas--- 182.feel 270.sensualidade
13.matt1997 95.--cometohell-- 183.FireStar 271.SeupoCpula
14.-_Th2_B3sT_- 96.--Deliciosa-- 184.franzizko 272.simpatia
15.NoRM420 97.--NooB-- 185.fredconcadeco 273.SKSFREAK
16.Lia-Bergotelly 98.-ABU-_-GHAZAWI 186.gangster2012 274.Solano
17.zero0 99.-Apolo- 187.gogogo555 275.sonia2012
18.Waszak 100.-bonethugs- 188.grom2012 276.soundless
101.-Darck_RosS- 189.gunrox555 277.SPAC3_BR
Round 3: 102.-El-EsPaWiN- 190.Happy 278.spctrum1
19.GhostRider 103.-GUNROX-1 191.hasaan9 279.SpecialNeeds
20.AQSD 104.-Im-Bhea-Ok16- 192.HIPER-VEGUETA 280.splove
21.-_MRP_- 105.-Internet- 193.HuulK 281.stelapaes
22.-_I-BacK_- 106.-iPr0J3ct- 282.Tadey
23.mine 107.-Katii 195.iEpicFabz 283.TAYINH
24.-paiN_kRUShER- 108.-MacAskill- 196.IHaveLuck 284.Tebbe
25.lucifer2 109.-Pepsi- 197.IIEGAS 285.test
26.-BooM-MaN- 110.-Pica_Pau- 198.iLoVeSoMuCh 286.The-_-BesT
27.biloba 111.-PsYcHo- 199.iMxD 287.the_one555
28.X_GROM_X 112.-Rafael 200.InfernoCoral 288.the_revanche 113.-Raizon- 201.IRAQUE72012 289.the_revolucion
30.XxSaintSxX 114.-samplayer- 202.jackstripador 290.the_tournament
31.-FIZZY_BOUBLE- 115.-Sherwood- 203.jeff 291.thiaguinho
32.brendon 116.-Sirius-Clown- 204.jiba22 292.Time_To_Kill
33.B0L31R0OU24Do 117.-SuPerMaN- 205.jordanrey 293.Tina
34.Storehouse 118.-The_BaBy- 206.K-A-K-T-U-S 294.Tio_Pitt
35._-Ded_Mazay-_ 119.-WOTKINS- 207.kabtn_zedan 295.Tosto_Gangsta
120.-_-bicudo-_- 208.kaja 296.TOXICSTRIKE
Round 2: 121.-_-launch-_- 209.Karin 297.vagner1995
36.___Toxicity___ 122.-_-MINA-_- 210.kil123used 298.valdas7
37.JOIN 123.-_-Thug-_- 211.killua 299.ViNy_refer
38.Mano 124.-_-_9dade_-_- 212.king3 300.Virtual_Attack
39.XpwnerX 125.-_CupCake_- 213.Knightrider 301.wagner98
40.JaoLoko 126.-_LOOK_AT_ME_- 214.Konan 302.warkus
41._O_VE1O_ 127.-_P3rVeRs0-_ 215.Konoha 303.WeLCoMe-T0-Hel
42.FRAGGER 128.-_The_man-_ 216.Krejzolka2 304.WHY--
43.Pedrinhu_XD 129.-_ZaNMaRcOS_- 217.Kubeees 305.WWE_RULES
44.IIICHACALIII 130.0_0toxicity0_0 218.l0oo0oo0oo0l 306.X-Hitsugaya-X
45._DewdoW_ 131.1234567892 219.leonardo_viana 307.XDooM
46.555l 132.35tarado 220.leuk 308.XFire
47.loverboy_14 133.444444441231 221.lkllklk 309.XOXOL
48.Skroutz 134.Again 222.loco_mania 310.Xx-Killer-xX
49.Mega-Bite 135.Aleshka 223.los--antrax 311.XxXChainSawXxX
50.-FailStyle- 136.alexis_17 224.luchaavengar 312.xXxnOObxXx 137.amzx 225.Malachim 313.XXxxDANGERxxXX
52.julle12345 138.AngelFromAbove 226.mana 314.xXx_amir_xXx
53.kills_noob 139.An_Apple 227.Marcos_Paulo 315.Xx_CHAPOLIM_xX
54.Mthsgols123 140.arthur555 228.Martin6669 316.X_HELLOKIT_X
55.pacMAN 141.Avenger-Pro 229.martinek 317.Yahiko
56.Buitres 142.Avenges 230.matheus19 318.Yeah_
57.Ronaldo 143.ayrla_kuti_kut 231.matheus9 319.you_clan_wins
58.dfsd 144.B00M_B00M 232.matrix_ypsuit 320._-Cr8_Fame-
59.Conquerors 145.bamgunrox 233.megamente 321._-Nice-_-Man-_
60.-PALADINO- 234.mestretho 322._-_Jaime_7_-_
61.--A_N_J_U_S-- 147.Berechnung 235.Miner 323._0keeplive_0-0
62.-_-Euro2012-_- 236.Moonlight 324._3V1L_FAC3_
63.111fathi222 149.blablabla 237.MW3gamer 325._6-_6_-6_
64.BigBangTheory 150.Bleach_SZ 238.my_noob 326._Cat_
65.BILLABONG 151.bloodvampire 239.Nasargiel 327._Cerejeira_
66.Godly_One 152.BMMB2011 240.Nissan_Mutul 328._Ded_Mazay_
67.ImNaKeD777 153.Broly 241.No_M-e-R-c-Y- 329._Destruction_
68.I_NEED_MANEY 154.bruno 242.okok 330._LiLiTH_
69.king-_-return 155.buterflayred 243.PastaBase 331._psicopata_
70.metalheadftw 156.c-RonaLDO--7-- 244.pavlik123456 332._SAW_
71.Rock-Malboa 157.camila17 245.Peace_Warrior 333._Xzl_
72.Soldado2009 158.CHARITY 246.philipines_tit 334.__METALLICA__
73.tenchux 159.CharlieBrownJR 247.PLACEBOB3EP 335.___WWEEDD___
74.Vida_Loca 160.Checking 248.player-1
75.VoB0LoK95 161.chrisgame1 249.posiblle
76.XX-JAFFER-XX 162.CIELINHE 250.Premidiation
163.clan-master 251.PREY-BOY-DEMAI


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