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 Summary of tournament hosted on Nov 29 2012
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Nov 29 2012 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 32.desiboyzz 72.basl 114.MaSTeR-
1.WhiteHorse 33.juli 73.BaTTeRy_ArMoR 115.Mescalatica
2.xmtnJr 34.paulo2 74.BlAd2012 116.miniTRUCK
35.Vaii_Sabrinaa 75.Bosi 117.MIRES
Round 6: 36.vencedora 76.boylucas 118.More-Myo
3.Hike2 37._danadinha_ 77.BRAZILIAN 119.PinoyKiller
78.daniel12345 120.Pr0_BuLLeT
Round 5: Round 1: 79.darkzeus 121.P_O_M_I_D_O_R
4.LUCIENNE 38.crazyguy 80.DeadFrontier 122.red_REBELDE
5.MuTaNo 39.FRANACHO 81.dene 123.SaDiStIc
40._VeRy_CrAyZy- 82.DissaPointed 124.Schizophrenia
Round 4: 41.Valdinhoooooow 83.DukTaTOR 125.Shadow-Woman
6.Seiya 42.ImNotAfraid- 84.erick2010 126.SirNeverStop
7.Epic_Tomas-_- 43.--Full-AP-- 85.Es-una_CaCaTua 127.Spidy_boy
8.-_J0L3C_- 44.Google2012 86.fafsf 128.Started_2012
9.patricinha 45.John-Hack-Pro 87.FIRSTKNIGHT 129.SUPER-VEGUETA
46.-_LoverLive_- 88.Foox 130.SUPERNATURALL
Round 3: 47.------K------- 89.GAVIOES-RSJ 131.Ta-Tarada
10.NeverSayMeNooB 48.----F4ST3---- 90.GUDESA 132.TANKER-MAN
11.Bad-Man 49.---L3G4L1Z3--- 91.HannahMontana 133.tank_master
12.-Shake-That- 50.--B33Versus-- 92.hasone2011 134.TERROR
13.AtOmecBety 51.--BlaNk-- 93.holly_fighter 135.valerchik
14.Marlowe 52.-4EvErGuNrOx- 94.houssam 136.vemquetem
15.TodinhoO 53.-ACM1PT- 95.Humanoid 137.versace
16.faixa_de_gasa9 54.-Bad-GirL-_ 96.Ice_Boy 138.ViNy
17.loverboy 55.-Block- 97.Imperator2012 139.Vitor_h95
56.-CQC- 98.iraque7 140.war_of_peace
Round 2: 57.-dudaa- 99.Jazz 141.whatdafaq_mox
18.saidm2 58.-HeaD_ShotT- 100.JOHN-MEGA 142.Wunny_Bunny
19.Xecutioner2012 59.-Pirulito- 101.johnybravo 143.X-Combat-X
20._-Hunter-_ 60.-RAMBO- 102.JustForKill 144.XHurleyX
21.king-of-kings 61.-Reizon- 103.Karaul 145.Xx-MaThEuS-xX
22.0O0000O0O00O00 62.-Vida_Loka- 104.KbeR_AL_3rB 146.Xx_Obelix_xX
23.Yazaw 63.-voltron- 105.killervreck2 147.zizu
24.BrianMolko 64.-_CaBaReH_-1 106.King-KSA 148._-N0IsY-B0y-_
25.SexXo- 65.-__TunAHkA__- 107.KingOf1x1games 149._-The_End-_
26.matiaass 66.achie_dwi 108.Leader_Sandro 150._Doktor_
27.-ARMOUR- 67.Adam-1- 109.LIQQO 151._HEADHUNTERS_
28.AvrilLavigne 68.Alm0damer 110.loide 152._Joymii_
29.LegendOfGunrox 69.asghar29 111.LoONeY_TuNes
30.-Atreyu- 70.Awesomeness 112.M-i_H-i
31.-RaCinG_BoY- 71.B33_CheatToWin 113.MacedonianHERO


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Zombie Outbreak

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Superstar Bodyguard

Gang Wars

Bomb that Chicken!

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Santa VS Elves

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