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 Summary of tournament hosted on Aug 31 2012
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Aug 31 2012 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 34.--B33Magic-- 76.-_Pistols_- 120.mari
1.gorkiBazZz 35.neon328 77.-__TunAHkA__- 121.Maromba
2.MaVeRiicK 36._Ti_matei_ 78.Akail_NF 122.Mercy
37.Titanium 79.alec 123.MIRES
Round 6: 38.-_Monster_- 80.Alemao_Jonatas 124.Mo7ammad
3.FeeLTheDie 39.Vegeta 81.BEECAreful 125.mrak13_Biwp
40.borat_TEAM 82.BeeCarefull 126.nazario
Round 5: 41.LEVIATAN 83.BestArmy 127.NeverSayMeNooB
4.SpecialSquad 42.Alm0damer 84.Black_Power 128.oOEJDEROo 43.barbie 85.Blal 129.ozhl
6.Google2012 44.i-kill-you 86.BrunoMRP555 130.P3ERL3SS
45.outdated 87.Bulgaria 131.pannika
Round 4: 46.ultrapolat 88.CharliesAngels 132.Papi_Arca
7.MEGA 47.warlord12266 89.Chuck 133.peiyuann
8.Hell-GunZ 48._303_ 90.Coldplay2 134.privet
9.4K47SUK1 49._Doktor_ 91.CSiter 135.ProSto
10.REGWAY 92.daniel12345 136.rakan2011
11.KodummuSitDown Round 1: 93.ddddddddd2011 137.red_REBELDE
50.ice_zero 94.Donuts 138.Roland11
Round 3: 51.WE-THE-BEST 95.DukTaTOR 139.Sarasin
12.VaSEIa 52.vencedora 96.firetauros 140.SENZOR
13.Slavery 53.maichi 97.franko_kpo 141.soso2012
14.X-LaYaN-X 54.-HEADHUNTER- 98.Grinskow 142.Sr_Pro-Retuns
15.-Play_Station- 55.desiboyzz 99.gunrox-gunrox 143.s_t_a_s_i_k
16.Mutxaca 56.SIPU 100.HeaD-HunTerS 144.Ta-Tarada
17.KILLER_7 57.FRANACHO 101.hoggabaz 145.the-dark-men-
18.basl 58.KbeR_AL_3rB 102.iankelol 146.TRANSFORMERS1
19.-RAMBO- 59.saidm2 103.Ice_Boy 147.TricolorSP
20.The_Dutch_Lion 60.--OS_CORINGA-- 104.IDontKnowYou 148.TROOPER
21.aleks21 61.NarutoOuxima 105.IRENKAxD 149.Ultimate_Man
22.Ded_Mazay 62.Ice_Man 106.IWillSurvive 150.WhiteHorse
63.------AMY----- 107.John-Hack-Pro 151.X-GO-4-speed-X
Round 2: 64.3bo0ody 108.JOHN-MEGA 152.xav_russ
23.JoonaTaS 65.---Cyclone--- 109.kilmere 153.xSKY_L1N3_zZ
24.resident-evil6 66.---oLiNaD--- 110.Larkspur 154.XxX-naruto-XxX
25.billsen10 67.-Burzhuy- 111.Leader_Sandro 155._-headhunt-_
26.--GREAT-- 68.-Counter- 112.Lil-Wayne 156._-Just_Look-_
27.A_B_W_pl 69.-Islam- 113.lincolnnunes 157._-_LuKiNhAs_-_
28.XxPythonxX 70.-naif- 114.LitLeBaToR 158._Heineken
29.---SeXxo--- 71.-PowerShot- 115.littlemix 159._Sobrenatural_
30.CanjiiCa 72.-ReAPeR- 160.___JUNIOR___
31.UCIGAS-BEBELUS 73.-SwaGG- 117.LoONeY_TuNes
32.D3LT4_F0RC3_15 74.-TheAvengers- 118.m7ammad
33._Ti_Matei_2 75.-ZuMBi_NeGrO- 119.malocado

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