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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jul 18 2012
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jul 18 2012 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 4 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 44.DiNhoO 98.------AMY----- 154.MaSTeR-
1.Sarasin 45.sunter 99.--Lenovo-- 155.MeGa_PrInCeSs
2.X-LaYaN-X 46.Fabuloso 100.--Lina-- 156.miniTRUCK
47.Le_Pou 101.--Mordi-- 157.Mp-Kepuk
Round 7: 48.ukjyjhmh 102.-HeRsHeS- 158.NACIONAL
3.Half_Dozen 49.Zoids_Legacy 103.-JhonnyEhOSolo 159.nawaf10
50.RealMadri-D 104.-KuSh_KiLleR- 160.neon328
Round 6: 51.Butterfly 105.-Pirulito- 161.Nike-_-
4.EuMato_OnoObs 52.chicken_baby 106.-RaCinG_BoY- 162.number_1
5.mrak13_Biwp 53.-SaM-PlayerR- 107.-StackHeavy- 163.ozhl
54.gostosinha 108.-_-LADRONE-_- 164.Pachucomovill
Round 5: 55.Kersytojas-_- 109.-_AutoMine_- 165.pannika
6.Time2BeaTMe 56.Thiaguiinhoo 110.-_Monster_- 166.Papi_Arca
7.Blues_Jey 57.Unbelivable 111.12345678910 167.peiyuann
8.FeeLTheDie 58.----WIFI---- 112.Adam-1- 168.Poderoso
9.holly_fighter 59.TheRing 113.Ahaswer 169.PopCorn
60.lol0matic 114.AnoniM 170.power2000
Round 4: 61.-Kekko- 115.AvrilLavigne 171.privet
10.r0oman-666 62.milkor_m60_uzi 116.b7bek 172.Real_Madrid_H_
11.Old_Friend 63.Brawllion 117.barbie 173.RedFaction
12.SpecialSquad 64.---ObOrn--- 118.Barmadron 174.red_REBELDE
13.MEGA 65.Force_Black 119.BEEcrew 175.rolando
14.xx-gas-xx 66.hula 120.BerTh-ZikZira 176.Sheport
15.SUPERNATURALL 67.-sari_kanarya- 121.boss2013 177.SirNeverStop
16.bad-boy555 68.basl 122.Bulgaria 178.Small_Killer
17.VaSEIa 69.Ded_Mazay 123.CSiter 179.Soldierkiller
70.Ice_Boy 124.ddddddddd2011 180.Ta-Tarada
Round 3: 71.Roland11 125.DeadFrontier 181.teto2011
18.pistolas 126.Distrito 182.the-dark-men-
19.Blal Round 1: 127.Dog_From_Hell 183.the-king-36
20.lincolnnunes 72.Dead-4-Agility 128.Donuts 184.TheGodFather
21.tonoobtobtrue 73.moribundo2012 129.duha 185.tonyyoo
22.me_another 74._-_WoOoW-_- 130.DukTaTOR 186.uill
23.LaithooN-JO 75.scarface2010 131.FarTFromUnder 187.Vaii_Sabrinaa
24.rolling 76.BestArmy 132.FireWoman 188.Vercingetorix
25.franko_kpo 77.billsen10 133.FIRSTKNIGHT 189.Vitor_h95
26.DEX-TER 78.--_krusher_-- 134.Gagotjs 190.vlogs
27.po-ke-mon 79.Maria 135.GodIsalIve- 191.wepoo2011
28.Black_Power 80.smigol 136.HeaD-HunTerS 192.WhiteHorse
29.ofik 81.Xx-MaThEuS-xX 137.ice_zero 193.XxNemesisxX
30.gunrox-gunrox 82.the-streak 138.INDIA 194.XxPythonxX
31.Blodd-Man 83.-RAMBO- 139.IWillSurvive 195.XxX-naruto-XxX
32.BrianMolko 84.--_Profano_-- 140.Jofer-Aquiles 196.zaid2012
33.GarDeVoAr 85._Doktor_ 141.jofer-sicario 197._-Just_Look-_
34.Slavery 86.BrunoMRP555 142.John-Hack-Pro 198._-_SEXY_-_
87.golgot13 143.JosLebanon 199._GoD_OF_WaR_
Round 2: 88.vencedora 144.juli 200._Heineken
35.LitLeBaToR 89.zaid_ksa 145.KeepFun 201._New_Sky_
36.ThE_ReTuRN 90.tobi 146.khaled009 202._Ti_matei_
37.WE-THE-BEST 91.Vise 147.LAS_F-A-R-C 203._Ti_Matei_2
38._Metalhead_ 92.Shadow-Woman 148.Leader_Sandro 204._Unknown_
39.Mercy 93.MirkoOmegl 149.Leite_Mossa 205._WaNTeD_
40.KodummuSitDown 94.3bady 150.lizaczek36 206.___JUNIOR___
41.Lil-Wayne 95.Destruction007 151.LucasPedro
42.Google2012 152.luciop
43.AndiLaou 97.xav_russ 153.Marechal

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