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 Summary of tournament hosted on Apr 25 2012
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Apr 25 2012 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 4 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 40.ThaJokah 88.FreezingFire 138.MATRIX_2010
1.ChimboMi 41.DELTA_KILLER 89.Javiieerxd 139.Mietek-Zul
2.AYZEK 42.REALBONiTO 90.------K------- 140.MiNiGuN
43.LitLeBaToR 91.--Banned-- 141.Multicast
Round 6: 44.kikelover 92.--Mordi-- 142.Nego-Drama
3.FIRSTKNIGHT 45.ddddddddd2011 93.-ArT_FeniX- 143.Ng_TranHaoNam
4.---Darkness--- 46.--Grabarz-- 94.-GIORGI- 144.noob_critical
47.tobi 95.-God-Of-Death- 145.number_1
Round 5: 48.Baby_Chris 96.-HeRsHeS- 146.ofik
5.NeverSayBye 49.Heartattack 97.-StackHeavy- 147.Old_Friend
6._Unknown_ 50.pollalefta 98.-WargreymoN- 148.oneshoot
7.Mercy 51.SENZOR 99.0_0-kill-0_0 149.os_juticeiro
8._A_VE1A_ 52.___FEAR___ 100.4554 150.ozhl
53.fantasmita 101.alec 151.pinkypink
Round 4: 54.LeonelMessi 102.AndiLaou 152.plpaulao1
9.1klass 55.IIOPOX 103.andrezinhoou 153.Pr0_BuLLeT
10.TNT_MAKE_Boom_ 56._Ti_Matei_2 104.BEE-TrashTalk 154.Real_Madrid_H_
11.SoldiersOfJah 57.7894756 105.BELGIUM_RULES_ 155.SEBASTIAN1030
12.Adam-1- 58.AndersonMeelo 106.Cheetos_ 156.Soldierkiller
13.__MADAGASCAR__ 59.bier-trol 107.cima84 157.STALKERuss
14.Slavery 60.tiago555 108.CityCobra 158.STALKER_ru
15.A_K_A_fery 61.AreYuKlddlngMe 109.CTPAXOBIIIUK 159.tacticalgod
62.electroniclll 110.DarkZeus 160.TheShad0w
Round 3: 63.god-is_there 111.DawnOfDead 161.Time2BeaTMe
16.Sony 64.Grinskow 112.DeadFrontier 162.tonyyoo
17.WorldLess 65.muerto 113.Debilko 163.vahid1
18.KodummuSitDown 66.SMALIK 114.Destroyer3000 164.vemkikano
19.___MIM___ 115.DRAGON_MODE_NL 165.VINGADOR666
20.--Lenovo-- Round 1: 116.DukTaTOR 166.walee
21.Dark-Lord 67.pannika 117.Esteghlal 167.xCHOWS
22.MoneyAndDie 68.AAAAB 118.FreeStyle 168.xX-4NDR3-Xx
23.WontLoseAnymor 69.Laszak 119.GarDeVoAr 169.XXCADEXX11
24.red_REBELDE 70.Sheport 120.GENRI_EVIL 170.XxGod_of_WarxX
25.Sesemi 71._Ti_matei_ 121.Geshtapo 171.YPKA
26.IWillSurvive 72.Vicomiciano 122.gholi 172.Yunflox
27.El_Loquito46-2 73.AKA_STEZZ 123.gunz_Sida_koke 173.Z--X_Luis-X--Z
28.ghdfgj 74.Bestie 124.Hakkie 174.zaid2012
29.SkyMart 75.Marechal 125.HayaTzeh1R 175.ZERA
30.xp_altofrestep 76.Mescalatica 126.Ice_Boy 176._-headhunt-_
31.myraveu 77.MandaremoS 127.ivanec 177._-Ygor-_
78.-PaTrIcIaS2- 128.JezYk99 178._-_WoOoW-_-
Round 2: 79.-NEON- 129.kaTAJ 179._Fire_Man_
32.Bad-Man 80.GolDeN_BulleT 130.King_Ahmad 180._Fizzy-Buble_
33.-Hineken- 81.JBCBOTAFOGO 131.kkjgjg 181._OMG_
34.LaithooN-JO 82.-Kekko- 132.LEON 182._SuPeR__PoP_
35.--Plasma-- 83.BaTTeRy_ArMoR 133.LockeD 183._x_Undead_x
36.EternoS_AmigoS 84.blackskull 134.magnetko44 184.__PALMEIRAS__
37.AndreNarciso 85.Krolik95 135.maichi 185.___Tricolor___
38.EU_TOU_BANDIDA 86.-Alexx- 136.mammad
39.LS-GUNROXER1 87.mari 137.Maniac05

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we neeed help
by -Rafael at 06-11-2018 05:04 PM
Shuma no ban his friends even ...
by Cruentus at 12:25 AM
Suicide in red zone during ran...
by Rasengan at 06-09-2018 04:04 PM
Habib u
by MAMPE- at 06-10-2018 07:16 AM
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