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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jan 23 2012
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jan 23 2012 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 39.Metis-Kratos 88.SHAHABAS 139.k1ll3r
1.IlIlAmJaDIlIll 40.apoellara 89.Crazybee 140.kaas
2.-ReAPeR- 41.__PALMEIRAS__ 90.-PaTrIcIaS2- 141.kkjgjg
42.K-K-K-K 91.lxl-D_N_A-lxl 142.LitLeBaToR
Round 7: 43.gun-mastery 92.--ROXY-- 143.Lucaskonrath1
3.-Mave- 44.abood2010 93.Kansas 144.mati98
45.IIlloliverIIll 94.__NUUB__ 145.Mercy
Round 6: 46.33_kdp_33 95.-KuSh_KiLleR- 146.Mescalatica
4.1klass 47.IlIlIlIl 96.BesT_TseB 147.mrak13_Biwp
5.BlackGirls 48.Sam010203 97.Killer_Man555 148.Never-Saybye
49.vencedora 98.chrisgr 149.newzatan
Round 5: 50.americanplz-2 99.JeReMiAs 150.nicoco
6.Kursant 51.ComeBck 100.toxicsinz 151.oneshoot
7.megalol2011 52.roboneed 101.94ReyZIOM94 152.Power_Killer
8.YourDayIsOver 53.Hitch 102.---PLaYBoYs--- 153.privet
9._OMG_ 54.EpicFall 103.--_GUNROX_-- 154.rakan2011
55.Stun_Boy 104.-BUBAK- 155.Real_Madrid_H_
Round 4: 56.KillerOfNooB- 105.-NariZ- 156.Red-Strike
10._amatorka_ 57.keeplive777 106.-NeTriX- 157.Renatinha_Shot
11.GoldenShot 58.Mamuty 107.-PowerShot- 158.reza2010
12.DELTA_KILLER 59.MLK-KSA 108.-Sephirot 159.ruthless
13.Bulgaria 60.Azevedo 109.-Zhuii- 160.Sharp_Killer
14.superHotti 61.Irmaos_Troia 110.-_-My-family-_ 161.soone-90
15.PeaceDeath 62.XxNemesisxX 111.12345678910 162.TheEnd
16.nicehand 63.gunroxmaster96 112.87xxx 163.Time2BeaTMe
17.-spiderman 64.-ArT_FeniX- 113.Adam-1- 164.Tranquilidade8
65.BOIN 114.BEE_BOOM 165.vampiro_doidao
Round 3: 66.JustForWaR 115.Big_Killer 166.walee
18.INDONEZIA 116.Blink182 167.Wariors
19.MyLast_Try 68.Opk_Mr 117.Blitz 168.Whatever
20.NeverSayBye 69.osemizator 118.Dark-Lord 169.WorldLess
21.Aragon 70.PainInDaSs 119.DeadFrontier 170.xX-4NDR3-Xx
22.matt154 120.Dead_Or_Alive 171.xX_Niupy_Xx
23.kiler2011 Round 1: 121.EL-HECHIZERO_1 172.yairbill123
24.Mr-Laithoon 71.G-Point 122.fAithless 173.Young_Justice
25.-Bad-GirL-_ 72.kingofkings 123.Fiesco 174.ZaKaRiAAhMaRoO
26.ToxicFire311 73.Kratas 124.Firotex 175._-CriticaI-_
27.FGJ05 74._-elYes-_-007- 125.FIRSTKNIGHT 176._-KamaSutra-_
28.Lover-POW 75.___R_H_C_P___ 126.Grinskow 177._-MaShiNisT-_
29.Stinger 76.DukTaTOR 127.gunz_Sida_koke 178._-Trixw-_
30.Sheport 77.waynekenpogi13 128.hehepwnd39 179._BLADE_
31.Red_Monk 78.Awake_Warrior 129.I-Hate-Ariel 180._general
32.Death_Eater 79.Oakley9 130.Ice_Man 181._MASTER_KILL-_
33.gangx 80.Basta 131.IDontKnowYou 182._New_Sky_
81.xX-WiLlAmYs-Xx 132.IlIllI 183._Ti_matei_
Round 2: 82.Mietekziom 133.IronMan 184._x_Undead_x
34.faker-man 83.enfralys2011 134.ivan123456 185.___Tricolor___
35.Fryday13th 84.JokezeT 135.Javiieerxd
36.RAY_dA_CREATOR 85._-_WoOoW-_- 136.JazzTheUltimat
37.3OJIA 86.Dead-4-You 137.jofer-sicario
38.zora8 87.QuickSilver 138.joshthegr8

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Shuma the mother fker
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we neeed help
by -Rafael at 06-11-2018 05:04 PM
Shuma no ban his friends even ...
by Cruentus at 06-17-2018 12:25 AM
Suicide in red zone during ran...
by Rasengan at 06-09-2018 04:04 PM
Habib u
by MAMPE- at 06-10-2018 07:16 AM
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