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 Summary of tournament hosted on Jan 13 2012
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 20 - 24
Round length 24 hours
Started on Jan 13 2012 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 4 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 3 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 22._Cloud_ 52.americanplz 84.Kobalt
1.Hitmann 23._I_KILL_YOU_ 53.carpediemdez 85.Linkin_Park17
2.grave-digger 24.Happy_Fighter 54.--KovalsK-- 86.LIONTARINOS
25.mariana 55.Gilbert 87.lllll
Round 6: 26.--Onix-- 56.-MoScoW- 88.Lord_Darck
3.Godzislaw 27.LiveYourLife 57.--LoVe-- 89.m7mad
28.Young-Money 58.--Suicide-- 90.Manhunt2011
Round 5: 29._T-T_ 59.-Dark_Angel- 91.master-toxy
4.diavetico_canc 30.grom1999 60.-HuskerDu_ 92.Mastersairons
5.toxic 31.qwaszx 61.-LoKi- 93.matt1995
32.ll_JMs_ll 62.-Massacration- 94.Megamorph
Round 4: 33.GoSu 63.-Nero- 95.MORISTE_men
6.ktbt 34.Luan_girl-S 64.-xx-Nike-xx- 96.MrGupas
7.-_love_- 35.Palladin 65.3laa 97.O_DaRkSiTo_O
8.Mossonchik 36.-Colt-M4- 66.AkiliZzZ 98.Panther
9.irangunrox 37.-GR3YM0N- 67.andrezinhoow 99.PERIKO
38.-robert_dea- 68.angelo11 100.Saemi512
Round 3: 39.BeaTMe 69.Army_OF_Death 101.SAHO
10.ThechosenRat 40.Ocay696 70.bas-laitir 102.The_Rome
11._War24Hrs_ 41.Xx-Gas_Kpo-xX 71.Blood-King 103.ToRtuReR
12.ViiNiih 72.COBECTb 104.Weele--
13.G-Shock Round 1: 73.ComonLtsPlay 105.x-Predadores-x
14.slinksys 42.Chcesma 74.Doktor 106.Xx-Gas_Kpo1-xX
15.ElSexyFans 43.Sick-of-School 75.el_normal 107.Xx-LUDMILA-xX
16.-_QuiKsiLveR_- 44.never_stay_aln 76.FrankWhite 108.Xx-Pop-Girl-Xx
17.ExU_ToXiC 45._Oakley_ 77.gabrielfox 109.xX-The-Noob-Xx
18.oOoOoaL3nEd000 46.-BAGRE- 78.Girl_OF_Killer 110.XxAnTi-NoObxX
19.Lovely_Fighter 47.Strategy 79.Grifin 111.XxeLSiCaRiioxX
20.Destruction 48.CMEPTb 80.I-AM-HERE 112.z9u9m9a9
49.hunter_coy 81.jafar 113.ZXCVB
Round 2: 50.KuCa 82.JasonV00rhees 114._-_xXx_-_
21.residentevil2 51.-NYKZ_- 83.jiba1

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