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 Summary of tournament hosted on Dec 12 2011
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Dec 12 2011 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 42.andrezinhoow 92.corinthians 144.noob-msm
1.-Respectable- 43.Power_Killer 93.Cristian-fM 145.paul1
2.1klass 44.privet 94.DarkZeus 146.perverzosexx
45.SAHO 95.DeadFrontier 147.PETRESCUgabiro
Round 6: 46.variant-3bis 96.DELTA_KILLER 148.Pineapple
3.LiveYourLife 47.waynekenpogi13 97.DEX-TER 149.playboy
48._p-r-o-t-e-c_ 98.diavetico_canc 150.poderosa
Round 5: 99.Dog_From_Hell 151.Pure_Heavy
4.facundo_kpo1 Round 1: 100.DukTaTOR 152.QuickSilver
5.FIRSTKNIGHT 49.Azevedo 101.ElSexyFans 153.RanboIIII
50.abood2010 102.fAithless 154.Red-Strike
Round 4: 51._-KamaSutra-_ 103.Fiesco 155.SaaRiiTaaH
6.Xx-Gas_Kpo1-xX 52.never_stay_aln 104.FOREVER 156.Sea_WEED
7.Basta 53.POMA 105.G-Point 157.sempron
8.-RVoLuCioN- 54.sao-roque 106.god-is-there 158.ShadoW_DemoN
9.-PowerShot- 55.poorman 107.God_Is_Good 159.SHAHABAS
10.-lhama- 56.lllll 108.Gunz 160.Shuma
57.-Vynny- 109.gusman 161.Sick-of-School
Round 3: 58.qwaszx 110.hamood 162.SirAndr3
11.conank 59.BIGpig 111.hamood92sh 163.slinksys
12.---PLaYBoYs--- 60.apocalopice2 112.Happy_Fighter 164.Solona666
13.fruityloops 61.--EminEm-- 113.henkie 165.Special-Units
14.Xx-Pop-Girl-Xx 62.xX-4NDR3-Xx 114.Homem-Aranha
15.desertor 63.----BMW---- 115.I-_-KILL-_-YOU 167.StevenGerrard8
16.HuNterSs 64.--_GUNROX_-- 116.IamTheDeviL 168.Stinger
17.--youtube-- 65.-Dark_Angel- 117.IlIlAmJaDIlIll 169.super__man
18.toxitax 66.-Diiabiinho- 118.IlIlIlIl 170.s_t_a_s_i_k
19.MrGupas 67.-Force- 119.ivan123456 171.TeRRoR_BLade
20.-BUBAK- 68.-naif- 120.jonii 172.ThaJokah
21.bas-laitir 69.-Samy- 121.Karpatia 173.ThE_SharkS
22.-xx-Nike-xx- 70.-spiderman 122.kelvinkn03 174.ToRtuReR
71.-_AutoMine_- 123.kingofkings 175.Unveliable
Round 2: 72.-__-exterminio 124.Korol 176.walee
23.Time2BeaTMe 73.12345678910 125.KoTuK 177.Wariors
24.-KittynKa- 74.3laa 126.Krejzolka 178.WorldLess
25.variant-bis 75.7moudi 127.ksa_boy 179.X-Combat-X
26.ThechosenRat 76.94ReyZIOM94 128.la_fame_da_kil 180.x-Predadores-x
27.Plumpkin 77.ahmed92sh 129.lizaczek36 181.xDxD
28.yairbill123 78.alexis_11 130.Lucaskonrath1 182.Xx-MaThEuS-xX
29.Awake_Warrior 79.Anim93 131.m3y3m 183.YourDayIsOver
30.plpaulao1 80.apoellara 132.m3y3m2012 184.zaid2012
31.Sir_Dii 81.artX 133.magnetko44 185.ZaKaRiAAhMaRoO
32.-NariZ- 82.Art_Teacher 134.Manhunt2011 186.Zidane
33.enfralys2011 83.B33_CheatToWin 135.Mara 187._-elYes-_-007-
34.BEE_BOOM 84.BaTTeRy_ArMoR 136.Marvadinho2012 188._9I_PRO_
35.BerTh-ZikZira 85.Bee_demolidor 137.Mastersairons 189._BLADE_
36.AkiliZzZ 86.ByTheWay 138.matt154 190._New_Sky_
37.lord2010 87.Camper-Strike2 139.Megamorph 191._Shock_
38.residentevil2 88.caylusCombars 140.Mercy 192.___---_---___
39.JURA 89.CF-116 141.MerikatoOo 193.___zub_zero___
40.-LoKi- 90.Chapolin-Color 142.muerto
41.americanplz-2 91.CMEPTb 143.nicoco

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