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 Summary of tournament hosted on Oct 28 2011
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Oct 28 2011 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 38.samoza 84.A_team 132.maximdima
1.Gopneg 39.Happy_Fighter 85.BeeBooW 133.merkul007
2.-Porco- 40.corinthians 86.BEE_BOOM 134.mezomorph
41.A_B_W_pl 87.BEE_Critical-2 135.Mp-Kepuk
Round 6: 42.Megamorph 88.Blood-King 136.Ng_TranHaoNam
3.LitLeBaToR 43.CMEPTb 89.Bonema 137.noob-msm
44.--Muh-- 90.BRAZILIAN 138.oncues
Round 5: 45.ElSexyFans 91.ByTheWay 139.plpaulao1
4.Josselyne 46.alexis_11 92.caylusCombars 140.Power_Killer
5.gfbdogukan 47.12345678910 93.chief 141.privet
6.kamikaze-back 48.1Kevin1 94.CityCobra 142.Quantum
49.fruityloops 95.ComeBck 143.qwaszx
Round 4: 50.Mercy 96.Cristian-fM 144.residentevil2
7.Wiscraft 51.NO-TE-TOKES 97.d7ome 145.SaaRiiTaaH
8.Hitch 52.WorldLess 98.daicaBee 146.SAHO
9.grave-digger 53.xCHOWS 99.DeadFrontier 147.shaman_king
10.ComonLtsPlay 100.Dog_From_Hell 148.Sir_Dii
11.___zika___ Round 1: 101.eFFecT 149.STALKER_ru
12.PeaceDeath 54.PAPASCHULTZ 102.El_Sr_MaYo_ 150.StormShadow
55.FIRSTKNIGHT 103.Faculito 151.super__man
Round 3: 56.Anim93 104.facundo_kpo1 152.suprmaniak
13.Chomiczek 57.Helios2 105.Fiesco 153.taeonimaru
14.KuCa 58._I_KILL_YOU_ 106.FrankWhite 154.Tebasilaapiola
15.-Diiabiinho- 59.m3y3m2012 107.G-Point 155.Th3Un1Qu3
16.Larkspur 60.AkiliZzZ 108.G-Shock 156.ThE_SharkS
17.-ZPU- 61.ronald2 109.Gagotjs 157.Time2BeaTMe
18.xDxD 62.-ARMOUR- 110.Goodbye 158.TIME_TO_DIE
19.Pro_Frank 63.jealan 111.GRENADE 159.Titties
20.AnoniM 64.BeBo 112.GUDESA 160.Tranquilidade8
21.sempron 65.Weele-- 113.gunroxmaster96 161.TRESHIK-2
22.Basta 66.Photosmart- 114.HallelujaH 162.tuanalm1
23.C_S-Sniper 67.----BMW---- 115.I-AM-HERE 163.Wariors
24.The-KiLLER 68.--2-D_DemOn-- 116.Ice_Man 164.xav_russ
25.osemizator 69.--CrazyGirl-- 117.IlIlAmJaDIlIll 165.xX-4NDR3-Xx
26.Xx_Cerberus_xX 70.--Mc_Lorinha-- 118.IronMan 166.Xx-MaThEuS-xX
71.--zOm_Bie-S-- 119.ivan123456 167.XXDEADXX
Round 2: 72.-BUBAK- 120.JLMS2011 168.XxeLSiCaRiioxX
27.NotAnyMercy 73.-HuskerDu_ 121.jonii 169.xXmatad0rXx
28.slip_knot 74.-MINA- 122.Kansas 170.zaid2012
29.MaxioN 75.-naif- 123.karakartal 171.zezim201
30.Lover-POW 76.-Nero- 124.kiler2011 172.zora8
31.Lelik 77.-pedro- 125.KodummuSitDown 173.zzz--stop
32.---GaMBiTT--- 78.-Pirulito- 126.Kuchiki-Rukia 174._Unknown_
33.Xx_G4Bri3L_xX 79.-Respectable- 127.la_fame_da_kil 175.__NaKaZaWa___
34.Striker90 80.-Samy- 128.LeonelMessi
35.fAithless 81.-___123___- 129.Lucas_02
36.CrashTest 82.americanplz-2 130.m3y3m
37.LIONTARINOS 83.Azhurlar 131.Mara


World Revolution

Once Upon a Time in Gibson City


Zombie Outbreak

Quest for the Holy Grenade

Superstar Bodyguard

Gang Wars

Bomb that Chicken!

Zombie Encounter


Santa VS Elves

Xmas Wars
Cash Shop

didnt get enkord for item market
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Update and Pets
by Jovem_maciel at 02-17-2018 09:00 AM
CAKE 3x1 fake fight
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TOP IMPORTANT. (i think)
by IceBolt at 02-04-2018 01:05 PM
Problem when i create the clan
by -UntoUchable- at 02-02-2018 09:38 AM
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