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 Summary of tournament hosted on Sep 20 2011
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Sep 20 2011 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 6: 38.facundo_kpo1 82.americanplz-2 128.m3y3m
1.Ottoman_Empire 39.G-Point 83.andrej6 129.m3y3m2012
2.LIONTARINOS 40.GUNROX_1995 84.anegade 130.M3Y3RC1T0
41.Photosmart- 85.angelo11 131.maximdima
Round 5: 42.Quantum 86.AnoniM 132.Mercy
3.optick 43.Time2BeaTMe 87.apoellara 133.merkul007
4.just4fun 44.Tranquilidade8 88.Azhurlar 134.Mescalatica
45.tropa-de-xoque 89.BEErOcK 135.Metalhead
Round 4: 46.__NUUB__ 90.BEE_Critical-2 136.Mietekziom
5.slip_knot 91.BinBin 137.mini_fon
6.BeeBooW Round 1: 92.Bonema 138.Mr_IvaN
7.-Respectable- 47.Basta 93.Bono_Vox 139.NoNeedClan
8._Unknown_ 48.Genoma 94.BOSS_ 140.number_1
9.JeReMiAs 49.Xx-LYAN-xX 95.caylusCombars 141.omgomgomg
10.WorldLess 50.Anim93 96.Chuck 142.popozao
51.alexis_11 97.ClanHolder 143.power2000
Round 3: 52.AkiliZzZ 98.ComonLtsPlay 144.Power_Killer
11.Oliver_Twist 53.carpediemdez 99.conank 145.Pro_Frank
12.Vigor 54.swan2 100.Crazybee 146.Putz-Grila
13.saidm 55.xDxD 101.d7ome 147.Red-Strike
14.italy 56.AHE4KA 102.dark_cloud 148.ronald2
15.Mara 57.I-AM-HERE 103.Dead-4-You 149.saidm38
16.Jericho 58._Fire_Man_ 104.eFFecT 150.SrBasico
17.jackk2009 59.BeBo 105.ElSexyFans 151.stfavaast
18.UNIKUM 60.Cristian-fM 106.EpicFall 152.Syoss
19.Apollyon 61.disconnected 107.Fiesco 153.The-End
20.Josselyne 62.Helios2 108.FIRSTKNIGHT 154.The_MR
63.matheus39 109.gaston_kpo 155.Thiaguinhos2
Round 2: 64.fantasmita 110.GerryXIV 156.Toxi-city
21.Happy_Fighter 65.----BMW---- 111.GoSu 157.tuanalm1
22.Minigum 66.--CrazyGirl-- 112.green_day 158.variant-3bis
23.3salia1 67.--Gunroxxers-- 113.IlIlAmJaDIlIll 159.variant-bis
24._DaNGeRGiRLs_ 68.--KovalsK-- 114.ivan123456 160.Virus
25.jvanjos 69.-BLACK_RAVEN- 115.JLMS2011 161.Weele--
26.Dog_From_Hell 70.-I-FUL_FAKE-I- 116.kiler2011 162.Xx-MaThEuS-xX
27.Lelik 71.-Igotask8 117.king_Error 163.XxC4RL0SxX
28.zaid2012 72.-lhama- 118.KodummuSitDown 164.xXmatad0rXx
29.Good_of_War 73.-LIE-TU-VIS- 119.Korol 165.XxNew-KillerxX
30.PeaceDeath 74.-LoKi- 120.Larkspur 166.xxxJAMFxxx
31.BEE_BOOM 75.-Nero- 121.Leite_Mossa 167.zaid__ksa
32.JasonV00rhees 76.-NeTriX- 122.lincolnnunes 168._-_Everning_-_
33.roboneed 77.-Pirulito- 123.lizaczek36 169._C-A_
34.sperman 78.-_-victor-_- 124.lllll 170._Durateston_
35.cima84 79.12345678910 125.loverboy 171._Ti_matei_
36.CityCobra 80.94ReyZIOM94 126.Lucas_02
37.Demon2011 81.abood2010 127.m3nno94

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