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 Summary of tournament hosted on May 26 2011
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on May 26 2011 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 37.dudu 82.-BombermaN- 129.lunitaO_o
1.Time2BeaTMe 38.Antichrist 83.-BriGaDeiRo- 130.m3y3m
2.TSUNADE 39.raptador123 84.-Jerry 131.m7mad
40.P-S-V 85.-JUAN- 132.MADNESS1
Round 6: 41.Red-Strike 86.-natrilix- 133.mari
3.Mystic_Warrior 42.ThaJokah 87.-Nemesis- 134.mariana
43.Hatred 88.-P1P0C4- 135.mastermas
Round 5: 44.el_normal 89.-super-man- 136.Me_IS_Cool
4.Earthquake 45.irangunrox 90.alabbasi444 137.Mietekziom
5.THUG-LIFE 46.BEEheadbanger 91.amback 138.MiNiGuN-AK47
6.popozao 47.faixa_de_gasa 92.ANJO-DO-DIA0 139.mohunited
48.gunroxgirl 93.apoellara 140.MOLOT
Round 4: 49.hunter_coy 94.A_team 141.MpaK
7.rolling 50.King_Ahmad 95.BEE_Krauser 142.Mr-Laithoon
8.silentt 51.RAMBO_III 96.BEE_Leon0 143.Mr_Aggressive
9.flappie 52.Rune-Scape 97.Bekto 144.Multicast
10._-_xXx_-_ 53.seba-2011 98.bhemtot 145.MU_ARGENTINA
11._-I-_ 54.TricolorSP 99.bobizinho 146.naohxxx
12.ZXCVB 55.VuaCa_HoaSo 100.BORMAND 147.Nego_Drama
56.xDxD 101.Chuck 148.ozalyilmaz
Round 3: 102.cigarrillosXDD 149.Panther
13.dragonqueen318 Round 1: 103.CMEPTb 150.Pawel
14.TAZ_MANIA 57.Danger_angle 104.colibri5 151.pwnage
15.-ThE_EnD- 58.Happy_Fighter 105.ComeBck 152.rafik
16.94ReyZIOM94 59.ELVEengaDOR-jr 106.ComonLtsPlay 153.ralf_br
17.The_Vampire 60.gun55rox 107.conank 154.Red_Viking
18.To_Shoot_Their 61.Twix 108.deAdlyAngels26 155.Renatinha_Shot
19.0maromar 62.-K4BUT3R1M0N- 109.Digimon_gugu 156.roggieliu
20.--C4RL0S-- 63.BeeBooW 110.Donizeti_souza 157.rosorio_k
21.chrisgr 64.WONTED 111.DoomBolt 158.Sinrraim
22.jafar 65._War24Hrs_ 112.DosSantos 159.SPETNAZ
23.rokisbolbo1 66.Zdark 113.East 160.STLPredator
24.Elite_group 67.lllll 114.Esteghlal 161.tobi
25.Hike 68.BOSS_REAPPER 115.ExU_ToXiC 162.toxic
69.jvanjos 116.FELIP_POLO 163.TRESHIK-2
Round 2: 70.larryvarza 117.For--Fun 164.TuanHeRo
26.goldwolf 71.ShadoW_DemoN 118.GoSu 165.werewolf
27.Lovely_Fighter 72.--Th3_Un1Qu3-- 119.grom1999 166.xD_Pirata_xD
28.In_Live 73.The_LegenD_TR 120.GUNROX-team 167.xx_Olympus_xx
29.HD_2011 74.-GR3YM0N- 121.hellsspawn 168._-JUAN-_
30.--LoVe-- 75.HD-TV 122.IcDeamons 169._DaNGeRGiRLs_
31.nastradamus2 76.Jonas470 123.jiba1 170._GoD_OF_WaR_
32.bugsbunny 77.Titanium 124.jlms 171._Green_Day_
33.VenoN_X 78.el-CancerosoXD 125.jofer-sicario 172._V_E_R_D_A_O_
34.saudi-gang 79.johnsixty 126.JUST_KILL_IT
35.lllllllIIIIIII 80.SeKis 127.KodummuSitDown
36.al3aned 81.--Pirigueti-- 128.Leopardo

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by -Rafael at 06-11-2018 05:04 PM
Shuma no ban his friends even ...
by Cruentus at 06-17-2018 12:25 AM
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by Rasengan at 06-09-2018 04:04 PM
Habib u
by MAMPE- at 06-10-2018 07:16 AM
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