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 Summary of tournament hosted on Apr 3 2011
Location Memorial Boulevard
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Apr 3 2011 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 6 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 36.Jonas470 80.-bdb 126.kukung
1.Nilas 37.-Oxie- 81.V_E_R_D_A_O 127.Lauris
2.magad_golani 38.FOREVER 82.--BAD-BOYS-- 128.Leonardo-Lucas
39.zaia_final 83.-AllsTaR- 129.lolzor993
Round 6: 40.Haifisch000 84.-BLACK_SHEEP- 130.looser2000
3.BORMAND 41._-Yugi-_ 85.-DronKy- 131.M3Y3RC1T0
42.Tradeprawn 86.-ILoveYou- 132.MAFIOSO007
Round 5: 43._-_xXx_-_ 87.-STALKER- 133.mari
4.SSecurity 44.ZeZo 88.-ViRuS-AntrAx 134.mastermas
5.STALKER_ru 45.Couter_Striker 89.-_cyco_- 135.mystikalfood
6.conank 46.faixa_de_gasa 90.-_ZUMA_- 136.n00bTube
7.Time2BeaTMe 47.Nutcracker 91.3laa 137.oneshoot
48.TECO5566 92.94ReyZIOM94 138.Oxie
Round 4: 49.-head_shot- 93.Ak47Mkd 139.PoPuLarzinhaa
8._NotAfraid_ 50.-Super_Man- 94.alabbasi444 140.PoWerBuilDer
9.saidm37 51.FoxyLady 95.AnTy-FaKe 141.quentin2
10.BEE_Leon0 52.Grinofawolf_01 96.bad---boys 142.saidm38 53.Panther 97.Batraxa 143.saudi-gang
12.BEE_Krauser 54.rokisbolbo1 98.Beazuda 144.sebaxxxx
13.Multicast 55.VascO_da_GamA 99.Bello 145.Sk1F13
14.Apollyon 56.zloyyc 100.Bong 146.SkyFoz
Round 3: Round 1: 102.Brasileirinhos 148.stfavaast
15.Chihuahua 57.Xx_Tu-Vieja_xX 103.bruninhoplay1 149.Th3Un1Qu3
16.HitSquad 58.XpablonrollX 104.Ciboulette 150.The_LegenD_TR
17.VuaCa_HoaSo 59.-SUPERNATURAL- 105.CoaCH 151.TSUNADE
18.-TimeToDie- 60.toxic 106.ComonLtsPlay 152.useYourBrain
19.Accurate 61.4yMa 107.Danger_angle 153.VenoN_X
20.llBeLieVeMell 62.lllll 108.danny15031998 154.warlord12266
21.Catanese93 63.Camper-Strike2 109.DoomBolt 155.weliton
22.CuongHaMa 64.-_QuiKsiLveR_- 110.ElDaniel1998 156.WindWaste
23._____ 65.Ocay696 111.El_Sr_MaYo_ 157.Xxx-wly-xxX
24.fruityloops 66.dudu 112.escuadron_swat 158.xXxqbldpxXx
25.sperman 67.Xx-Gas_Kpo-xX 113.Faby96 159.xXx_Sexy_xXx
26.WONTED 68.X_wly_rising_X 114.felipe77 160.xX_Cr0o0nos_Xx
27.Dare-Devil 69.-_ZaRaZuLeA_- 115.franco2010 161.xX_DANTE_Xx
28.Joao-Da12 70.Manhunt2010 116.G-Point 162.Zdark
71.-Marcos-Mafia- 117.gaston_xD 163.zero07
Round 2: 72.MantaszLT 118.gun55rox 164.ZXCVB
29.spreadread123 73.Miracle05 119.gun_ 165._BLoODyKiller_
30.PERIKO 74.Pesadelo 120.hellsspawn 166._Fransiska_
31.CaCaMaN_--J--_ 75.--Sexy-Camper- 121.Hike 167._Green_Day_
32.Machetee 76.Almodamer 122.irenick 168._kinglau_
33.mariana 77.diehard2010 123.jlms 169._V_E_R_D_A_O_
34.Girl_OF_Killer 78.Mietekziom 124.jofer-sicario 170.__PiPe___
35._vinicius_2 79.seba-2011 125.king2007


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CAKE 3x1 fake fight
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TOP IMPORTANT. (i think)
by IceBolt at 02-04-2018 01:05 PM
Problem when i create the clan
by -UntoUchable- at 02-02-2018 09:38 AM
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