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 Summary of tournament hosted on Feb 15 2011
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Feb 15 2011 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 9 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 6 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 46.Jonas470 102.--UNMEI-- 160.irenick
1.llBeLieVeMell 47.__Nefertiti__ 103.-Alex- 161.JuNiLLL
2.nastybabe 48.magad_golani 104.-BLACK_SHEEP- 162.kaka
49.BlaCk-Wolf 105.-brigadeira- 163.King_Ahmad
Round 7: 50.kn_kelvin_kn 106.-BR_4EVER- 164.KodummuSitDown
3.G-Point 51.gunroxgirl 107.-Colt-M4- 165.kra_d_pau
52.OverDose 108.-EverLasT- 166.kukung
Round 6: 53.A_B_W_pl 109.-HELLBOY- 167.lastwichforyou
4.godISnotALIVE 54.GUNROXtest0000 110.-Kamikaze- 168.lex_x
5.qo0op 55.Oxie 111.-Miss_NasTy- 169.lllll
56.Taxi4 112.-STALKER- 170.locoobox
Round 5: 57.PERIKO 113.-SuNnNny- 171.Lord_Darck
6.toxic 58._-I-_ 114.-w-A-F-u 172.Luan_girl-S
7.jofer-sicario 59.bruninhoplay1 115.-_-CLans-_- 173.MADNESS1
8.Xx-LUDMILA-xX 60.andrej6 116.-_QuiKsiLveR_- 174.MAFIOSO007
9.Mr_Explosivo 61.chaves 117.-_XxMaCaCoxX_- 175.mariana
62.coca 118.300Km 176.mastermas
Round 4: 63.GALA 119.ADMIRAL 177.Master_Of_Kill
10.Lucifer 64.JasonV00rhees 120.Agentes 178.MiNiM60
11.KPECT 65.Jean_Fra 121.alabbasi444 179.mojon-con1
12.TURBOdymoMEN 66.jlms 122.aOMe_13angmak 180.Mr-Laithoon
13.Suits 67.jonjon 123.Arcanjos 181.Nego_Drama
14.BinBin 68.marlboro 124.BEEfirst 182.omgomgomg
15.Nutcracker 69.NewBoys 125.Big_Master-BR 183.opera
16.SSecurity 70.Nilas 126.BLEACH 184.pharmie
17.VuaCa_HoaSo 71.oncues 127.Blues_Jey 185.PoPuLarzinhaa
72.tekken1 128.Bono_Vox 186.Reino_Deva
Round 3: 73.WindWaste 129.Brasileirinhos 187.ron1
18.conank 74._-destroy-_ 130.CanS 188.Sk1F13
19.Miku_Talons 75.__MADAGASCAR__ 131.Chan 189.Skyline
20.BEE_Leon0 132.Comando_RPK 190.Speed_Thunder
21.ARMAGEDON Round 1: 133.Couter_Striker 191.SPETNAZ
22.milkor_ak47 76.Sparhawk 134.Crysis_Team 192.Spidy_black
23.-head_shot- 77.gun55rox 135.dark_cloud 193.STALKER_ru
24.MAXHO 78.DevilsKillers2 136.DarlliNg-Maan 194.strongone
25.Miracle05 79.MAF1A 137.Davi61 195.Terrorkupfer
26.MR_BIG_THREAT 80.red_tube 138.Earthquake 196.ThaiGirl
27.Ice_Valley 81.33_kdp_33 139.el_fiebru 197.tofik
28.Larkspur 82.defo1900 140.faixa_de_gasa 198.TPABKA
29.head_shot 83.pata9718 141.felipe77 199.TuanHeRo
30.Xx_Cerberus_xX 84.PuLa_EmO 142.FOREVER 200.tuntun
31.BOOSTER 85.xp_altofrestep 143.franco2010 201.useYourBrain
32.HeSuS 86.XpablonrollX 144.fuego_rojo 202.vencedora
33._-JUAN-_ 87.JURKA 145.Furia 203.vgame
88.-Aninha- 146.gaston_kpo 204.vinicius_lopes
Round 2: 89.Saemi 147.gaston_xD 205.wAGENTSw
34.Xx_Tu-Vieja_xX 90._kinglau_ 148.Gazza 206.warlord12266
35.grenade-pistol 91.-HADES- 149.gholi 207.WINDOWS_XP
36.jvanjos 92.Hykyc 150.godfather2009 208.Xxx-wly-xxX
37.Pesadelo 93.Super_Onze 151.Goodbye 209.xxxJAMFxxx
38.Big_Monster-BR 94.-l-_Grillo_-l- 152.Grifin 210.xXx_Sexy_xXx
39.---Diva--- 95.-vinicius- 153.grom 211.x_akatzuki_x
40.Bravo 96.GUNROX-team 154.gugu1 212._SuPeR__PoP_
41.Girl_OF_Killer 97.---BMW--- 155.Gunnser 213._Surfers_
42.master-toxy 98.---MeoHoang--- 156.Hike 214._V_E_R_D_A_O_
43.Mastersairons 99.--Lina-- 157.HitSquad 215.__Charly__
44._mizael_ 100.--Onix-- 158.Hornet1
45.JediMindTricks 101.--Suicide-- 159.IceWorld


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Bomb that Chicken!

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Santa VS Elves

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