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 Summary of tournament hosted on Oct 19 2010
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Oct 19 2010 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 50000E + 5 artifacts of rank 10 for level 20
2nd place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 7 for level 20
Artifacts allowed Yes
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 7: 38.--FuBeKa-- 84.4HayaTzehiR 132.GirLsT_T
1.MaximilianoJZ 39.Nitrox_Express 85.VivianeBr 133.godfather2009
2.FailStyle 40.Patolino2010 86.xcashx 134.GREECE_POWER
41.Jony_Bravo 87.predator 135.hebi-taka
Round 6: 42.Leonardo_Lucas 88.tito2010 136.HitSquad
3.THE-DeaTH 43._SenSaTioN_ 89.---Sam--- 137.Jonas470
4.Marechal 44.MaJeStiX 90.--BAD-BOYS-- 138.kb_lanea
45.maximdima 91.--Divas-- 139.Killerul
Round 5: 46.Pixell 92.--REPLAY-- 140.KodummuSitDown
5.Suits 47.Zigui 93.-Acc_Cash- 141.koNami
6.alowa33 48.STERVA2010 94.-Colt-M4- 142.kuzyaka
7._barca_74 49.BinBin 95.-FBI- 143.lait
50.Kalina888AA 96.-HELLBOY- 144.LanBurGuinE
Round 4: 51.Hykyc 97.-puma- 145.LOCK_MONSTER
8.Alcoholic_Soul 52.R_Madrid 98.-QuArTeTo_lol- 146.Lord_Darck
9.AnTy-FaKe 53.gangs 99.-stOnes- 147.luan_boy-s
10.magad_golani 54.superpowergirl 100.-SurViVors- 148.Luan_girl-S
11.Lonely_wolf 55.--BaD-BoY-S 101.-Y2K- 149.Lucefer61
12.BEE_Critical 56.ADMIRAL 102.-_-KILLER-_- 150.ManHunT
13.Jedi_Knights 57.AJAGHR 103.12345678910 151.MATRIX_2010
14.Chipee 58.cevat34 104.Acc_CashC 152.MAXHO
15.HeraLunaTicc 59.Couter_Striker 105.ahmetlerik 153.Mr-Laithoon
16.Ace_Dragon 60.gerto 106.amir_ali 154.Russkiy
61.kukung 107.ARTHUR-36 155.Sk1F13
Round 3: 62.luciop 108.avast 156.STALKER0
17.xXkill3rXx 63.lunitaO_o 109.Azhurlar 157.strongone
18.thelegendmelo 64.Pawel 110.B33lider 158.Sucia
19.POLISHgang 65.Skyline 111.BajaPantys 159.Swag-team
20.The-Best 66.The_Rome 112.BanGKoK 160.SWAT5
21.banner 67._MassTer_ 113.BeeCarefull 161.Syaoran
22.GALAs 114.BEEDeath 162.TFIgood
23.super__man Round 1: 115.BEEmorte- 163.The-King
24.kaka 68.Agentes 116.BEErOcK 164.thetha
25.-STALKER- 69.Brasileirinhos 117.byte 165.vykhlop
26.Master_Of_Kill 70.THE-GOD-FATHER 118.Cebola 166.Xenons
27.danilo_dimas 71.--GUI-- 119.chaves 167.xX-DemonicK-Xx
28.Maykiiin 72.-adidas- 120.clan2 168.xX-DraGao-Xx
29.super_man 73._CrepusculoOo_ 121.coolboy 169.Xx-LUDMILA-xX
30.oncues 74.BRAZILIAN 122.CounterTerror 170.Xx-Unarmed-xX
31.rayan_brian555 75.CMEPTb1 123.DoomBolt 171.XxeLSiCaRioxX
Round 2: 77.ANJO-DO-DIA0 125.elBrujo 173.x_akatzuki_x
32.__-EverlasT-__ 78.eminem-d12 126.Faby96 174.yes_man
33._unleashed_ 79.clone-wars 127.fcapecchi 175.zero07
34.Semenovna 80.Raiden 128.FilhoMortal 176._-InFaNtArIa-_
35.maddog999 81.Badman 129.foo_fighters 177._Kronos_
36.LachTunDerkot 82.Davidus 130.fuego_rojo
37.MaxioN 83.defo1900 131.gaston_kpo

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