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 Summary of tournament hosted on Aug 28 2010
Location Mystic Forest
Levels 15 - 19
Round length 24 hours
Started on Aug 28 2010 09:00:00:000AM
1st place prize 20000E + 3 artifacts of rank 10 for level 20
2nd place prize 10000E + 2 artifacts of rank 5 for level 20
Artifacts allowed No
1st Place

2nd Place

# Player # Player # Player # Player
Round 8: 38.green_punk 86.XxeLSiCaRioxX 136.fcapecchi
1.KodummuSitDown 39._Kronos_ 87.gholi 137.foo_fighters
2.-MoReNiNhA- 40.aOMe_13angmak 88.xLAMARAVILLAx 138.Force_Black
41.chiefpredator 89.yan007 139.fuego_rojo
Round 7: 42.xcashx 90.Xx_MeiDeR_xX 140.gaston_kpo
3.Thai-Girl 43.Leonardo_Lucas 91.OnlyTheBrave 141.gothigh
44.-Aang- 92.cevat34 142.HeaD-HunTerS
Round 6: 45.amir_ali 93.gabrielfox 143.HellBoy
4.Triculino 46.HitSquad 94.Mr-Laithoon 144.jhouu2009
5.Sk1F13 47.KOCA 95.PoWerBuilDer 145.JuN-bTk
48.JuNiLLL 96.SaaoPaaulo 146.K0P0Jlb
Round 5: 49.yes_man 97.binjer 147.karakartal
6.Automatikk 50.Opk_Mp 98.harman96 148.KROK
7.UpSnk 51.lunitaO_o 99.the_force 149.MacLachlan
8.GRAN-VEGUETA 52.saidm37 100.koNami 150.magad_golani
9._-DeJAvU-_ 53.Skyline 101.--Atena-- 151.MAKINA
54.l10n 102.-Colt-M4- 152.mammad
Round 4: 55.Camper-Strike 103.-EverLasT- 153.matrix_2008
10.XeoL 56.GALANOTH 104.-LosHermanos- 154.Narval
11.The-Best 57.emilly 105.-QuArTeTo_lol- 155.nildinho
12._Guga_ 58.marx_loko 106.-SurViVors-
13.reza2010 59.Chipee 107.-Y2K- 157.omaromar
14.B-12 60.ELCAPO16 108.07balax 158.oncues
15.MORFEO 61.iCker 109.98_OPG_98 159.OverDose
16.4HayaTzehiR 62.Zarj_Dimon 110.A-nO-Ne 160.Pistol_Uzi
17.Solitarios 63.Metall_Spirit 111.abdollheid 161.Pucca
18.maximdima 64.SoplaNucas 112.ADMIRAL 162.Pure_Heavy
65.-HELLBOY- 113.ahmetlerik 163.RamboGemy
Round 3: 66.SWAT5 114.AJAGHR 164.redsk
19.pucce82 67.bruno123123 115.Alcoholic_Soul 165.rokisbolbo1
20.VivianeBr 68.rodrigo12 116.Alec_trevelyan 166.R_Madrid
21.MadMONKEY 69.saidm38 117.amirali 167.SSskinhead
22.super__man 70.C_B_S_pl 118.AnCapTraiTim 168.STALKER0
23.predator 71.MMMS 119.ANJO-DO-DIA0 169.team_pinos
24.fela 72.Nine-2nd 120.B33lider 170.The-King
25.Maxim 73.sebastian1020 121.Banjoko 171.tomson1988
26.psv3001 74.Tropadeelite 122.bestao 172.tuanalm
27.--Art_black-- 75._unleashed_ 123.blowerspowers 173.Tymek1403
28.gorkibazz 124.Blues_Jey 174.vahid1
29.chief Round 1: 125.CachorroX_x 175.vypout
30.BEEblind 76.ahdre 126.cima84 176.woow
31.tomb-raider 77.vykhlop 127.Cruentus 177.Xx-LUDMILA-xX
32.Zapper 78.THE-DeaTH 128.CTEPBA 178.xxjeff_hardyxx
33.Beazuda 79.DipDumbKnock 129.CZECH_REBUBLIC 179.xXMAZTERXx
34.mohammade 80.doya 130.detonador 180.yan008
35.Jonas470 81.Ocelote 131.dj_tiesto_ 181.zero07
36.defo1900 82.--BAD-BOYS-- 132.dog145 182._Shock_
37.Executioner 83.NWE-Scuad 133.Eferistas
84.--_Dr_Paulo_-- 134.Evil
Round 2: 85.MeGaDaRk 135.fabiomt43


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